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<Introductory Comments:

Well, well, well.  Here we are.  Episode 3-274 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  Today we will chat with Terence Baker about the a new race he’s putting together in Italy called the Nine Castles Marathon and the emerging trends of destination races. 

In section one I’ll continue my series on sales concepts with a piece about why you need to target you prospecting.  In section two I’ll unpack the details of how to do a step-up run tempo workout. 

I’m feeling a bit uninspired this week.  I’ve got a lot of projects hanging over my head and not quite sure what to work on. My focus hasn’t been that great and I’m procrastinating.  This is usually a sign that I’m not in love with what I’m engaged in right now and also, for me, that I need something new.  Usually this results in me either doing nothing or walking away from a bunch of half-finished projects to chase the next shiny object.  

My training has been ok.  The hamstring cured itself after a couple weeks of easy running.  I managed to get some decent volume in over the weekend, but not very targeted or specific for my goals.  I also got one decent tempo step up run in this week and it looks like I haven’t lost much fitness, which makes sense given how much racing I’ve been doing in the last two months.  

Buddy and I were up in Western NY visiting one of my kids at school last weekend.  We got up early in the hotel to go for a run Saturday morning.  I had no idea where we were and no plan.  I figured we’d just follow the road out 30 minutes, turn around and come back.  

Within a 1/2 K of the hotel we came upon a bridge with a path and a sign that said “Erie Canal”.  We were delighted and surprised to be able to spend the morning watching the sun rise over the Erie Canal tow path as we got a great easy run in and explored this historical artifact from the 1800’s.  There was no one else out and the path turned to dirt after awhile so I was able to let Buddy go off leash and it was one of those rare perfect mornings that you get by being a runner. 

The next day, Sunday, we were back home and went for an early morning easy 6ish miler with my old friends Kevin and Lyn who were visiting from Australia.  Kevin started the running club and the Groton Road Race back in the day.  

We did some trails so I brought Buddy along.  

Afterwards we had some coffee and bagels and then I went over to volunteer for the Groton Town Forest Races – another race my club sponsors.  I was already in my running stuff so asked the race directors if Buddy and I could sneak in the back of the pack and run the race.  So we did and added another 10 easy miles on to the weekend out in the woods. 

Buddy was pretty tired so we just took it easy and went his speed.  We stopped to let him swim in the river and made sure to stay out of the other runners’ way.  I was surprised the next day he wasn’t stiff at all.  He’s 10 now and I don’t want him hurting himself. He recovered completely and was barking at me to go do some more, but I made him take off until Wednesday.  

Buddy is a good old dog.  I caught him looking at himself in the mirror on Sunday.  I thought only great apes were supposed to be able to do that? 

On with the Show!

Section one:

Prospecting -

Featured Interview:

Terence Baker

Terence Baker is an Englishman who lived until 2012 for 20 years in New York City. He has run 21 marathons, with a best time of 2:44:56 (half-1:20:53), and even once ran across and then back across the Grand Canyon. He is a travel writer, having writing for a slew of magazines in the business-to-business and leisure worlds, including a seven-year stint as the travel editor and managing editor of Car & Travel, the magazine of the American Automobile Association. He has been to 33 states and 83 countries. Currently, he is the European editor of Hotel News Now.

Currently, he is also organizing the inaugural Nine Castles Marathon (La Maratona dei Nove Castelli) to be held on April 6 in Arcevia, Italy, the hometown of his wife's father. The event will consist of an easy 10K on Saturday and a "marathon-distance destination run" on the Sunday that collectively will visit all nine, gorgeous hilltop villages that in medieval times constituted the Nine Castles ruled by Arcevia. A host of other fun will also be had, including a guided tour of Arcevia and probably a bit of local wine.

Section two:

Anatomy of a Step up run -


Well my friends that’s it, episode 3-274.  Another week of running.  I feel ok, the hamstring is good, the fitness is decent. Since it’s getting cold up here I had to start wearing shoes again instead of sandals and that has caused my Plantar Fasciitis to complain a little.  I’m going to have to work in some preventative therapy to strengthen my feet.  Probably a little barefoot running.  

All-in-All I feel a little fragile.  I’ve been putting on weight too.  I blame the Red Sox.  I don’t really care too much about baseball but since I’ve been home over the last couple weeks I’ve been watching the playoff games.  I find there is something about sitting on the couch and watching baseball that make you want to eat and drink beer.  It must be some sort of subliminal advertising…or not so subliminal…

I’m going into a bit of a weird period now with a lot of travel.  I’ll be out in Denver this weekend for a conference and will be running the Denver R&R marathon.  I’m not looking to do anything other than just treat it as a long training run.  

I have the Ft Myers marathon with Adam the Zen Runner on November 10th.  I’m going to be out in Chicago the week before and flying in Friday night to turn around and fly back out Saturday morning for that.  Given the travel schedule it probably won’t be prudent to race there, but we’ll see.  This marathon a month thing is a bit of a grind.  

I’m starting to see stories about next year’s Boston marathon already and I’ll have to get Dave McGilivary back on to talk about it and see what’s going to happen.  Should be a once in a lifetime experience. 

Let me tell you a story from this week. 

I was out doing an easy trail run with Buddy.  There was a couple walking their dog that we passed, and since the trail loops cross in places I came upon them again. They were standing at a trail intersection looking at a pile of crushed Bud Light beer cans. 

They told me that these cans had appeared over night.  I counted 11 cans and wondered where the 12th was?  I would have taken them, but I didn’t have any way to carry them out. I told them it was just kids and to leave them there and I would come back and carry them out. 

About a mile later in a different part of the trail, Buddy and I are running along, crunching through the leaves, and a plastic shopping bag blows across the trail in front of us.  There really isn’t any trash on these trails so I figured it was karma and grabbed the bag.  30 minutes later as we were finishing up we ran by the cans, picked them up and out them in the bag and brought them home for the recycling. 

I try to pick up trash if I can when I’m out in the trails.  During the trail race last week I found a pair of running gloves and a nice dog leash.  I needed a new leash.  Karma.  

When you are out and about this week why don’t you try to add to the good karma?  Smile. Let someone into traffic.  Hold the door for someone. Buy a stranger a cup of coffee.  Pick up one piece of trash.  It’s our world.  If we all just do simple acts we can change it. 

I’ll probably go back to an every-other week schedule because I’m getting busy again.  We’ll see if I have time next week for a race report. 

Until we meet again, be kind. 

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