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Introductory Comments:

Hello my summertime comrades.  How is it going?  Perhaps we find you jogging along limply on a sweltering August morn sweating your humanity into the thick sultry air?   Or maybe we find you on a treadmill in the health club horrifying the jaded Yentas with your dynamic rainbows of sweat filled efforts? 

No matter where you are, we are here together once again for episode 3-295 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  And as Buckaroo Bonzai said, “No matter where you go…there you are.”  (Buckaroo Bonzai, by the way is a great campy scifi movie with Peter Heller of the original RoboCop, John Lithgow, Christopher Lloyd, a young Jeff Goldblum and Rasta-Far-I aliens from 1984)

And the plot is…” Dr. Buckaroo Banzai, a physicist, neurosurgeon, test pilot, and rock musician, [has to] save the world by defeating a band of inter-dimensional aliens called Red Lectroids from Planet 10”.  That has me written all over it, right? 

Back on topic – Today we have along chat with Mike Wardian American distance runner who has been having an awesome run lately.  I follow Mike on Facebook and he’s been doing tons of races and always looks super happy.  There’s nothing like being in shape and healthy and being able to just run with passion and joy and you can see it in Mike’s eyes.  

In section one I’ll share a review of a book I read recently about “Challenger Sales” and in Section two I’ll talk about my dieting success over the last few weeks. 

My training has been going very well.  I’m getting all my workouts in and nothing overtly hurts.  This will be a modern miracle because it looks like I’m going to get through this hard training cycle without injuring myself – knock on wood.  

I’m starting to get confident about my chances at Pocatello at the end of the month.  I’ve done my work and controlled all the variables that I can control – so now I just have to hold on to the end, stay health, consolidate my gains and hope the circumstances are fortuitous for battle. 

Either way I’m super proud of this cycle.  I really focused, kept my eye on the goal, executed some very difficult training and stayed healthy.  A worthy effort. 

I had an interesting week working down in Atlanta.  I stayed in one of those extended-stay format hotels so I could buy groceries and cook my own dinners and have access to a fridge.   I also got a rental car so I could get to a track for my workouts.  

If you follow me on Facebook you know that I had to jump the fence at a Middle school on Thursday morning to get my workout in.  A bit of an adventure.  I’ve also been getting a fair number of my hard workouts in on the treadmill which has its pros and cons.  

I’m almost finished reading ‘Evolution of a Cromag” by vegan crazy man John Joeseph.  It’s quite a story and I would recommend picking it up.  It’s only available on Kindle.  It’s hard to believe some of the stuff he’s been through – frankly I was reading it before bed and it was giving me nightmares. Very hard to describe – you’ll have to read it for yourself. 

I’m going to get rid of a ½ dozen or so pairs of shoes this weekend. I’ll give my brother some and ship the rest off to my sister in Indy.  My wife was complaining about not being able to get to the washing machine in the laundry room.  How did I end up with 15 pair of running shoes?  How does that happen? 

Another issue I have in the summer is my running shoes get soaked with sweat in these hard runs and end up stinking like nuclear workout waste. Here’s a tip for you – just throw them in the washing machine.  It doesn’t hurt them.  There’s nothing in a running shoe that’s going to shrink or get bent or broken in the wash.  Just air-dry them and they will be ready to go. 

By the way my sister Jody has been training away this summer to shoot for a qualifier this fall in her second marathon.  

So, my friends, you know what they say, If life give you lemons you can use them to create salon quality highlights in your hair. Add 1/4 cup lemon juice to 3/4 cup water and rinse your hair with the mixture. Then, sit in the sun until your hair dries. To maximize the effect, repeat once daily for up to a week.

On with the Show. 

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On with the show!

