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My dear friends, I apologize effusively and throw myself like a penitent at your furry feet, but the challenges of travel and work and training and racing and, God help me, sleeping every once in a while I have been brought to bay – I have been finally cornered me like a mangy rat and there is no way I can put a full show out this week. 

It is a dirty shame, because, with so much going on I have a lot to share, but alas no time to share it.  Instead I’m going to lay at the altar of your listening skills my Pocatello marathon report today and try to polish up a full episode for next week. 

Over the last month I have been in California, Idaho, Atlanta and Phoenix!  This weekend I’m driving up to Presque Isle, in Erie PA to race again!  I raced an 8 mile leg of the Winnepesauke relay last weekend in New Hampshire and crushed it, averaging 7:15s over a difficult hilly course.  I had the punk rock on my headphone and was laughing out loud at how strong I felt.  I passed a couple other racers, many years my junior and it felt great to be in the game. 

So – my friends – light those candles and put on some sexy music because I’m about to tell you the story of my Pocatello Marathon.  


Pocatello Marathon -

So this week I was out in phoenix at the Phoenician (which is one of those hoity-toity resorts where the nouveau and not-so rich pretend to be members of a leisured cast – I was at a conference) – but one great thing about the Phoenician is that it backs up against Camelback Mountain.  

Yesterday morning I got up before dawn and ‘ran’ up the mountain from the Cholla Trail head.  There is no better exhilaration then standing on the summit of Camel back in the wee hours glistening with sweat in the cool desert air and watching the sun rise over Phoenix in the long shadow of the mountain. 

I am super-happy to have regained the point in my training where I can roll out of bed and go run up a mountain.  

As I was descending, skipping along, bubbling with the goodwill of life, the following song cycled onto my headphones and I had one of those iPod moments where it all synced – so enjoy your week and I’ll see you out there. 

Big D and the Kid’s Table – “Noise Complaint” - 



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