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MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -

Well hello my friends and welcome to Episode 4-358 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  How are you doing?  We made it to February.  We’re on the other side of the equinox. The days are getting longer. 

My training is going great.  I’ve been eating clean and I’m ramping up my miles for Boston.  I did a 1:20 step up on Sunday with a full 50 minutes of tempo at faster than race pace.  I did a hilly 10.5 on Tuesday and another hilly 10.8 on Wednesday.  I’m at close to 30 miles and I’ve got two more runs this week. 

That’s good volume for me and my legs feel good.  I’m recovering well and nothing hurt.  Right on plan. 

Today we have an interesting interview with a handsome, intelligent and compelling man.  No.  Not really.  Just kidding.  As I threatened I had my baby, future Neurosurgeon, Teresa ask me questions that you had sent in.  What can I say, they can’t all be great shows! Come o, we’re at episode 358 for heaven’s sake!  I get a gimme now and then.

In part one I’ll focus in on how to execute a step-up run.  In section two I’ll share a piece that I wrote this week on how to tell your story on LinkedIn for my business blog. 

Other than that it’s Friday night and I owe you a show! So let’s progress with alacrity before we freeze in this February evening. 

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I’ll also remind you that I have started raising money for team Hoyt for my 2017 Boston Marathon.  I would appreciate any help you can give.   The fundraiser is on Crowdrise (so I don’t have to touch any of the money) it goes straight to the Hoyts and supports acquiring equipment and supporting others who want to participate like the Hoyts do.

Last week one of my runs was a 30-30 workout.  It’s a bit of a speed workout.  You warm up then you run 30 seconds hard, at 15-20 seconds faster than your 5K pace.  Then you recover for 30 seconds and repeat.  Do that 20 times and cool down. 

It’s the type of workout that you should really do on the track, but the local tracks are all under snow right now so I did it in my neighborhood. 

My neighborhood is almost exactly a 1K loop.  It’s sort of a slightly inclined 1K oval.  It’s good for this type of workout and my neighbors have long gotten over the fact that I’m THAT guy. 

There’s a Montessori school at the end of road.  So I ran past the kids playing in the playground every 4-5 minutes.  I got out at lunch, to get some sun, so they were out playing in the snow.  These are little kids. 

They were playing over the remains of a snow fort of some sort.  We got this weird ice-rain-snow-freeze that makes for some sturdy, crunchy snow. 

I got these little windows of precocious organizational behavior as I ran by. 

First time I passed they were trying to stop someone from destroying the snow fort.  There was a party that was actively pro-destruction and another that really didn’t want them to do that and a couple of moderators trying to find a middle ground.

Next time I went by they had figured out some way to jump off or slide on the fort remains and now were working out the rules for doing so.  Much debate on the proper jumping and sliding protocols. 

Next time they were all happily taking turns doing whatever it was they decided was the funnest thing to do, but since, apparently only one person at a time could do it, the moderators were now verbally enforcing who’s turn it was and how long they could go.

No adults involved.  Just a gang of little kids on a snow fort.  And they self-organized to keep things moving along.

Made me think about the nature of humans and how we are much stronger together than apart.  When we can work it out and find a way to move forward – everybody wins.  Maybe we could promote these kids up to run the world?

On with the show.

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Section one –

Step-up run part 2 -

Voices of reason – the conversation


Got nuthin to add!

Section two

Using LinkedIn to tell your story -


Alrighty my friends.  You stepped up to the end of episode 4-358 of the RunRunLive Podcast. Love you guys.  Don’t be afraid to send me questions or comments.  I do love the interaction. 

I’m right on track in my training for Boston.  I received my entry confirmation today – so it’s real! Hopefully we’ll get good weather and I’ll be able to let the dogs out!  My nutrition has been super clean this week.  It’s been a good build week and I feel pretty good.  I’ll go out for an easy 7-8 with my buddies tomorrow and then 15-16 on Sunday. 

As I promised I skipped Derry this year and am not signing up for any of the spring races.  I may decide to do Eastern States.  But I’m trying to focus my training and keep it simple. 

I had two back to back 1:30 runs this week.  I did them on a hilly course around my house over into the next town on the back roads.  We’ve got snow on the ground and it’s in the mid-20’s.

Tuesday I couldn’t get the run done until it was dark out.  I went out into the cold, quiet New England winter night.  It’s really special in the winter at night when it’s cold out.

It was a moonless night. It was super quiet.  When it gets cold the air gets really dry and crisp.  All you can hear is the pat pat pat of your feet on the pavement and the sound of your own breathing.   

Even though there was no moon, because of the icy snow cover the woods and roads were lit up from the starlight.  When it gets dry like this the stars fight their way through the light pollution and stand out.  You can look up and see Orion the Hunter and the Big Dipper and Cassiopeia and the sparkling dust of the Milky Way.  Our home. 

So don’t be afraid to get out and feel the cold air in your lungs and live the winter months with the verve and joie de vivre that I know you all possess. 

And…I’ll see you out there!  

MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -


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