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<Introductory Comments:

Hello my friends this is your old pal Chris and you have inadvertently found yourself chatting with me at the RunRunLive 3.0 podcast.  You should really be more careful.  I haven’t been traveling and I have a lot of backed up content so I’m going to go weekly for a few weeks and see if I can catch up.  

I got one of the two new sites I was building up and running.  It’s a business blog.  It’s a place I can blog about work topics and push them to a professional social presence. If you are curious it’s 

Looks like many of you got your notifications that you did or did not get into the Boston Marathon this year.  What would be a good idea for having a get together?  I usually shy away from planning too much around race weekend because I want to race well.  

It’s been an easy – no –travel – week.  I have been doing an easy run every other day waiting for the hamstring pull that I picked up at the Erie Marathon to clear up.  

I ran 13.5 miles easy on the rail trail with Ryan last Saturday as my first major outing since the race.  Nice and slow, but I was still limping towards the end.  

Sunday afternoon I had the Littleton 5K scheduled and my plan was to jog and not hurt myself.  

I put the air conditioners away for the season, which entails taking them out of the windows and carrying them down into the basement for storage.  These things are pretty hard to carry and I tripped over some clutter in the basement, tried to catch myself with basically an off balance, weighted, walking lunge.  I ended up dropping it on top of another one crashing two of my AC’s, which isn’t that big a deal because they were getting old anyhow.  But, of course I comically stressed that hamstring pull.  

This 5K is at 2:30 in the afternoon for some reason.  That kicked off a series of misadventures as well.  First I figured I’d ride Fuji-San, my old race bike, down for a warm up and to avoid the traffic.  I hadn’t ridden for awhile and the back tire was flat.  No biggy, I’ll just pump it up.  

I went to get my pump.  My good floor pump had been riding around in the boot of my car all summer and apparently that isn’t good for pumps.  Who knew?  I guess the summer heat ‘popped’ the pump, because it no longer worked. 

In addition to this there was a football game on at 1:00 that I wanted to watch and the race was smack dab in the middle of that too, so I went looking for a way to listen to it on the radio during the race.  I downloaded a App onto my iPhone to get a stream of the local FM station that carries the games but it wouldn’t work, it kept blowing up, probably because of the recent IOS upgrade. 

Now I’m fishing through all my old junk drawers and running bins for an FM tuner, and I realized I had chucked them all, because “Who listens to the radio anymore?”  

So – I went off the your favorite evil discount mega-store and bought a cheap pump, a pair of jeans and a juicer – more about that later, but they don’t sell those FM receivers anymore.  Remember 5 years ago you could get a cheap ‘sports’ FM receiver for $10?  Don’t make ‘em anymore.  Only MP3 Players now. 

I got home, pumped up Fuji-San’s tires and remembered that the Sansa Clip I use for my hard workouts has an FM tuner in it.  Sure enough I can get a horrible, static, barely intelligible broadcast of the game on it.  But, when I go to mount up on Fuji-San the back tire is flat again and I don’t have time to change the tube now so I just drive down to the local park for the 5K.  

Everyone else is focused on the race proceedings and I’m like a turrets patient shouting out touchdowns. 

I started as far back in the pack as I could go and managed to hold back to 8 minute miles without hurting myself anymore. But, you know, I’m super annoying to run with when I’m at a Zone 2 effort level and you’re racing.  I’m Mr. chatty encouraging guy.  

Since I was not traveling and in a couple rest weeks I took this opportunity to check off some things on my todo list; like giving blood and getting a flu shot.  It’s probably in my head but I feel like the flu shot always gives me weird, debilitating symptoms for a couple days. 

I have also been watching a lot of movies this week.  I’ve been on a bit of a RedBox, Netflix binge.  SO far I have seen World War Z, which was really scary, I had to watch it with Buddy, I saw the Great Gatsby which I liked, but I understand why people wouldn’t like it, I watched the new Star Trek movie and realized it was a remake of Wrath of Khan half way through, I watched Tom Cruise in Oblivion – I liked the hard SF but they did a poor job with explaining a bunch of plot elements.

And, on Netflix I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead – the documentary by Joe Cross where he drives across the US doing a 60 day Juice fast.  I liked it.  So, of course I went out and bought a juicer.  I haven’t used it yet and I don’t plan on fasting although I do find the de-toxing element of the fast intriguing.  I think I may try working in 1 or 2 juices a day in place of either my oatmeal or my fruit.  

Since I’ve been home this week I‘ve been cooking dinner for my wife and I try to do some nice, interesting, balanced meals but whatever I cook she complains about…”there’s too much pepper on the grilled squash..”  I can’t cook.  My generation of men didn’t learn how to cook. But I try.   

