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Hello my friends and welcome to episode 4-468 of the RunRunLive Podcast. 

Today we’re going to talk to my friend Thomas who is a college cross country runner.

If I could name only one benefit from having put out this podcast for the past dozen years it would be, head and shoulders above anything else, the people I meet, and the podcast gives me an excuse to learn about them. 

I didn’t meet Thomas through the podcast, but the podcast gives me an opportunity to talk to him.  It’s interesting and enlightening.  I think there’s something to learn here for everyone. 

it tells us older athletes that just by showing up we may make an impact on someone.

It has some lessons learned for runners just starting out around what the journey could be.

It has some things for parents to think about.

In section one I’m going to talk about the magical sport of cross-country. 

In section two I’m going to talk about the elliptical – that ungainly piece of equipment in the corner of your gym.

As for me, I had a bit of a setback in my return to running.  When I glibly tossed in that trail 5-miler a few weeks back I did something to my knee.  I don’t know if that something was the same something I’ve been recovering from for the last year or a new something – but it was noticeably sore. 

So – I am not running. 

Instead I’m working with Gina and focusing on some basic core, PT, flexibility and balance.  I, purely on a whim, jumped on the elliptical at the gym for my warm up this week and discovered that this may be a piece of equipment I can use to gain fitness while I’m waiting for the knee to sort itself out. 

I haven’t put my bike on the trainer yet. 

When I say ‘trainer’ I mean this contraption that is basically some rollers that you can mount your bike on and ride in place.  It is in the top 3 of the ‘endurance training Hall of Pain’ workouts.  It is mind numbingly awful. 

But you can watch TV. 

I did go out and squeeze a bike ride in last weekend with my buddies.  When I left my house for the ride Saturday morning there was ice in the back of my truck.   It was a bit brisk out on the bike trail, but we stopped for coffee to warm up at the halfway point.

I am starting to put on a little weight.  But it is what it is. 

My daily workout is a combination of foam rolling, stretching and some core or strength.  None of which is super-challenging.  The only challenging part is convincing myself to do it and then not trying to rush through it!

I did buy a set of latex bands from Amazon that I use to add resistance to some of the PT exercises, like clamshells.  They are pretty good.  If you want the link, ask me and I can send it.  They are in a little pouch that you can throw into your gym bag and there are 10 different tensions.  I think it was 12 bucks. 

My knee is still pretty achy and I’m losing my patience and getting frustrated with it.  I just have to keep reminding myself to take the long view.  Keep showing up!  Good things will happen if you are consistent.

Since you all know by now that I am running a fitness project at work, which basically means I’m being an ad hoc fitness coach for all the people in my group. 

I have one friend who’s in his mid-40’ who has gotten the Peleton treadmill and has been on it every day for almost a month now.  He’s really inspired.  He’s gone from zero to every day. 

When I look at what he’s doing, he can’t even run a mile without walking, but it is transformational for him.  So I’m not going to complain about not being able to do intervals, hill repeats and 50k’s! 

I’m going to do my PT and take what the knee gives me. 

That’s not about injury or fitness.  That’s about mindset.  Some people look at the sky and see the clouds.  You look at the sky, make note of the clouds and see the blue sky. 

It’s the same with thoughts.  The blue sky is your gratitude and peace.  The clouds are the crazy thoughts your brain sends scampering around like demented weasels.

Don’t focus on the clouds.  Focus on the blue sky and your days will be sunnier.  You may even manifest some more blue in your skies.

On with the show.

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Section One – Cross-Country -

Thomas Orcutt

Originally from Groton Massachusetts Ive been running since I was about 9 years old I hold the school records at Groton high school in the mile, 2 mile and 5k. Now a Sophomore at Merrimack College running cross country and track I’m looking for an outside shot to qualify for the NCAA championships in the spring season in the 5k.

  • 1 Mile 4:13
  • 3000m 8:12
  • 5000m 14:30
  • 8k 23:48
  • 10k 30:08


Instagram @torcutt25

Section Two – Elliptical -


Ok my friends we have run over hill and dale through the end of episode 4-468 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  Knock the mud off your cleats before you come back in the house, please.  

Even though I have not run at all for a couple weeks I’m running the Ayer Fire Dept 5K next week for my turkey trot.  I should be fine.  I’ll just jog it.  It will be good to get out. 

Then the week after is the Mill Cities Relay.  I’ve got a good 50+ team of my three old running buddies plus Just Plain Dave who’s driving up for southern Mass.   There’s one short 2.5 mile leg – I’ll take that one and see if I can race a little bit.  I’m really looking forward to it.  It should be a blast.

I’m getting to the point where I just want to start running again.  Whatever was / is messed up in my knee should have healed by now and I’m a big believer in active recovery.  I’m going to need some coaching to make sure I ease into it.

I’m sure everyone saw that they accepted everyone who qualified for the 2022 Boston Marathon in the spring.  Meaning, you didn’t need to beat your qualifying time to get in.  I’m out of qualification.  I’d need a 3:35 still to get in.  I think I get another 15 minutes in 2023.  Which is a lot.   I might consider getting a charity bib for 2022, just to keep my streak alive. 

I ended up raising over $1,500 for my virtual this year.  And they finally sent me the finisher’s box.  I got the official race long sleeve tech shirt, finisher’s guide – which is a magazine type thing, I got the Sam Adams bottle opener, the unicorn sticker and a medal. 

I checked on the medal and, yes, it is a different medal than the one the people who ran the physical race got.  The virtual medal is silver, and the ribbon says virtual.  The in-person medal is gold.   

So depending on how you look at it I’ve got 21 Boston marathons under my belt now.  And that would be my 18th in a row.  Tough habit to break.

Ollie the collie is back in training.  We’re doing the “Good Citizen’s” course.  This includes everything we’ve learned so far plus greeting people and other dogs.  I’ve been trying to get out for a walk with him every day on the leash.  He’s still a struggle but he’s getting nicer bit by bit. 

He’s such a smart, lovable dog.  Really handsome.  But crazy as a barrel full of monkeys. 

Guess what?

I booked some business travel this week.  I’m heading to Dallas. I may have two trips to Dallas this month.  How about that?  It’s been almost 2 years.  Crazy.  I’m going have to learn how to travel all over again. 

When I walk Ollie out in the woods I find trash.  I find face masks, which are the new cigarette butt.  I find tissues, which I’m not picking up.  I draw the line at used tissues. 

But the other two things I find are grocery receipts and candy wrappers.  I get the grocery receipts.  They hand those to you at check out when your hands are full so you stuff them in an available pocket from which they jump when you go for your walk. 

I don’t get the candy wrappers.  I’m not talking chocolate bars.  I’m talking about hard candy and Lindt Truffles.  Those little, dense, evil balls of calories. 

How does that happen?

What’s the scenario where you say, “Hey let’s go for a hike! Hold on I’ll get a pocket full of truffles!”

I think it’s people who are watching their step counter and when it hit 10,000 they scarf down a couple truffles as a reward. 

It’s ok.  I’ve got your back.  When sugar coma induced weakness hits and you drop those truffle wrappers I’ll be there to pick them up for you.  Because I’m helpful like that.

And as you are clutching your next handful of sinful chocolate balls, I’ll see you out there.

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