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<Introductory Comments:

You know spring is here when you’re hanging laundry out on the clothesline.  Of course there’s still two feet of snow – but dammit it’s sunny out and above freezing and I’m hanging laundry today!

Buddy is standing by my desk staring at the side of my head and occasionally sighing.  He knows the sun is out.  I told you it would happen.  That’s another reason I love New England because we get to feel the rhythm of the planet, we get to be reborn every year.  

You know my friends…You never realize how much bending over and reaching life entails until you pull something in your back.  Yup, that’s right, I’ve spent the last two weeks grimacing from back pain.  

It was the Saturday after I came back from Europe, just after we last talked, and we got another 10 inches of snow at my house.  It was a deep powder and poor Buddy was up to his armpits..or are those leg pits on a dog?  Not sure, anyhow, Buddy was post holing in the front yard so he couldn’t go potty. 

When that happens the dog just does his business a foot off the front porch – which is a bit nasty.  I decided to dig him a nice long pathway so that he could get out into the yard.  Somewhere along the line I felt a twinge in my back, but didn’t think much of it.  

Later I went to the gym, not being the kind of person who takes a hint very well.  I figured I could spin a little but found I could not.  Instead I sat in the hot tub for awhile, which seemed like a good idea at the time, but probably wasn’t because I ended up not being able to walk without crutches by the end of the day. 

By Wednesday I was feeling a little better and decided it would be a bonza idea to go for an easy run outside to break my cabin fever.  That turned out to be a bad decision.  Then it kept snowing, so, ya know, I had to keep shoveling. 

And, here we are about two weeks later and I’m just beginning to be able to put my shoes and socks on without crying out in pain.  

But – I’m going to put appositive spin on it.  I’m optimizing my weight loss opportunity.  Here’s how that works – let’s say I’m fit…I’m 180 pounds and running and 8 minute mile in my training I’m only burning 100-120 calories an hour (according to That Running Magazine, you know the one) but as I continue to not train, lose my fitness and get out of shape I can burn 30% more calories per mile!  Yessiree! At 200 pounds and a 10 minute mile I’m burning more than 200 calories a mile! 

I’m optimizing my weight loss.  In reality it’s very strategic.  

Yeah so this whole 12 marathons in 12 months is coming to a close with me hanging on my a shoe string! 

I went in to see Eric in Boston to see if he could get me back on the road – you may remember Eric as a guest on the Mary McManus episode a few year’s ago.  He declined to work on my back but he worked on the ankle and tried to open up my psoas to relieve some of the pressure on the back.  

I haven’t got much training in with all this.  I did manage to get a long walk in down in Atlanta this week and even that seemed to make my back angry.  I’ll try to get in the pool tonight and hopefully I can get a couple more long pool runs in before I line up for the Umstead Trail Marathon next week.  (God help me).  Then I get a month and a half to see if I can get vertical for Boston.  

Then I am taking a hard look at my overall fitness.  I need to build some base and become less fragile.  Maybe get back on the bike or do some triathlons to build up some strength.  

If I’ve learned anything from this year it is the importance of base fitness.  I would not embark on another multi-marathon program again without a) being extremely fit in my core and b) having an enormous base of mileage to fall back on. 

Today we have a long chat with Scott Forrester about the importance of holistic strength and the mind/body connection and how it can help you stay strong into your old age.  

In section one I’m going to talk about what we can learn from the battles of history.  In section two I’m going to consider the question “What would be your advice to a beginning marathoner?” 

The clothes, sweet with the perfume of detergent flap in the low breeze.  Spring birds chirp tentatively in the trees, picking at the new buds.  The world shakes off its gilded torpor and looks to a new day.  

We strike forth, hardened by the knowledge of the transience of life to seize our world, while we can. 

On with the show!

Section one:

How a smaller army can beat a larger army -

Featured Interview:

Scott Forrester -

I have a free ebook download if you would like to look at it.

