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Introductory Comments:

Well my friends, hello and welcome once again to episode 3-297 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  Today we speak with my new friend Rachel who was my nutrition coach for the last few weeks to help me get to race weight.  I had the pleasure of spending some time with her this week at the Pocatello Marathon and she’s super nice in person too.  

The whole losing weight thing is simple yet frustrating at the same time.  It’s simple because it is clear what you need to do to be successful. It is maddening because our lifestyles sometimes make those simple things the hardest things to do.  Rachel and I will talk through my case study.  

The skunk in the room I guess how I did at Pocatello.  Not so well, as it turns out.  I knew early that it wasn’t going to be my day.  I executed to my race strategy dead nuts on, but, alas, by mile 15 my legs said ‘no mas’…apparently my legs are Hispanic…and thus began the dispirited 2 hour death march to the finish line.  

Since I’m sure you’re all just super fascinated with this, I’ll put something together for section 2 that gives what insight I can.  

In Section one I’ll talk about being the alpha male, liking yourself and how it’s a primary life skill. 

Going into the race I had two weeks of the most intense taper madness.  I was traveling for most of the two weeks with trips to Atlanta and Indianapolis.  I had the most lucid dreams.  Normally I don’t really have dreams or remember them but these were some fully formed epic dreams.  

This first one started with Buddy and I in the back yard of a house.  It wasn’t my house. It was dark out.  There was a lion after us.  Not an African lion, more like a large, dark mountain lion.  I grabbed Buddy and carried him up this 40 foot ladder up the side of the house – to get away from the lion.  

I set Buddy on the roof, but the stupid dog jumped off and before I could get to him the Lion got him.  I tried to beat the lion to death with the ladder, but it was dark and I was too late to save Buddy.

Interesting, huh?  I woke up very sad that Buddy had been eaten by a lion while I couldn’t save him.  

The next week I had a dream that I had a hooker girlfriend.  Me and my hooker girlfriend were lying in bed in a post-coital repose and I asked her: “How many men have you slept with today?” 

She answered, “Six, but you’re the first paying customer.”  She was cute, in a rough sort of way.  

My point is, where the hell did these fully formed screwy dreams come from? Complete with characters and dialog? 


After I got back from Idaho I was commiserating on my poor performance with my wife – (in the race, not with the imaginary hooker girlfriend) – and she said “You always don’t do well when you focus too much on an event.  You do much better if you just show up and wing it.” And there may be some truth to that. 

Before I let you hear from Rachel let me say one word…Rice Cooker…I guess that’s two words but you could hyphenate it.  You’ll hear Rachel and I talk about this.  My daughter taught me how to use the rice cooker.  It’s awesome.  It is like a big crock pot.  

You throw in a couple cups of brown rice and a few cups of water, then you put some veggies in the steamer rack, then you close the lid, hit the button and walk away.  It beeps when it’s done.  No waiting for water to boil.  No having to watch the heat or stir.  It just cooks perfect rice and veggies all by itself with no intervention.  

It cooks beans too.  Those dry beans that you can get for $1 a bag in the supermarket. You don’t have to soak them, just throw them into the rice cooker with some water and you get beans for a week.  

One of the keys to my dieting success is brown rice, beans, quinoa and steamed veggies of all sorts – even sweet potatoes.  It’s a marvelously filling dinner and you can stuff yourself on 600 calories. 

Rice cooker. 

On with the Show. 

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On with the show!

Section one:

The Secret to Self Esteem -

Featured Interview:

Rachel Shuck

Hey Chris,

Thanks for the interview! Not sure I got you the info you were looking for, but if not, we can always do it again lol. 

Here are my links or (it's the same site)


Twitter: Fly Girls Forever  and of course my fitnesspal is also flygirlsforever

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Section two: 

Pocatello 2014 -


Bah-dum-dum – I’ve got a number of irons in the fire now – so I fully expect to experience a nervous breakdown in the coming weeks – be prepared.  No it’s all good, I’ve got nothing to complain about.  All of my stress and likewise my pleasures and opportunities are a bit self-made so I can turn them on and off if needed.  

