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MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -

Hello and welcome to the RunRunLive Podcast episode 4-381

Hey folks, how is everybody doing?  I am doing fine, thank you for asking. 

Here we are in February.  Are you watching the winter Olympics?  Aren’t they exciting with all those fun winter sports?  I

Particularly like the snow-man building.  I think the Czechs have a real shot at gold there. 

With the Russians banned for doping that leaves the snow-fort-building and snowball-fight category wide open?  Who can forget Dimitri Puschov’s overhand ice ball of 88 in Calgary?

I don’t think anyone can unseat the French in competitive pairs snow-angels.  They just got that je ne sais quios.

Been a long couple weeks.  Started out well with the Derry 16 miler after we last spoke.  I ran it as a surge workout and felt fantastic.  Finished in almost exactly 2:15.  People were a bit startled to see me laying in those 3 minute surges during the race.  I’d blow by people like they were nailed down then pull up and settle back into a easy run. 

Like I said, I felt great.  Finished with a good kick and wasn’t at all sore afterwards.  That was at the end of a pretty big build week.  Then coach threw me into another build week with two long surge runs.  I did them before work down by the river.  One in a snow storm and one 10 degrees.  Nothing like an 1:30 surge run in a snow storm before work to make your cheeks rosy. 

This week I had a bit of a down week.  Coach gave me speed work.  I had a bad day Tuesday and had to walk away from a 7 X 1600 workout on the treadmill.  I was trying to do it after work and I was just mentally and physically exhausted.  I rarely give up on workouts but I just could will myself to execute.

But it was ok because it forced me to reevaluate my expectations of myself.  I’ve got to come to grips with not being able to do the paces I used to and just execute the workouts to the best of my ability.  I’m putting too much pressure on myself to live up to the Chris of 10 years ago.  I have to put that baggage away and get out of my own head. 

I did a ladder workout in the cold and dark ice of my neighborhood Thursday night.  I just ran as hard as I could and didn’t worry about pace.  That wasn’t so bad.  I was surprised at some of the paces I hit by not paying attention to pace. 

Tomorrow coach has me scheduled to do a 10K race simulation. I hate these race sims but he wants to see what I’ve got.  I’m just going to go out and run it by feel and, again, not worry about pace.  

I’ve got another gym story for you from last week.  Actually I’ll give this one to you as a math problem and a ‘choose your own adventure’ story.  I discovered something interesting.  It turns out one of my daughters has underwear that looks very similar to my athletic underwear, or what they refer to as my ‘man-thongs’, or what we would have called in the 70’s a ‘jockstrap’. 

So here is your math problem.  If you have the choice of a) going commando in your running tights (when it’s 10 degrees out), or b) wearing your cotton briefs in the workout or c) wearing your daughter’s underwear to your workout, and if you also have the choice of going commando to work, cotton briefs to work or girls underwear to work, How many different combinations are possible (assuming you cannot repeat any of the options for work or workout) and what is the formula?

Originally, I thought this would be a factorial, but I don’t think it is because it’s 2 situations, work and workout.   Therefor, unless one of you math geek corrects me I think it’s a simple square of 3.  3 X 3 = 9 different possible combinations of commando, cotton briefs and girls’ underwear. 

And this is the choose your own adventure part of the story.  You find yourself in a gym locker room at 6:30 in the morning.  You reach into your backpack for your running clothes and find a pair of girls’ underwear instead of your athletic underwear.  You have cotton briefs to wear to work.  What do you do?

On with the show!

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Section one – How to do workouts when you forget your watch -


Voices of reason – the conversation

Megan – Teacher, VeganRunningMom and Ultrarunner

This was taken toward the end of headlands 100 in sept.

People can follow me on Instagram @veganrunningmom

Snapchat @veganrunningmom

Twitter @veganrunningmom

Or Facebook -Megan Storms

Was lovely to catch up some Today!

Thanks and good luck to you!!!

Section two – 30 Day Diet Reboot Summary -


Ok my friends you have worn your womens’ underwear to the end of another RunRunLive Podcast.  Episode 4-381 done and done. 

What’s coming up for me?  Not much really.  I’m sure my training will ramp up as we get into the final weeks before Boston.  I used my Baystate time to upgrade my race position.  The BAA accepted my Portland time but didn’t take the adjusted time, they took the original net time, which was still a qualifier but 4 minutes slower than what the race directors gave me.  That was because they screwed up the course and made us run an extra ½ mile. 

My Baystate time is a minute plus faster than that adjusted time, so 6 minutes faster than the time the BAA gave me from Portland.  6 Minutes in the middle of the pack at Boston is probably 3,000 runners.  Might even move me up a corral. 

I’m not collecting for any charity this year.  It’s my 20th Boston Marathon and I’m running it for me, and for you.  I’m training for it.  If we get decent weather I’m racing it.  I’ll do my best and respect it.  We will celebrate it together.  I’m humbled and grateful that this special race has become part of our lives. 

Maybe I’ll run next year, maybe I won’t, but this year I’m going to run and celebrate how lucky I am. 

My wife lost an uncle this week.  We went to the wake and funeral.  It was good to see her cousins and aunts and uncles.  Her parents’ generation is getting to that age. 

I knew this uncle from her family events.  He was a kind and caring man. 

Seeing his kids and the impact he had on his family by being that kind and caring man impressed on me some lessons. 

You don’t have to be a superhero or save the world to make a difference in this world.  You just have to care for those around you. 

You don’t have to overtly do anything special to make a difference.  You can make a difference just by being there, being present and caring. 

Your actions, even those daily, run of the mill activities that we all take for granted, impact the lives of others. 

In fact, it is those small loving and caring moments that have the most impact on the ones we love and care about. 

Live your life, go through life, with the understanding that everything you do has an impact on others.

The hustle and bustle of career and stuff is not that important in the grand scheme of things.  Keep it in perspective and take time to be present for the ones you love.


I’ll see you out there.


MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -


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