One night, I was stuck and I only had 20 minutes and we didn’t have any food in the house.  I scrounged around and found a bag of stale hamburger buns, slapped some spaghetti sauce on them, some cheese and some cherry tomatoes and basil leaves from my garden and toasted them in the oven…and of course that’s the meal she liked the most…  

In today’s show I’m talking with our old training mentor Jeff from PRSFit about plateau training and stringing together a bunch of endurance events.   

I’ll talk a bit about disruption in section one and I have a special rant in section two about color runs.  I want you to pay attention because there is something different about this second piece and I want to see if you can guess what it is. 

One last story.  I was driving around my town doing errands.  I was on one of these suburban back roads that we have here in New England and the cars coming the other way were flashing their headlights at me.  I’m thinking ‘Must be a speed trap up ahead or maybe an accident’.  

Up ahead in the road there is some kind of commotion with the cars coming towards me stopped.  I see that there is something in the road in my lane and as I get closer I see that it is a snapping turtle crossing the road that has caused the traffic kerfuffle.  It’s not a big one, maybe 2-3 pounds.  

As I approach, I’m the only one on my side of the road, the lady in the front car on the other side gets out and starts prodding the snapper with her sandaled foot.  She has obviously does not have much snapping turtle experience. Then she goes to pick it up by the shell! I start yelling at her “Stop! Don’t so that!”  I slam the car into park and jump out making sure the dog doesn’t follow me and tell her, “Stop! You’re going to lose a finger, let me do it!”  

I grab it by the tale and toss it into the woods.  She says “Good thing you came along.” And I swear people are about to start applauding.  I get back in my car, wipe the mud off my hands with a Starbucks napkin and laugh - Dumb ass city people.  

On with the Show!

Section one:

Bottom up disruption

Featured Interview:

About Coach Jeff

Lydiard Level 1,2 and 3 Certified Running Coach

ITCA Certified Triathlon Coach

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Master Swim Coach

Certified Wellness and Nutrition Counselor

Certified Nursing Assistant

The coach has been training runners and triathletes since 1999.  Over the course of his career he has helped runners and triathletes of all abilities achieve their goals. 

My coaching style is ‘progress focused’ vs. ‘results focused.’ When working with anyone , their understanding of how and why they are improving is always going to take precedence over any race result. There is always a goal, but in over 10 years of coaching, experience has shown me that if you do the right work, and for the right reasons, the results will follow! And if you understand and enjoy the process, the likelihood of achieving your goals will increase tenfold! (I like to say, my philosophy "Be Healthy, Train Smart, Have Fun!"

Section two:

Kittens and Color runs -


Did you figure out what was wrong with the color run post?  I didn’t write it.  One of our virtual friends, Paula Kiger, long time friend of the podcast and I cooked up an idea and I dared her to write an article using my ‘voice’.  I guess it’s RunRunLive fan fiction.  I think she did a great job with the abuse of vocabulary, Nabokaovian sentence structure and ‘rule-of-three’ preponderance. 

Blog (Perspicacity):

Twitter: @biggreenpen

Facebook: Paula Kiger

Daily Mile: Paula Kiger

Instagram: biggreenpen



That was fun Paula – thanks! 

I just went out with Buddy for an easy run in the trails and I felt awful.  The hamstring is ok but I have no energy – I blame the Flu shot.  We’ll see what happens.  I have the Harvard 10 miler on Saturday which is another Nashoba Grand Prix race.  After that I’ll only have the Ayer 5K and I have the whole series. I had to tell the director of the series that on the outside chance that I qualify for something in the series scoring – I was in 8th place – I can’t get any prizes or anything because I’m one of the race directors!  So, I’m in the standings with an asterisk.  

Now I have to get back into a training cycle for the next couple marathons.  I’m not racing Denver but I can use it as a work out and build a plan around it.  The next opportunity to race will be Fort Myers in November.  

I signed up for the Tecumseh trail marathon in Bloomington, IN in Early December.  That definitively won’t be a race.  I’ll be lucky to get in under 4 hours.  I don’t have a January race yet, but I’m looking at potentially South Carolina.  February is probably New Orleans and March is still open. 

Hey, please show your support for the podcast by going to my site and buying an audio book!  

Have a great week!


Outro Bumper

Thanks for listening folks I appreciate your support.  RunRunLive is a free service for you because I like writing and telling stories.  

I also love to meet folks so feel free to reach out to me at Gmail or any of the other social networking sites.  I’m CYKTRussell.  And as you know that’s Chris-Yellow-King-Tom-Russell with two Esses and two Ell’s. 

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Other than that, thank you for your attention, do epic stuff and let me know if I can help. 


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