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Hello my friends and welcome to episode 4-471 of the RunRunLive Podcast. 

Good morning.  It’s Monday Morning the 17th of January.  Today is Martin Luther Kings Jr. Day here in the states. 

We are having a storm over New England today.  It started snowing after midnight last night and changed over to a heavy rain just around sunrise. 

I got up and did my best to clear the driveway before it got too wet.   In a storm like this where it snows then rains the conditions for snow removal get pretty dicey.  The rain turns the snow to slush and it’s hard to move. It chokes the snow blower and gets very heavy. 

Then, even worse, if you don’t move it and it freezes it becomes solid ice.  And it’s going to stay there until spring.  But I got most of it up, which is good because now the rain will helpfully wash the remnants I missed away.

In our neck of the woods it’s known as Heart-attack snow.  Because it gets so heavy that when people try to shovel it they keel over.  For people like me with a strong heart it’s more appropriately chiropractor snow.  Because when you go to throw a shovel full of that slush you’re more than likely going to hurt your back. 

Now it’s just pouring rain and windy.  Glad I don’t have a run on the calendar for today. 

The running is going well. I did a test mile yesterday, which was another interesting weather day.  It was minus 1 degrees Fahrenheit when I got up.  It was about 6 degrees when I got to the rail trail. 

The temperature was cold, but it was windless and sunny.  It was not a bad day to run. 

I found out from my Buddy Tim who lives by the rail trail that they had plowed a section and it was dry and clear.  Which was perfect for the workout I had. 

It was a one mile warm up.  A test mile.  And a three-mile cool down.  You’re supposed to do these workouts on the track, but the track is under a layer of snow and ice so that isn’t going to happen. 

It was hard to warm up with the temperature.  I hit the test mile and felt pretty strong for the first 1/2.  The last ½ was a struggle.  Looking at the data, I can see my pace drop and my HR max out in that second half.  So I still have some work to do with my fitness. 

That being said, it was 30 seconds or so faster than when I ran it on the track in December.  It’s a good measuring stick.   Now I know I need to work on aerobic fitness and pacing.

I’m only running 15 – 20 miles a week, 2-3 times a week so I’m happy to be where I am at all.  The knee is hanging in there. It is just about 11 months since the injury popped up. 

The holidays were good.  I took a week off, but caught a cold from my mother, so I spent most of it lying around.  It might be the time of year, but I find my energy level very low right now. 

Now that we’re back to work I’m incredibly busy and struggling to keep my head on straight. 

Today we are going to catch up with Cody O’Connor who is still walking across the country.  Very interesting conversation. My normal editor Dimitry from Moscow was busy, so Carlos the Jackal di the edit on this one.  Thank you Carlos. 

In section one I’ll talk some more about how to begin a fitness practice as part of my beginner series. 

In section two I’ll talk to Sigmond Freud about how I feel about not running Boston this year.

I’ve signed up for the Calm meditation app and have been working my way through some of those.  The ones I’ve been doing are more instructional.  They talk about a topic and how to approach it in your meditation. 

One I was listening to this week talked about how when you have pain in your life your need to accept the pain, not fight it.  Because, when you fight it, you give it energy.  The key is to accept it.  Then it loses its ability to hurt you.

The other thing is not letting thoughts of the past or the future give you stress.  To return to the now, because that’s the state you can control. 

It reminded me of the racing advice I’ve always given you.  When things get hard relax into the pain.  Be present where you are and focus on relaxing into the stress. 

In this way you defang the pain and allow your best self to compete.

Try that.

On with the show.





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Section one – 24 Hour Fast -

Voices of reason – the conversation

Cody O'Connor – Cody Runs the USA for Cancer Families


Cody O'Connor

My name is Cody O'Connor and after defeating cancer, losing my right fibula and being told I’d never walk normally again- I am embarking on the quest to walk across the USA. When fighting, I saw how my temporary illness was impacting my family. Seeing the struggles they faced I created Champions Do Overcome, a 501(c)3 non profit organization. CDO, supports families through paying monthly bills, providing food/gas, etc. which reduces stress on the family, and ensures no child is left to fight the beast alone. All of this to spread hope to all that need it coast to coast, and change the outcome for children battling pediatric cancer.

Please follow our journey @overcomerteam on Instagram.

Please consider donating to our cause at:

Fundraiser by Cody O'Connor : Walk For Hope - Cross USA Walk For Cancer Relief (


Companies Involved:

Kroger & affiliates,  Infinit Nutrition, Altra Running, MyMedic, Dude Wipes, MyFanThreads, Groov App, GermX, Sacan Martial Arts, Feedback Audiology Solutions & Consulting

Influencers Involved:


Rich Franklin (UFC Hall of Famer), Ben Higgins (Bachelor Star Season 20), Ashley I and Jared Haibon (Bachelor in Paradise), Harvey Lewis (Team USA 24 Hr. Run Team), and Pete Kostelnick (Record for running across USA)


Section two – Turning difficult work situations to your advantage -




Ok my friends we have walked across ½ of the US of A to the end of episode 4-471 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  Nothing left but a small mountain range between us and the Pacific.  

After the holidays I’m back on my diet.  I had ballooned up to well over 190 pounds by laying about and drinking beer.  I’m making progress.  The first 10 are easy. 

I’m using MyFitnessPal to track my food.  It’s as good as any and I’ve got data in there going back a few years.  Looking at the data I’ve held the line for the most part around 180 or less for the last few years.   There was a point I dipped under 170. 

I’m more about eating healthy than losing weigh per se, but having the data somehow gives me confidence.  If you’re interested I can tell you what I’m doing, but it’s basically cutting back calories and eating clean.  Mostly it’s not drinking beer. 

Ollie Wolly the killer Collie is having a hard time with the weather.  I can’t get him out as much as I want.  I’m doing all of my running on the roads and I don’t want him to get hurt. 

We just got through another round of training.  He’s getting quite good on the leash.  I wish I had more time to practice with him.  Off the leash he’s still a feral terror-dog.   We average about once a week having a disagreement where he ends up biting me. 

I bought a new pair of shoes.  I actually bought two pair.  I haven’t been running so I haven’t needed new shoes.  First I ordered a pair of Hoka Mach 4, because I likes the way they looked, but when I ran in them I didn’t like the feel at all.  So I exchanged them for a pair of Cliftons. 

I really liked the old Cliftons , but the recent versions haven’t been as good.  These new ones are the Clifton 8’s.  I really like them.  They are light and responsive. 

I’ll let you guy get on with your lives.  Sorry for being late.  I’ve got a lot on my plate. 

And don’t worry about the weather,

grey skies are going to clear up,

So, Put on a happy face,


I’ll see you out there.

MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -


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