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Hello and welcome my friends.  This is Chris and this a new series of podcasts that I’m doing that I’m going to call ‘Unicorns’.  Let me explain.  Be warned this is a bit of departure from what I’ve done in the past.  I’ will try to give you enough information so that you can decide whether you want to get on this particular bus and share this personal journey with me.

This series is going to be about my current life events and journey.  It involves running and the Boston Marathon, but only tangentially.  If you’re looking for marathon tips you should stop now and switch to one of the main RunRunLive episodes or any of the other fine marathon podcasts out there.

If you have been listening to my show for any of the last 5 years and 282 episodes you know that I have chosen not to share much about my personal life.  You could if you listened carefully tease out some of the background noise from my sanitized avatar but for the most part I’ve isolated you from my job and my family. 

I did this for two reasons.  First I didn’t want the show to be about me – I wanted it to be about you and your journey with running and endurance sports.  Second, I suppose I was afraid to trust the internet with too much personal information.  That’s the way we were raised.  It’s part of our culture in New England.  We keep the shades drawn and we give our neighbors their peace and privacy.

Well, my friends, today, and in the unicorn series I’m going to throw open the curtains of my personal life a bit.  I’m going to do so to bring purpose to this year’s running and to let you help me in my journey.

First we’ll have a 15-20 minute interview with Nick from the American Liver Foundation and then I’ll share with you what I’m doing and invite you to get on my bus as things get weird over the next 9 weeks or so.



Featured Interview:

Nick Giordano is a 13 time marathoner.  He has been the chair of the
American Liver Foundation's  Run for Research Marathon on two occasions.
Nick serves on the Board of Directors for the American Liver Foundation's
New England Chapter.

ALF- The American Liver Foundation's Run for Research® program is the
oldest and one of the largest marathon teams in the Boston Athletic
Association's official charity program. For over two decades we have
helped thousands of runners compete in the historic Boston Marathon while
raising funds for the fight against liver disease.  The organization's
mission is this one of advocacy and education while raising important
funds for research.

Myfinishline link:  https://www.facebook.com/ThisisMYfinishline


Summary Article:

I said I’d get personal and here we go…

A year ago during the holidays my Dad wasn’t feeling well.  He began to look Jaundiced.  After a few visits and trips to Boston we discovered that he had an inoperable tumor on a bile duct in his liver.  They were able to put a stent in to relieve the bile duct and he went through a round of chemo to keep the cancer at bay. 

Over the last year he has had a series of setbacks and infections and now is ready to leave us in the near future. 

My Dad was a runner.  My dad introduced me to the concept of running to get in shape when I was quite young.  He never ran a marathon or any of that he just set the example of running to stay in shape.  My Dad was and is a strong man.  My parents have been very active in their social circle and teaching dance lessons and being an inspiration into their 80’s. 

I’m the youngest of 4 children who all turned out well, thanks in no small part to the direction our parents set us on.  Their belief in education, in learning, in being a better person and making the difference you can have been lessons that have guided us well.

My parents supported me and encouraged me when I started racing marathons.  They came to my races and passed me bottles and cheered me on in my success. 

My parents were always there for me.  In a short while my father won’t be there for me anymore. 

To honor my family, my parents and my family I have decided to run this year’s Boston Marathon for the American Liver Foundation.  I am going to track my journey through this Unicorn series and I need your help. 

Please go to my page at the American Liver Foundation and Donate.

As an extra incentive, if you donate $50 or more I will write and record a personalized inspirational audio message for your next event.  This is not some throw away kindness.  I will write you something powerful and poetic that you can carry with you forever my friends.

Go to:


Thank you for joining me on my journey with purpose.


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