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MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -

Hey Folks - Hello and welcome to episode 4-434 of the RunRunLive Podcast.

Today we have a long and thoughtful conversation with my coach about his new book that encapsulates his training methods.

In the couple weeks since we last talked I’ve been ramping up my training a bit.  It’s gotten hot a few days now that we’re into summer up here.  But it’s still cool in the mornings. The deer flies are out in force as well. 

It’s not terrible. With the heat and the bugs there are far fewer people in the woods to contend with.  We are going to talk about running in the heat in section one.  I’ve resurrected my old slant pack that can carry two bottles and I’m wearing that.  But more importantly it gives me a place to put the old iPhone 6 I’m using as an iPod. 

That means I can stow a bottle, and the phone to leave my hands free to carry the leash.  And sometimes that leash has a crazy border collie on the end of it, so having both hands free is an advantage.  The heat slows him down a bit too.

As for the flies I wear a bug hat – which is a contraption whereby you attach a bandana to the back of one of your running hats, Lawrence of Arabia style, to thwart the aggressive swarms that try to bite you in the head and face. Then I spray that with good old bug spray.  It works for the most part but you do get the occasional suicide attack in the eye or mouth.  I did manage to eat and swallow one today when I was out with my buddies. 

If you want to see how to make a fly hat I think I posted a youtube video a couple years back on my channel cyktrussell.  Just search for ‘fly’.  You may get a video of me dancing to the Offspring’s ‘Pretty Fly for a White Guy’ – but probably not. Thank God there wasn’t ubiquitous personal video when I was growing up.

In section two I’m going talk about bringing the energy.  This goes back to the message of controlling what you can control.  

I’ve been getting my runs in like I said.  I lost a week to the sore back and that put me behind in my Virtual Race Across Tennessee.  I logged close to 40 miles this week so I’m clawing it back and should catch the buzzard if I can avoid any more injuries. 

I’ve also been working in a bike ride a week in preparation for a group ride I’m hoping to host in July.  More on the in the outro.

I did get my stand up desk.  I put it together this weekend.  It’s called an AirLift and I got it from Costco for $230.  So far so good. 

I have a shoe site for you to check out.  I have held off buying a new pair of Hoka Trail shoes because they are so damn expensive.  Searching around a little for a shoe with a similar cushioning profile I found the Fresh Foam shoes from New Balance that seem to be pretty good.  It takes a couple runs for the foam to form to your feet, but then the ride is pretty good.

I don’t need much shoe, but I still need the cushioning and the heel drop or I get PF and Achilles problems when I start loading on the miles.  Links in the show notes.  Take a look at – all one word.  You can get some decent neutral cushion Fresh Foam shoes for $30-$40.  At that price, even if you can’t run in them you can use them for sneakers.

I was coming back from a trail run with Ollie yesterday.  I was walking up my front walk.  I have a guy working on the house and he was sitting on a ladder there.  Of course I catch a toe and faceplant right in front of this kid.  I was checking texts or something.

He says “Are you alright?” 

I smile, brush off the dirt and say, “Yeah, I’m ok, I’m indestructible.

On with the show.

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Section one – Heat Advisory -

Voices of reason – the conversation

Coach Jeff Kline

Team Prs Fit is a community of athletes from all over the world. We are a team. Alone or together, we strive and we conquer.

Prs Fit lets you experience what we call community and social fitness – connecting and motivating each other through our one of a kind global community experience.

No matter the weather, the circumstance, day after day, we provide a high quality training experience that produces results.

Section two – Bring the energy  –



Ok my friends we have run in a periodic progression of fitness through the training pyramid to the end of the RunRunLive Podcast Episode 4-434

Going forward I’ve adjusted some things.  I let Rachel know I’m going to stop tracking my nutrition.  I got down close to 170 and with the additional miles now I’m tracking very well to stay lean.  I don’t think of this as a particularly big adjustment because it’s my new normal for the past 5 or so years, but I was 10-15 pounds heavier before.  I’ve still got a little gut, but I feel pretty good at this size. 

I just don’t’ want to track my weight every day during the summer. It’s summer! I want to be able to eat some of those summer things, in moderation, that I love. 

I’ve also resurrect Fuji-san my 20+ year old steel racing bike and I’ve been getting some rides in. I’m trying to organize a group ride for charity in July. I’ve got a course that goes around the periphery of Groton that is about 40 miles which is about the right distance. Long enough to be a challenge but short enough not to be exclusive.  I’m still working out the details.

I’m also setting my sites on running the Wapack Trail end-to-end and back around Labor Day.  I was waiting to see when the Boston virtual race would be held and maybe feed two birds with one scone.  But that would be in the mid-forties of miles.  It’s all technical, mountain running.  The 18 mile version takes me about 4 hours so this version will probably take 10 hours.

If either of these things sounds like a fun adventure, give me a shout, I’d love the company.

All the fall races are canceling now as well.  The only one I see that is still on is Marine Corp. Which, if we’re honest, is the worst marathon you should be holding in a pandemic.  It’s super crowded.  It’s all slow runners and new marathoners.  Everyone crams onto mass transit to get to and from it. 

They canceled the Bad Water 135 which is a couple hundred ultra-fiends in Death Valley and they hold Marine Corp with 50,000 amateurs in the middle of a city?

Anyhow, I’m good.  Still training.  Still working out of the house.  Albeit standing up more now. 

I watched my way through Season one of American Gods.  I loved the book.  I finally broke down and bought the show.  It’s really good. I like Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday.  Which anyone with a working knowledge of the history of the English language can tell you which god he is. 

My garden is coming along nicely.  This last few weeks of hot weather has kicked it into high gear.  Garden is the same word in French and English.  It comes from the Indo European root for the enclosure. It has the same root as guard and guardian. The same root gives us ‘yard’ in America.

To take you out I want you to remember that as endurance athletes we are well equipped for the apocalypse.  Everyone knows good cardio is important during a zombie attack. Not only that, we trail runners are used to pooping in the woods – another valuable skill in the apocalypse. 

So, just remember, if society fails into chaos you can always run away and poop in the woods.

And I’ll see you out there.

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To take you out is Track number 13 from Brian Sheff The Rock Opera by The Nays - Called "Here, There and Everywhere."


MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -


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