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Hello and welcome my friends.  This is Chris and this is the fourth in my series of personal podcasts that I am doing, to air out my brain and deal with my father’s cancer and gear up to run for the Liver Foundation at the Boston Marathon this year. 

Note:  Even though this is on the RunRunLive Podcast feed, this is NOT the RunRunLive podcast.  You have fair warning to skip now because I’m not talking about running.  Standard RunRunLive episodes will be labeled as such. 

As part of this project, whatever this project is, I’m collecting donations for the American Liver Foundation for my running of the Boston Marathon this year.  I wanted to layer on some purpose for the event and make it more personal.  

The donation links are in the show notes and at http://go.liverfoundation.org/goto/cyktrussell

My story is that I already had a number for this year’s race.  I Didn’t need to fundraise, but with my Dad’s health declining I thought it would be a decent thing to do to dedicate this to him and my family. 

Today I’m going to read you a couple short pieces to mark my Dad’s passing this week.  Our extended family got together to celebrate my Dad’s life. 


Earl D. Russell - “Russ”, Husband, Father, Grandfather, WR1Y

Earl David Russell passed away on March 24, 2014 in Groton, MA. Russ was the beloved husband of Margaret (Peggy Connors) Russell, to whom he was married for over 58 years. He was the son of David C. Russell and Corrine Russell and grew up in Chelmsford, MA, graduating from CHS with the Class of 1946.

Following service in the Air Force during the Korean War, he completed his Electrical Engineering degree at UNH, Class of 1957 and was President of Tau Beta Phi, the Engineering Honor Society.

Professionally, he was employed by Adams Russell Corp, Sanders Associates, MA/COM and was President and Founder of Russell Engineering Services (Lowell and Waltham, MA) for 25 years.

In retirement, Russ was actively involved with the CHS Alumni organization, aviation, antique cars, Town of Groton audio/communications events, the Groton Emergency Management Team and the Groton Senior Center. He founded the Nashoba Valley Amateur Radio Club.

The Russells enjoyed many years of Square and Round dancing. Ballroom dancing was their special “sport,” Big Band was their era, and they shared their love of dance with many wonderful friends and fellow dancing enthusiasts.

Russ is survived by two sons; David and Jill Russell, Christopher and Yvonne Russell, and two daughters; Mary Lou and Doug Martin, Joanne “Jody” and Dan Dobson of Indiana, and ten grandchildren. He was predeceased by his sister, Phyllis (Russell) Quintin of Groton.

I’m going to include an interview I did with my Dad on his 80th birthday back in 2008 as episode 25 of the original RunRunLive podcast. 

We are a close family.  My Dad’s death leaves a big hole in our lives, in the lives of our friends and in the community.  

I learned a lot from my Father.  Much of who I am today I owe to him.  

He will live on in me and all of us. 

We are here today; this week, to mourn a passing but also to celebrate a life well lived.  

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Earl D. “Russ” Russell

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Thank you for joining me in my Journey.  This week I surpassed my $2,000 fundraising goal and I’m grateful for the friends that have supported me. 

The Prayer of St. Francis.

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Thank you for joining me on my journey with purpose. 


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