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Hello my friends and welcome to episode 4-454 of the RunRunLive Podcast. 

Happy Mother’s Day!  How are all my moms?  I know how you are. Sick of it! Your carried them for 9 months, they beat the crap out of your body, you carried them around for another decade and now what?  No flowers?  Ungrateful so and so’s!

Ollie and I drove over and visited my Mom today, brought her some flowers.  I was up early because I went to get my second and final Moderna chip implanted today.  Anybody know how to link that to Strava? 

I feel fine, by the way, thanks for asking.  I might have overindulged in IPA last night binge watching season 5 of The Expanse, so, really don’t know if the shot made me feel hungover.

I’m still on the shelf.  People keep asking me ‘how’s the knee feel?’ And I honestly can’t really tell.  I get some pain in there using it sometime but I’m not sure if that’s the stress fracture or just old-man pain. It’s a broken bone.  All I can do is stay off it and wait for it to heal. 

Not this week, but next week will be 3 months and my follow up with the knee doctor.

I’ve been walking the dog and riding my bikes.  And this week I started working in some homegrown PT to strengthen the knees. 

We’ll see what happens.  Like I said, all I can really do is wait. 

The next big challenge for me is going to be slowly easing back in and not breaking myself through enthusiasm. 

This week we chat with Ken who’s working on an apocalypse running project to run every county in Ohio.  It’s funny how we itinerant runners make stuff up to stay in the game, right?

In section one I will talk about how hot weather impacts nutrition and some tips to deal with it.  In section two I’ll review a course I took on empathy this week. 

I miss running.  Especially in this nice spring weather.  I dreamt about trail running this week.


There I was on a warm afternoon cruising down a swoopy, pine needle trail in the woods, just flying and feeling that runner’s high. I was very happy. 

I often dig up quotes to voice what I think will help people.  It’s practicing social proof or 3rd party authority.  If I were to just pop up and say “Hey!  Hey you! You should think about what you say instead of just yelling all the time.”  People would say, hey who the hell are you to tell me such a thing?  Mind your own dang business. 

But if I were to publish a quote and just leave it out there people will like it and say thank you.  Even though the sentiment is the same. 

For example:

“Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”

― Rumi

So – a Persian Sufi Poet from Afghanistan from the 13th century has more contextual authority than I do. 

Think about that. 

But, I am the messenger. 

You can be the messenger.

On with the show!


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Section one – Hot weather nutrition -



Voices of reason – the conversation

Ken Ludt – Running Ohio

Ken Ludt is a mid pack runner looking for ways to keep the joy in running while in denial of middle age. Born and raised in California, he's lived in Japan followed by 25 years in Australia and currently living in Ohio with his patient wife and two fur ball dogs. 


Section two – Empathy -



Ok my friends we have run from Cleveland to Cincinnati to the end of episode 4-454 of the  RunRunLive Podcast.  I wonder how many people in Cincinnati could tell you who Cincinnatus was?  

But, of course, because I’m that guy, I’ll tell you.  Cincinnatus was a Roman politician and military leader early on in Roman history, way back before the empire, before Alexander the Great, born in 519 BC, Rome was just a city at that point. 

Stick with me. 

This was when there was no standing army, and Rome was a republic.  When they got in trouble Rome would promote someone to dictator to get stuff done.  Cincinnatus got appointed to Dictator twice.  The dictator was when the senate couldn’t get stuff done fast enough. 

But famously Cincinnatus could have parlayed that dictatorship into a kingship, but he didn’t, he retired to his farm.  (He didn’t grow cabbages, that was Diocletian). So, you see, Cincinnatus is a metaphor for public service, and selfless service to the republic.  That’s why when you hear someone called a modern-day Cincinnatus, what they are saying is that person put public service above themselves. 

History lesson over.  Can’t help myself.  Sorry. 

Took Ollie Wollie for a nice long walk today up around my old prep school in Groton.  I was trying to walk the old cross-country course, but I think they’ve changed it.  Ollie was hot, but it tired him out. 

I think our course was like 2 miles. In the prep league there was no consistency in the cross-country courses.  None of them were 5K – they were all short.  Some had obstacles you had to navigate like a steeplechase.  But, it’s pretty over there on campus this time of year.

Did I tell you about my greenhouse?  I made a little hothouse this year to keep my baby vegetables in.  With the apocalypse the veggies are going sell out before it’s time to plant.  So you can either plant early which kills the plants or not get what you want. 

But with my little hothouse I can sprout seeds and keep the herbs and veggies alive and happy for a couple weeks until it’s time to plant.  It works great.  The only issue I have is some of these windy or stormy days it threatens to blow away. 

I see people are back out racing in person.  I’m getting lots of emails from races exuberantly celebrating their comeback events. 

Did you see the postponed Boston Marathon had its registration last week.  It turned out that you would need to beat the qualifying time by 7:47 to get in.  For me that would be a 3:27 or better.  I haven’t run that time since 2010.  I already signed up for the virtual, so I won’t be running in Hopkinton. 

But, we’ll see, I might go jump in to pace someone if they want the company. The fire station in to the finish line is a nice segment. 

So that’s it.  I’m fully vaccinated.  I’m nearing the end of my running purgatory period with the stress fracture and the races are opening up.  All systems go!

I published episode 15 of my new apocalypse podcast last week. I’m up to 6500 downloads.  Starting to build an audience.  I can use whatever help you can give me to spread the word to any of your science fiction geek friends.  It’s a serial.  So every week is a chapter.  I try to keep the story moving along and I get to practice character development, action and narrative. 

Sometimes I leave the listeners with a cliff-hanger so they have to tune in for the next show!

As I move you to the exit, let me tell you a story. 

Where did the phrase cliff-hanger come from?  Well, thank you for asking. 

It originated as a concept in the late 1800’s in Victorian serials.  But, it was popularized in America by and early film serial called “The Perils of Pauline” – where they would literally end the serial with Pauline hanging from a cliff. 

The Perils of Pauline was publicized by William Randolph Hearst the newspaper magnate, who would have cliff-hanger articles so that you’d have to go see the film to find out what happened. 

The cliffs she was hanging off of were actually in New Jersey, because this is before the movie industry was established in Hollywood. 

So there you go, a fun fact to share with your running buddies. 

I’m going to practice a bit of cognitive empathy by calling out 3 more of our RunRunLive members. 

First is my long time friend and co-conspirator Eric who has a strange fascination with Llamas and suffering.  Don’t worry, we’ll be back to our adventures in no time at all.

Next is Lawrence who is the commander of a rogue, stateless submarine that prowls the Pacific preventing the abuse of sea lions and baby seals.  Good work that. 

And third is our old friend Joerg from Germany who is a famous fashion designer working mostly with faux animal prints and spandex.  Very popular with the ladies.

Thank you all for you long time and continued support.  I would have hung up the microphone years ago if I didn’t have you folks lurking around my back door waiting for an episode to drop.

Hope everyone is healthy and happy. Take the time to practice empathy.  Be kind.  Help each other.

And I’ll see you out there.

MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -


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