Chris, Thanks again for interviewing me. Here is the bio and picture you asked for. Also if you are looking for people to interview on the east coast you might find a friend of mine very interesting. Jae Gruenke at the  She has been using the Feldenkrais Method to help runners for years and has some great videos on youtube.  In the middle of the country, Boulder Colorado.  there are Douglas Wisoff PT and accomplished ultra runner at  He has worked with some top level athletes including Tim Deboom Ironman Hawaii champion. a super running form coach I have worked with a lot. If you are interested in them , tell them Scott sent you their way.  


Running has always been an important part of my life. I am blessed to enjoy my favorite activity into my 60’s. In order to do so I have had to continue to learn. It is the learning process that I want to share. After falling off a roof and breaking my ankle in the year 2000, I continued to run. By compensating for the ankle I developed knee problems. After having my ankle surgically repaired the knee problems persisted. An orthopedic surgeon told me that I should not run anymore. The MRI indicated narrowing of joint spaces and degenerative changes occurring.

That's when I began to search for answers. This led me to develop The Transcendent Running Method which helps people run more fluidly and with greater self awareness. Benefits include better performance, quicker recovery, and unleashing individual potential. If you are an older runner you can decrease problems with arthritis, avoid unnecessary surgery and continue to enjoy life at a higher activity level than you may have thought possible.

 I’ve enjoyed running and finishing many half marathons, 2 marathons and 2- 50ks. I’ve been an ACE Certified Personal Trainer since 1999, a Physical Therapist Assistant since 2010, and currently an authorized Student Awareness Through Movement® teacher, and be will graduating as a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner in June 2014.

Section two:

Advice for a beginner marathoner -


There is that moment in a long race when you begin to have doubt.  It creeps into your mind like a parasitic worm and begins to eat away at your resolve from the inside.  Your body is in pain.  You system is exhausted.  Your dinosaur brain is sending you messages of despair and hopelessness. 

This is the point where you can pull your shoulders up right.  Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.  Look your fear in its beady devil eyes and smile.  That smile, that small curl of the lips will set you free.  Because when you smile you have made a decision to be content with your situation.  You have accepted it and with that acceptance come serenity.  

In that moment you are stronger than you have ever been.  In that moment you are indestructible. 

I will be taking my indestructible mind and body down to Raleigh to try and make the 6 hour cutoff at the Umstead Trail marathon.  Should be fun.  A nice easy stroll in the woods with a couple hundred friends.  I wish Buddy could come. 

And that will be 12 marathons in 12 months.  If you’re in the area come on by and let me but you dinner on Saturday.  I’ll be stag again.  My wife didn’t want to join me, even though it’s her birthday.  I mean what could be more fun than celebrating your birthday at a trail marathon?  I’ll never understand women. 

Thanks for the written encouragement over the last few weeks.  I think you folks give me too much credit.  You are the strong ones.  I’m just the noise in your head.  Thanks for letting me kill some time with you.  

I’m going to change format again at Episode 300.  I’ve got a hankering to do some more comedy pieces or something a bit more creative.  I guess we’ll find out when we get there. 

As you know if you downloaded the Unicorns episode I’m running Boston for the Liver Foundation.  My Dad is losing his battle to cancer and it is what it is.  I’m going to try to do Unicorns episodes in the off weeks between the RunRunLive core episodes.  If you don’t want to listen to them, just delete them.  I won’t be offended.  My Liver page is if you want to pitch in. 

But, enough about me, what about you?  What are you going to do today to make it your masterpiece?  What are you going to do this year that is epic. 

The snow is going to melt over the next few weeks and you’ll have to crawl out of your hole and look for your shadow.  When that happens you’ll have to commit to 4 more weeks of epic-ness. 

And I will, maybe with a limp and a grimace, see you out there. 


Outro Bumper

Thanks for listening folks I appreciate your support.  RunRunLive is a free service for you because I like writing and telling stories.  

I also love to meet folks so feel free to reach out to me at Gmail or any of the other social networking sites.  I’m CYKTRussell.  And as you know that’s Chris-Yellow-King-Tom-Russell with two Esses and two Ell’s. 

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Other than that, thank you for your attention, do epic stuff and let me know if I can help. 


Happy Song – Super Hero -

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