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Hello and welcome to episode 4-438 of the RunRunLive podcast. 

I’ve got a lot of news today, but we will get to that in more in the outro. 

Today I recorded a shop talk chat with an Australian dude, Brodie, who I met on Facebook.  He is a physio down under and has a podcast about running without getting injured.  Which it turns out is super ironic. 

As for a theme.  I was toying with ‘collaboration’, or maybe ‘taking the long view’ or maybe even ‘how to be at peace with what the universe gives you’.  I don’t know.  We’ll just have to see how it comes out. 

My training was going well up until the middle of last week.  I finished off this cycle with a 18 mile trail run with the dog last Sunday.  I have been challenged by how busy I am at work.  Surely feeling the stress of time scarcity, whether real or imagined. 

In section one I think I’m going to talk about shoes because Brodie brought this up and I think it needs clarification.  In section 2 I’m going to give you part two of the latest apocalypse story where I try my hand at writing some exposition. 

I was also feeling a lot of stress around the current news cycles.  So I decided to shut off the incoming feeds.  We all like to think of ourselves as independent of external influences but at the end of the day we are as Pavlovian as Cocker Spaniels. 

What you let into your awareness colors your awareness.  The news and social media channels know this.  They also know how to manipulate your emotions.  If you don’t believe me try an A-B test on any of your social media.  Publish two pieces of content.  One hopeful and positive.  The other angry and negative.  See which one gets the most response. 

The algorithms automatically reinforce our natural negative biases and will drive the anger and outrage to the top of your feeds.  It’s a negative reinforcement cycle.  Unfortunately, the news isn’t much better.  If it bleeds it leads. 

I was starting my days by reading the headlines of the different news feeds I get.  I decided to stop reading the news and I also stopped posting or reading Facebook in particular.  I gave up Twitter a couple years ago.  If you need to reach me send me an email.  I’m still posting on Instagram as cyktrussell if you like pictures of food and dogs.

It’s too bad.  These are the same tools that allowed me to meet and get to know you, my friends.  Now they are driving us apart.  But at the end of the day it’s a choice, right?  You’d like to believe that you can choose how to interact and react and you can control your own emotions from external influences.

But in the spirit of balance, the universe also gave back to me when I needed it this week.  All the old running podcasters from a decade ago started interacting on a new audio app called Cappuccino.  This takes us back to that intimate little club of casual runners who used to get together on Twitter in the old days. 

It’s nice to hear from them.  It’s got a bit of an ‘old soldiers’ feel to it. 

And let’s make that the theme for today why don’t we?  Old friends.

You and I and old friends,

On with the show.

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Section one – It’s not about the shoes -

Voices of reason – the conversation

Brodie Sharpe -

Why Brodie Sharpe?


Qualifications & Experience
  • Bachelor of Health Science & Masters of Physiotherapy Practice (2012)
  • The Running Clinic – Certified professional
  • Musculoskeletal injuries for runners online course (Simon Bartold – One of Australia’s best running podiatrists)
  • Running Repairs course (Tom Goom – One of the world’s leading running physiotherapists)
  • Athletics Victoria Run coaching qualifications
  • Sports Medicine Australia – The Secrets to injury Proofing runners

Running specialist guest speaker on:

  • Pushing the limits podcast – Lisa Tamati
  • The Athlete’s Garage – Trang Nguyen

Published articles in:

  • CEA Magazine
  • So Let’s Go Running E-magazine
  • Podcast Host – Everyday Running Legends


Section two – City of the dead 2 –


Ok my friends we have collaborates through the end of Episode 4-438 of the RunRunLive Podcast.

Let’s get on the big news. 

I finished up my 1,000 Km run across Tennessee 8/25 as predicted.  Got my belt buckle. 

Topped off my training last weekend with a nice long trail run with Ollie. 

My plan for this cycle was to run the 42-mile Wapack and back with some buddies and pick up my virtual Boston marathon in the process. 

But, life, even this wonderful endurance life does not care about your plans!  Chaos stepped in.

The day after I ran the north half of the Wapack with Paul a couple weeks ago I had a little twinge in my right quad.  I was out walking with Ollie in the morning and it felt like a little cramp.  I thought to myself, “huh, must be dehydrated or something” and forgot about it.

Then I noticed the lymph node in my right leg was a bit swollen.  No big deal, some sort of bite or scab or nick was causing an immune response.  I had an easy week and it all went away.

Then throughout that next hard week I had this ache or itch inside my right quad.  Didn’t hurt when I ran, but was a noticeable niggle. 

After my big week capped with the big trail run my right quad was noticeably swollen and the lymph node was up again.  It seemed to be spreading down the quad. Still didn’t hurt when I ran.  Not a muscle or a tendon thing. 

So, I did the smart thing and went to see my doctor.  He was concerned and ordered an MRI.  Told me to stay off it.  He intimated that is may be a hematoma.  Basically, something bleeding in there.  Which kinda makes sense given all the trail running and falling down I did in July and August. 

Since I’m a member of the Great American Health Care System, even though I’m one of the privileged with health care, I am 8 phone calls into scheduling the MRI.  Bottom line I had to cancel my plans this weekend.  It’s either nothing, or it’s something.  We won’t know until the MRI, and maybe then we won’t know either.

And so this big summer trail cycle comes to a close with a whimper instead of a bang.  With the long weekend we’ll see when I can get in to do the MRI. I’ve got a short window to get my Boston Virtual done. May have to walk it. 

After that I’m felling like I need to spend the rest of the year working on my flexibility and strength.  I’m feeling a bit week and fragile.  I’ll have to figure out how to get back on the weights.

Don’t worry about me.  It’s all part of the journey.  It’s been a weird year for everyone and I am certainly blessed. 

So, my friends, don’t get caught up in the weirdness.  Set your own path.  Take what the universe gives you and make some sweet lemonade, because I most certainly will see you out there.

To take you out is Track number 16 from Brian Sheff The Rock Opera by The Nays - Called "Stars and Solitude”

MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -


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