Section one:

Challenger Behavior Set -

Featured Interview:

Michael Wardian

Michael Wardian

40 years old, Arlington, VA-United States of America, Father of 2 young boys (Pierce-7 years old & Grant-5 years old)

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Current 2014 Results:

•1/9/14-The Dopey Challenge, Walt Disney World, FL-5K-16:18-2nd place

•1/10/14-The Dopey Challenge, Walt Disney World, FL-10K-33:58-2nd place

•1/11/14-The Dopey Challenge, Walt Disney World, FL-1/2 Marathon-21K-1:13:11-5th Place

•1/12/14-The Dopey Challenge, Walt Disney World, FL-Marathon-2:35:23-6th place

•*Overall Winner of the Dopey Challenge for fastest time for all four (4) events

•2/3-8/14-The Coastal Challenge, Costa Rica-143 miles-23:26:23-1st place overall

•2/16/14-The GW Birthday 50K-Alexandria, VA-10K-33:07-5th place

•2/23/14-The Cowtown Marathon 50K-Fort Worth, TX-3:00:21-1st place

•3/02/14-The USATF 50K National Championships-2:59:31-2nd place

•3/15/14-The Tarawera Ultra Marathon-Rotorua, New Zealand-6:28:46-8th place

•3/30/14-The Runners Marathon on Reston, Reston, VA -2:44:44-1st place

•4/9/14-The UVU North Pole Marathon-North Pole-4:07:40-1st place

•4/12/14-The Stroud Foundation 5K, Washington, DC-18:56-1st place

•4/13/14-GW Parkwary 10 Miler, Alexandria, VA-52:36-6th place / 1st Master

•4/21/14-The 118th BAA Boston Marathon, Boston, MA-2:23:32-44th place / 3rd Master

•4/27/14-The Big Sur Marathon, Carmel, CA-2:27:45-1st place / Set Master Course Record

•5/04/14-Wings for Life World Run, Sunrise, FL-1st place overall-35.88 Miles / 1st Master

•5/25/14-The KeyBank Vermont City Marathon, Burlingon, VT-2:27:37-6th place overall / 1st Master

•6/01/14-The 89th Comrades Marathon, Durban, South Africa-6:08:23-36th place overall / 1st USA

•6/08/14-The Ethiopian Marathon-Race 4 Ever, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia-1st place overall


Previous Results:

•December 7, 2013-The North Face Endurance Challenge-San Francisco-7:14:44-16th place

•November 24, 2013-Kinhaven 5k-17:39-1st place

•November 23, 2013-JFK 50 Miler-5:55:37-3rd place

•November 17, 2013-Rock & Roll Las Vegas-2:57:56-10th place

•November 17, 2013-Rock & Roll San Antonio-2:31:19-1st place

•November 10, 2013-Woodrow Wilson Bridge 1/2 marathon-1:10:09-13th place

•October 27, 2013-38th annual Marine Corps Marathon-2:27:05-5th place

•October 22, 2013-The North Face Endurance Challenge, Chile-8:44:18-2nd place

•October 13, 2013-Lower Potomac 10 Miler-56:26-1st place

•October 12, 2013-Freedoms Run Marathon-2:33:14-1st place

•September 28, 2013-Ultra Race of Champions (UROC)-100K-13:22-23rd place

•September 14, 2013-Bays Mountain Trail Race 15 miles-1:38:56-1st place

•September 8, 2013-Parks 1/2 Marathon-1:12:01-15 place

•September 1, 2013-Kauai Marathon-2:37:58-3rd place

•August 18, 2013-Hartwood 10 Miler-54:48-1st place

•August 17, 2013-Gary Brown 5 Miler-26:40-5th place

•August 10, 2013-Health Focus of Southewest Virginia Salem Distance Run 10K-33:29-1st place

•July 27, 2013-SpeedGoat 50K-6:34:33-25th overall

•July 14, 2013-Grant Pierce Indoor Marathon & 50K-1st overall Marathon & 50K (50k World Record): 3:12:13

•July 7, 2013-Ivy 5K-16:25-2nd place overall

•July 6, 2013-Seashore Striders 5K-16:27-1st place overall

•June 29, 2013-The North Face Endurance Challenge Ecuador-50 miler-8:44:18-2nd place overall

•June 22, 2013-The North Face Endurance Challenge Costa Rica-50 miler-6:58:55-1st place overall

•June 16, 2013-The Wipro San Francisco Marathon-2:30:18-3rd place overall

•June 2, 2013-The North Face Endurance Challenge 10K-Washington, DC-36:01-2nd place overall

•June 2, 2013-The North Face Endurance Challenge 5K-Washington, DC-19:02-1st place overall

•June 2, 2013-The North Face Endurance Challenge-Gore-Tex 50 Miler-6:45:36-1st place overall

