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<Introductory Comments:

Hello my friends.  Wow! It’s been a weird and busy couple weeks since we last chatted.  Where do I begin? 

Let’s start with introductions for those of you who didn’t get the memo I slipped under your door while you were sleeping this is the RunRunLive Podcast and this is Chris your esteemed host.  I’ll pause for a second while you introduce yourself… Go ahead… {whistles}…uh huh? Really?  That’s fascinating…

Today we have Dr. Phillip Maffetone on for a long chat.  We were having such a warm and interesting conversation I let it run close to a ½ hour.  As much as the inconsistency pains me we may run a wee bit long today.  Take a deep breath and relax.

When I reached out to Dr. Maffetone it was because I remember him from the old days when he was one of the first to recommend training at a lower aerobic level to increase your speed and endurance.  His experiments with athletes ended up as some of the foundation for the Heart Rate training we all take for granted today.

Then I discovered this wonderful man who has gone back to the earth and writes ballads for a living.  Fascinating dude.  I’m going to hitch one of his songs with his permission to the back end of this show. 

In Section One we are going to talk about habits.  In Section Two we are going to talk about marathon strategies.

Like I said – Long show today.

Two weeks ago I met my buddy Ryan down in Waco Texas for the Miracle Match Marathon.  It was a really well put on race.  At some point over the next couple weeks I’ll have to write up a race report.  When we hear ‘Waco’ we don’t picture it as being a particularly inviting place, but I really liked it. 

The course was super hilly but went through some really nice landscape.  The support was awesome.  The swag was good too.  This is a race I would recommend and I’m not sure why more people didn’t show up for it.  My bib number was 50 and I’m guessing there were no more than 200 people in the full marathon. 

My ankle is still screwed up so I couldn’t race.  At this point I’m just trying not to do any lasting damage.  That was my 10th race in 10 months since Boston last year. 

Then on a short week which included snowpocolypse in Atlanta I turned around and flew down to New Orleans to run the Rock & Roll marathon with Eric and Dan.  Again my ankle prevented any ambitiousness. 

I am so glad I was able to run this race and spend the weekend with these two loons from St. Louis.  I had a blast.  This Rock & Roll event was much bigger than the Denver one I ran in October.  It was a big party. 

That was my 11th marathon in 11 months since Boston.

Then I had t get up early Monday morning and fly to Europe for a business engagement in Manheim. 

I guess in summary I managed to run those marathons and have some fun but I’m pretty beat up and haven’t really slept in a couple weeks.  Because of the ankle I haven’t run, except for marathons in about a month.  I’ve been staying in the pool to let it heal and that’s not a good way to stay fit!

When Ryan and I were doing our obligatory Sunday night beer celebration in Waco he was trying to convince to write a book about my efforts this year.  I told him it wasn’t a good story because my goal was to run a marathon a month and re-qualify for Boston.  You can’t have a story where the hero fails! That’s not how it’s supposed to work! 

In my mind’s eye when this started rolling back in last spring I saw myself getting stronger and fast with each race and training back into the fitness I lost to the planter fasciitis.  That’s not how it’s worked out.  I’m running some of my slowest races and limping around like a car crash victim.

The worst part for me is that instead of a celebration of running it is starting to feel like and obligation.  Like work.  That’s no good. 

I hear talk about being an inspiration.  That was never my intent.  After all the lunatics running across various countries and running multiple marathons every day that we have talked to here I didn’t think this thing I was doing was all that inspirational or challenging or note worthy. 

I’d appreciate your feedback my friends.  I don’t feel like an inspiration.  Mostly I feel old, tired and broken.

So Phil, if you’re listening, here are some new lyrics for you.  We can write a song called the ‘ballad of the idiot runner’.

Fight or Flight,

Bane or Blight,

Stand your ground,

Play your sound,

Bon Homme,

False pretense,

Drive the world,

Churn the seas,

Small men with,

Wool vests and cotton minds.

On with the Show!

Section one:

Habits -

Featured Interview:

Dr. Philip Maffetone

An internationally recognized researcher, educator, clinician and author in the field of nutrition, exercise, sports medicine, and biofeedback. Throughout his 35-plus year career, Dr. Maffetone has worked with many athletes, including Mark Allen, Angela Naeth, David Leadbetter, Mario and Michael Andretti and others, has been a respected pioneer in the field of complementary medicine, bringing the latest advances to health care professionals around the world, and has been published in many general, sports and medical journals.[edit]

Dr. Maffetone was presented with the prestigious Statuette award by the International Academy for Child Brain Development, was named coach of the year by Triathlete Magazine, and honored by Inside Triathlon magazine as one of the top 20 most influential people in endurance sports worldwide in the 20th century. Dr. Phil still lectures on diet, nutrition and stress management, and teaches biofeedback to health practitioners. He is the author of over 16 books from publishers including McGraw-Hill, Human Kinetics and Lyons Press, including books published in German, Italian, Korean, Swedish and Japanese.

In 2003, Phil became a songwriter, and began working with producer Rick Rubin, a relationship that continues today in 2013. Along the way, he worked with Johnny Cash, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and a variety of other professional musicians. He currently has released five albums of his original music. His personal website ( includes his music and a large collection of articles on music, health and fitness, including his Off The Grid writings, which are commentaries on social and environmental health.

Phil’s song included at the end of this podcast with permission is “Twice in one Lifetime

Section two:

Marathon Strategy -


Through the drifting banks of snow we trudge wearily to the end of a long podcast.  Scrape the frost from your glasses and don’t forget that we have one of Phil’s songs on the back end of this show.

What now?  What is the road ahead?  I managed to sneak into a popular trail marathon somewhere in the Carolinas (I think) for the first week of March.  That will be 12 in 12.  I need to heal so I can get some of my fitness back for Boston. 

We got another foot or so of snow at my house when I was in Europe.  But soon enough it will all be gone and the green things will push up through the mud and mulch to brighten the gift of longer days.

It’s just around the corner. 

Since this show is already over budget I’ll keep if brief.  Thank you all for your support.  Reach out to me with steadying hand of encouragement if you can as I limp through the last months of a particularly draining year. 

I will wrap my arm around your shoulder as we stumble forward into the dawning of a new future.  We will lift up our heads, straighten our ties and spit in the eyes of the fates.  We will wrestle free our destiny from the hands of our oppressors and stride smiling mischievously into the unknown.

‘Cause you can be damn sure that I’ll see you out there.


Outro Bumper

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Other than that, thank you for your attention, do epic stuff and let me know if I can help.


Happy Song – Super Hero -

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