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MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -

Hello and welcome to episode 4-422 of the RunRunLive Podcast.   

Merry Christmas, happy Hanukah and happy New Year.  I hope you’re having a great holiday season, if that’s part of your story.

Today we talk with Bob Moore who is a guy who raced back in the 70’s, coming in 5th and 7th and 7th at Boston back when it was an entirely different thing to run a marathon.  With folks like Bob I just ask a couple open ended questions and let them go. 

I think that’s something we can practice during these holidays when you might be speaking with people you’ve haven’t seen for a while.  Remember, how much joy they get from telling their story and practice active listening.  It’s a gift for them and for you. 

In section one I’m going to counsel you on how to cheap out on your winter running gear because anyone who has run with me knows how cheap I am! 

In section two I’m going to talk about how to turn worry about a big event or deadline into a positive force. 

My running has been going well.  I’m still in hibernation mode.  I try to get out for a mile or so walk with Ollie as part of my morning routine and find that helps him and me start the day well. 

I’m still running 4 days a week.  Tuesday and Thursday I get out for 8-9 road miles at a zone 2 effort.  I’ve got a nice, mostly back-road loop that I can run at night with getting run over and I find it quite comforting.  Then on Friday I try to get out during the day with Ollie in the trails for another 10k or.  The trails are frozen and you can’t go fast, but again it is good for him and I to get out. 

I mix up it up.  Mostly off leash, even though he’s very jumpy and exuberant with people.  He won’t attack or be mean, but he can be overwhelmingly friendly.   I’ve got a 50/50 chance of getting him to come when called to get back on leash. 

I also run him on leash and he’s pretty good with that.  Once he tires out a bit and stopped trying to pull me like it’s the Iditarod.  Sometimes I’ll drop the leash and let it drag.  Buddy figured how to run with the leash dragging between his legs and not step on it.  Ollie hasn’t figured that out.  When I drop the leash he picks it up in his mouth and runs with it.  It’s super cute. 

He’s still growing like a weed.  I’ve found a new trainer and I’m going to do some focused work over the next couple weeks before I start my new job. 

My wife bought a bunch of stuff from Sears because she had a gift card she needed to use up before they go out of business.  It all showed up at the house in packages and boxes.  I was wrapping presents for Christmas and offered to wrap all these for her as well.

She of course, said yes, and even had me wrapping my own presents. 

Since I now was in charge I wrapped and labeled the gifts appropriately with the recipients name.  But for my own gifts, that she had bought for me, and now was having me wrap for her I didn’t put my name on them.  I labeled them “Sexy”. 

So on Christmas morning when my kids were passing sorting through the gifts they had to ask, “Who’s Sexy?” To which I replied “I am!” 

And there you have it.  You are responsible for your own narrative.  When someone gives you a chance to tell your own story, make it a good story.   

On with the show,

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Section one – Winter running gear for cheapskate -

Voices of reason – the conversation

Robert Moore

Dear Chris Russell,

                                I apologize for taking so long to get in touch. The last while has been hectic with six hours of teaching at the Chiroproactic College, seven hours of teaching at the Homeopathic College and preparation of webinars for the Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists and the Naturopaths.

                                 At Boston I was 5th, 7th, 7th and 7th. My best time was 2 hours 16 minutes and 45 seconds in 1974. Jerome Drayton and I are in the same club. I still compete. I am up to 1904 races of record.

                                  I knew Ed Whitlock for decades. At first I was a lot faster than him but at the end he was faster. I never did formal research on him but a woman that I have heard of at McGill University may have done so.

Best wishes,

                      Robert Moore.

Section two – On worrying about big events and deadlines –



Well, my friends, you have made it, with great gusto, to the end of the RunRunLive Podcast episode 4-422.   

This weekend I’m going to host the 7th edition of the Groton Marathon.  Which is a made up series of races that I started after the Boston incident in 2013.  My club and anyone else who wants to show’s up and runs whatever distance they want on the last Sunday of December.  I’m going the distance.  Looks like I’ll have a ½ dozen or so for company. 

Looks like good weather. 

I’m not in shape for a marathon, but I can fake it.  We’ll go slow and stop a lot.  At least I’m not sick this year. 

After that I’m formulating my next season plans.  I don’t know if I’m running Boston or not this year.  If I get in I’ll run for charity.  I’ll train hard enough to respect it but won’t try to requalify.  But, I am going to look for a race to focus on in May or June to requalify at.

I called coach and threw myself on his mercy.  After the Groton Marathon we’ll get busy.  I did volunteer to pace a marathon in May out on Martha’s Vineyard.  If that sounds like fun for you, come on up and join me. 

I’m thinking a 100K later in the summer would be cool.  I’ve never run a 100K race – so Bam! Built in PR!

I’ll tell you a funny story from last week.  Like I alluded to, I’m going to start a new job in January.  And yes, this is where the advice in section two today came from. I wrote that as I was flying down to Dallas for an interview. 

At one point the hiring manager asked me, “So, you have all this experience and these skills but what new thing are you learning right now?”  I thought about this for a beat, the interview was going well, so I had a bit of good will to risk.  I answered, “Well, I’m currently learning how to run across the United States.”  I swear that lady’s head near exploded. 

That was pretty funny. I haven’t seen a comic doble take and an audible “Wow!” in an interview before. 

More to the point, because you all know I’m a different kind of animal by now, what they were trying to get at is am I still able to learn?  Do I have a growth mindset?  Do I have an attitude of abundance? 

Being the smartest guy in the room isn’t necessarily a useful thing if you can’t learn. 

So don’t forget to learn new things and push your limits no matter who you are or where you are in your story.  You get to create that narrative. 

To take you out I may append a piece of holiday music from Eric’s wife Tammy.  They do a holiday CD every year.  She’s a pianist. 

I’ll put a link to the whole CD if you’re interested in the show notes. 

Going forward we are going start working in more music.

Because life is better with music. Consider it music therapy.

I’ll see you out there. 


MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -


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