I had a three day session in New Jersey this week after getting back from Pocatello.  I do travel a lot.  Sometimes it gets tiring.  I went off my Rachel Diet for a few days this week, but I think I’ve got the basics any time I need to go back to it.  I’ve learned about coconut water and rice cookers and all sorts of other things I wouldn’t have eaten before. 

Coming up, I’m doubling down on the 13th and running the Grand Rapids Last Chance to BQ marathon with Eric Strand.   Then I’ve got a month to train for Marine Corp and the following week NYC with the ASICS Editor’s Challenge team.  I got accepted and apparently they are going to pay for my flights and hotels for 4 days and give me VIP transport – which I can’t believe but I’m going to play along and have fun with it. 

I am collecting for Prostate Cancer research for MCM.  I’m up to $150.  Could use your help.  $10-20 is all it takes.  I have a very modest goal.  I’ll tell you what.  I will give my Pocatello Adidas Race bag to the first person to donate $100 after I drop this podcast.  And anyone who gives me $50 or more can have a lightly used men’s large race T-shirt of their choice.  How’s that?  (I’m not guaranteeing that I can ship outside the US so be warned.  I’ll look into it but if it’s crazy expensive I’m not doing it.)

Onwards and upwards! 

I think I still have some good races in me and I’m willing to keep trying, but I’ve gotten to a point in my life that I’m super happy to be still in the game and every race is a blessing.  I’d just like to race as well as I’ve trained! 

You know from listening to me that I read a lot.  I usually have 5 books going at any point in time.  Last week I finished 4 books.  

One was the evolution of a cromag book from John Joseph that you can only get on kindle.  I’d recommend it. The guy is a living graphic novel. 

Another was Hemmingway’s to have or have not.  I thought I had read through all of Papa’s books but I must’ve missed this one.  It wasn’t particularly interesting or beautiful, but ironically Lauren Bacall who starred in the movie version with Humphrey Bogart dies the same day I finished it.  

I also read a Fredrick Pohl SciFi novel which I already don’t remember anything about.  He died in the last couple years too I think.  Prolific writer but was always a bit too fantasy leaning for me.  This one felt more like a Philip K Dick story, but the writing wasn’t super compelling. 

And I finished a New York Times best seller called “The Game” by Neil Strauss about the international society of Pick up Artists – which may explain the hooker girlfriend dream.  It was about 200 pages too long but fascinating, sad and troubling all at the same time.  I kept seeing parallels to sales techniques and the social dynamics in play with business situations. . 

Finally I finished “Running with the Mind of Meditation” by Sakyong Mipham.  I really didn’t get into the message of this book until he got into the later phases of running and meditation maturity.  But the last couple chapters on the Garuda, Dragon and Windhorse running very much resonated.  Here is an exceprt. 

“In the Windhorse contemplation, we contemplate our basic goodness.  When all the plans, worrying, and speed dissolve, when we are just sitting there feeling a deep sense of space and well-being, we are resting in the indescribable feeling of basic goodness.  It is ‘basic’ in that this is fundamentally who we are.  It is ‘good’ in that we are complete, intact, and good. 

An amazing thing about being human is that we can connect with that long-forgaotten goodness that we have.  It is very powerful to feel that sense of goodness: having confidence and bravery in our innermost being.  … 

After feeling it in ourselves, we begin to see it in everyone and everything.  We can see it in a small child.  We can see it in an old person.  We can see it in a beautiful mountain.  We can feel it when we hug someone.”

And that is what running does for me!

Thank you for listening


I am accepting donations for the race if you want to throw some coin at me but only if you’re sick of losing friends to cancer and you can afford a couple bucks.  The link is on my website and right here in the show notes. 

Thank you for listening. 

Cheers, or just search FaceBook for “RunRunLive”. 

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Other than that, thank you for your attention, do epic stuff and let me know if I can help. 


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