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Ok my friends, my loyal and good-natured listeners, I have good news and probably more good news.  I’m just not going to be able to squeeze in a show for you this weekend.  I know I’m breaking a covenant, a holy writ, a treasured norm.  I know I’m forcing you to stumble unencumbered by my droll wit and troubled psych-babble it your weekend long runs.  But, it’s the smart thing to do. 

My excuse is that I started a new gig in the city this week and have been putting in 14 hour days with the long commute.  Both my mental carrying case and my cache of time is exhausted.  I’m in that early phase that requires a steep learning process and the corresponding time commitment to get there.

My training took a bit of a hit as well this week.  Not to worry, they have a super nice gym in the office, you know one of those city gyms with attractive young people, shiny weights and a row of 50 high-end treadmills staring hopefully out the glass front across the alley at the sky scraper neighbor.  I should have my membership next week. That will allow me to get in there early or stay late and workout while the rest of the cubicle monkeys fight each other in road-rage traffic like demented rats in a box. 

But – Don’t give up on me!  I do have some great content for you.  I have an interview with Bob sycalik who is running a marathon in in every state in a national park.  I have my race report for running the always amazing Wapack Trail Race in the tail end of Hurricane Harvey last weekend.  I have several interviews cued up with marathoners and ultra-runners now that the racing season is in full swing.  And, you can bet your carbon outsoles that I’ll be dropping some wisdom on job transitions!

Figured I’d keep you in the loop.  Gotta go.  Dropped a nice 10 minute song for you at the end of this.  It’s the Grateful Dead live from Orpheum Theatre - San Francisco, CA 7-18-76.

So enjoy your weekend without me and I will see you out there.

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