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Hey folks, I was listening to Episode 4335 after I had dropped it today and realized that I had not inserted the Stu’s 30K race report sample that I put in the members’ feed.  My production process with my new virtual assistant team still has some kinks! 

Just to be clear those are production kinks, not the kind of kinks you folks have out in San Francisco…

Anyhow – I’m going to put the tease in here.  In addition this give me a chance to drop another tease for a zombie story that I created an audio for the members.  I was doing some virtual cleaning this week and I found this zombie story I had written last year in November for NanoWrimo.  I read it and it was super cool so I recorded it for you.

Sorry for all the RunRunLive noise, but I’m also going to drop another episode this coming Friday because I interviewed a movie maker who is trying to make a deadline and I figured I’d expedite an episode to help him out. 

Expectation – wise you’ll get 3 episodes in 3 weeks.

Bang!  That’s value. 

Now listen to this…

Stu’s 30K race snippet here.

Truck Oil Zombie Story here

Link to membership site here.

Thanks folks – That Offspring song is the one that was blasting on a dude’s phone when I passed him at Stu’s 30k.  You see that more and more these days.  People running races with their music playing free for the world to hear. 

These two new pieces of audio and many more to come in the members section.  Head over to if you are interested. 





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