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Hello and welcome to episode 4-439 of the RunRunLive podcast. 

Today we chat with our friends Duane and David about their adventure on the Wapack Trail.  After I had to bail out they decide to go and run it anyhow.  They had an adventure and learned some lessons so we decided to do a lessons learned conversation. 

I ended up ignoring doctor’s orders and running the 124th virtual 2020 Boston Marathon and you lucky folks will get one of my wonderfully thoughtful and entertaining race reports.  I know you’ve missed them so, with the apocalypse and all. 

But, it came out quite long, as race reports do, so that’s all you get in this episode.  I know I deviously left you with a cliff-hanger in the apocalypse story narrative.  In my own devious way this allows me some more time to work on untying that knot for the next show!

That means, I’ll start with the interview and close with the race report and that will fill out our agenda. 

I’m running out of daylight and I don’t want to delay the episode so without further ado…

On with the show

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Section one – It’s not about the shoes -

Voices of reason – the conversation

David Foss & Duane Hespell –

David does an additional review of his adventure with Duane on his podcast here ->

Please enjoy the most recent episode of my Just Plain Dave podcast:
063. Duane and Dave’s Excellent Adventure On the Wapack Trail


Section two – 2020 Virtual Boston Marathon


Ok my friends we have run 1K loops  through the end of Episode 4-439 of the RunRunLive Podcast.

Although I did not get any call from the doctor about the swelling in my leg in time for my marathon run, he did finally give me a call this week.  I nailed it.  He said good news is there is no mass.  There is some sort of swelling.  We don’t know what it is, maybe an infection.  Stay off it for a couple weeks and give us call back if it doesn’t’ go away.”

To which I responded, “Yeah, it felt fine when I ran a marathon in my neighborhood on Sunday.” 

Oh how we enjoy our little tête-à-tête…

He knows better than to give me the “You need 10 sessions of physical therapy” line.

Fall is closing in, daylight is fading and I’m going to take it easy for a few weeks.  I’m trying to transition to a weights routine because I feel a bit fragile and weak.  I’d love to go to a gym, with real weights, but I think that ship is still out at sea.  Guess I’ll have to figure out how to do it at home.

My work is super busy and I quite enjoyed not having to squeeze 2 hours of running into the day for the last couple weeks.  I went out and did an easy 10K with the boys over in Groton with Ollie on the leash.  I couldn’t stay put any longer.  Needed to run. 

Hope you enjoyed all the adventure here today.  I know I did. 

2020 only has 3 more months in it.  Forget abot hunkering down.  Spread your wings and fly.  Push away the sticky carapace of chaos and impose your will and your love on your world.  There are mountains to be climbed and dragons to be slain. 

And as you swing that vorpal sword…

I’ll see you out there.

To take you out is Track number 17 from Brian Sheff The Rock Opera by The Nays - Called "Hawaiian Brian”

MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -


Rachel ->

Coach Jeff ->


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