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MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -


Hello my friends and welcome to episode 4-448 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  How we doin?  Here we are flipping the page to February of 2021.  How about that? 

Big news from my side of the world, that being New England, is the cold.  Cold, cold, cold.   It was zero degrees F this morning. 

I just got back from 7ish miles in the woods with Ollie.  We waited until after lunch and the temp came up over 20.  Nice day, sunny, windless, cold.  It’s really good running in the trials right now.  With the freeze, the ground is nice and hard. 

We got a couple of light snowstorms earlier in the week, maybe 3-5 inches of fluffy snow.  With so much traffic in the trails these days it’s all packed down and hard and fast.  It’s only icy where the spring come up. 

I had a pretty good week of running coming off the end of the infected toe.  The antibiotics cleared the infection up.  I took a bout a week off, but was back on it this week.  I bought some silicone toe caps,  toe protect that toe while it heals.  They work really well for me.  For some people they fall off, but for my big toe they fit great and keep the toe safe. 

I got back to training.  Had a pretty good weekend, despite the cold weather.  Friday I did a set of long hills in the cold, which were awful while I was doing them, but when I looked at the data were a decent effort. 

Yesterday I did a long 16 miler in the trails.  Most of it was pretty sucky, but that’s how ultra training is supposed to go.  You run until it sucks and then you run more.  That’s the name of the game.  And Ollie and I knocked out another 7 just now so that’s close to 30 miles in 3 days.  That’s encouraging. 

I didn’t take Ollie yesterday for the long run.  I thought it might be too cold for him.  I didn’t want to chance him hurting his feet.  For myself, I had to figure out how to carry water.  The challenge with this weather is that your bottles freeze in under an hour in any handheld. And the bite valves freeze even faster on your packs. 

What I ended up doing was wearing my Aonjiie vest with the two 500ML bite valve bottles under my outer layer.  I had my phone in an inner layer as well.  That worked well.  The bite valves didn’t freeze and I could unzip my outer layer to get a drink.  

I brought an old spring energy recovery gel from my ultra-bag; that bag where I keep all the ultra stuff, for fuel.  But when I opened it up at the halfway point it tasted like it had gone bad.  So – basically 3 hours in the cold with no fuel.  My balaclava froze to my head.   But I got it done and felt fine today. 

After the antibiotics and taking a week off I was noticeable chubby so I’ve been watching my food this week and have already knocked 5 pounds off. 

Today we chat with out old friend, director of the Boston Marathon, Dave McGillivray.  He is a case study in resilience and the power of a positive attitude.   This pandemic knocked his business of race directing right out from under him.  He had to pivot.  And he did.  He’s now running the vaccinations at Fenway and Gillette stadium.

Of course we also sneak in some Boston Marathon talk. 

In section one I’m going to talk about what to expect and how to counter the effects of aging as an athlete and in section two I’ll talk about work stress. 

Because I’ve had a really stressful week of work.   And I got through it.  Next week might be worse or better – but I’ll get through it. 

I try to show up with a positive attitude, have empathy and lead as best I can.  I also know I’m not going to get everything done and I make choices about what to not get done based on what’s important to me. 

Getting my workouts in is important to me. Writing and communicating is important to me. 

You, you’re important to me. 

We’re in this together right?  That’s what they keep telling me anyhow…

On with the show.

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Section one – The Aging Athlete -

Voices of reason – the conversation






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DMSE’s first event – the Bay State Triathlon at Wright’s Pond in Medford, Mass. – attracted 100 participants and was one of the first triathlons ever held in New England and the nation. McGillivray had competed in the 1980 Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii and brought the concept back to his native Northeast. A triathlete for years, McGillivray competed in eight Ironman triathlons and introduced the inspirational father-son team of Rick and Dick Hoyt to the sport. In January of 2011, he was inducted into the USA Triathlon Hall of Fame.


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1980 Dave McGillivray Running and Sports Center opens in Medford, Massachusetts


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1982 DMSE directs first triathlon, the Bay State Triathlon at Spot Pond in Medford


1983 DMSE produces Cape Cod Endurance Triathlon, first Ironman-distance triathlon in the continental U.S.


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2010 DMSE hired as consultant to the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon


2010 DMSE hired to manage 2011 Run for the Dream half marathon in Williamsburg, Virginia, and 2011 Mt. Washington Road Race


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2017 DMSE celebrates 20 years of managing the TD Beach to Beacon in Cape Elizabeth, Maine


2017 DMSE hired to manage the inaugural Fenway Park Marathon


Section two – Managing Work Stress -



Ok my friends we have lined up in the parking lot between the barriers to get our shots through the end of  Episode 4-448 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  

So I watched “the Dig’ on Netflix.  I’ve been excited to see it.  Because I’m a big history buff.  And if you don’t know ‘the Dig’ is a period piece about the excavation of an Anglo Saxon ship burial in Sutton Hoo, on the coast of Suffolk in England.   

I won’t disparage the program but I was hoping for some archaeology and it turns out it’s more like ‘the English Patient’.  Lots of feelings and relationships and very little actual Anglo Saxon.   They don’t even show the helmet or mention king Raedwald.  So if you like British period dramas go for it.  If you like archeology, not so much.

The other wonderful discovery I’ve made in the last couple weeks are some very entertaining science fiction podcasts. Since I have my own “After the Apocalypse” podcast now – which you should go like and comment remember – I did some searching and found some others to listen too. 

There are three I’ve been listening to on my runs.  The first is Asimov’s Science fiction podcast that reads stories form Asimov’s magazine.  The second is Light Speed Podcast, another science fiction story podcast.  And finally my favorite is Clarkesworld science fiction.  I think I like that one the most because the editor always sounds exhausted.  <Links in the notes. >

They are all nice, little 20-30 minute chunk-size stories.  Perfect company for running in the dark, snowy trails.  Some are better than others.  The good ones make the so-so ones worth it. 

Other than that I’m working my way through a Jimmy Buffet novel called “A Salty Patch of Land” which is refreshingly easy to digest.  A bit of a palette cleanser – so to speak.  Cowboys, boats, lighthouses – typically breezy Jimmy Buffet style.  Cringe-worthy at time but unapologetic.

And that’s what I have for you this week. A decent week.  The days are getting longer fast now.  4+ minutes a day.  The vaccinations are rolling out.  We might even be getting on airplanes and gettiggn back out into the world soon. 

Stay warm.  Stay strong.  Be a leader,

And I’ll see you out there.

MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -


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