•May 27, 2013-The Vermont City Marathon-2:30:15-5th place overall

14th place at Empire State Building Run Up

1st place at 2011 Lower Potomac Marathon-set Guinness World Record-Fastest Marathon as Superhero (Spider Man)

3rd place at 2011 Shamrock Marathon

1st place at 2011 National Marathon (5 time winner)

19th place at Two Oceans Marathon (56K)-First USA

11th place at Comrades Marathon (87K)-First USA

3rd place at The North Face Endurance Challenge-50 Miler

1st place at The North Face Endurance Challenge-1/2 Marathon

13th place and Olympic Trails Qualifier (2:17:49)-Grandma's Marathon

3rd Place at Badwater Ultra Marathon

1st Place at Grant and Pierce Indoor Marathon (4 days after Badwater)

1st Place at San Francisco Marathon

1st Place at The North Face Endurance Challenge 50K-Kansas City

1st Place at The North Face Endurance Challenge 1/2 Marathon-Kansas City

2nd Place at the Kauai Marathon

2nd Place and Silver Medalist at 100K World Championships and First ever Team Gold Medal for 100K World Team for USA-The Netherlands

2nd Place at the Ultra Race of Champions (UROC) 100K

3rd place at 2011-ING Miami Marathon

2nd place at 2011-Disney Marathon

1st at 2010 ING Miami Marathon

1st at 2010 Delaware Marathon

1st at 2010 National Marathon-Washington, DC

Bronze Medal at 2009 & 2010 50K World Championships-Gibraltar, Gibraltar

3rd Place at 2010-100K World Championships-Gibraltar, Gibraltar

6th Place at 2009-100K World Championships-Torhout, Belgium

USATF National Champion: 2008, 2009, 2010 USATF 50K National Championships

USATF National Champion: 2008-USATF 50 Mile Trail Championships

USATF National Champion: 2008-USATF 100K


IAU Ultra Runner of the Year 2010

USATF Ultra Runner of the Year-2008 & 2009 & 2010 & 2011

New York Road Runners Ultra Runner of the Year: 2009




Section two: 

How I made race weight -


Cheers, or just search FaceBook for “RunRunLive”. 

Outro Bumper

Ahhhhhhhh….Yes…My friends another RunRunLive podcast up in the can. Somewhere in the last couple months we passed the 6 year anniversary I think.  Near as I can figure we started in July of 2007.  And we have consistently delivered an invaluable stream of mediocre running related content to you that whole time.  

I’m refreshing the format of the show at 300 episodes.  I’m going to try to bring in more user generated content and some fresh voices.  I have a number of guest interviews queued up which will give some of our community an opportunity to practice their interview skills but mostly just save me work! 

In the last few shows I’m going to bring coach on to talk through my training cycle and strategy for Pocatello.  I’ve also brow beat Rachel to come on and drop some nutrition smarts on us.  

I’m in the midst of writing up a review on a couple things that were sent to me.  First was the Salomon folks sent me a some shoes, shirt and shorts from their #CityPark campaign.  I didn’t really understand the point of these products at first until I realized that they are in response to the Park Run movement.  

I also got a pair of shoes from ASICS.  I selected a light neutral racer. I did a couple tempo runs in them and they are nice.  

Have you heard the inspirational starfish story?  Would you like to? Well it goes like this…

A man was walking down the beach and thousands of starfish had been washed up on the shore by a storm.  A child was throwing them back in the water.  The man says ‘What are you doing?  You can’t make any difference with these thousands of starfish.” And the Child responds, while throwing a starfish, “I made a difference for that one!” 

Now I have heard this story told by many self-help gurus.  But they never finish the story.  

To continue…it turns out that particular starfish was on the shore because it was sick.  It had the great starfish plague, similar to starfish Ebola, and when it was thrown back it infected the rest of the starfish populations causing a global mass extinction of starfish.  

This in turn caused the ocean ecosystem to collapse.  But, in an ironic twist, great white sharks, due to the extreme evolutionary pressure, rapidly evolved into mutant land dwelling carnivores and proceeded to depopulate the cities. 

So really, the moral of the story is don’t tell me pithy morality tales because I’ll just ruin it for you. 

I’ll see you out there. 


Thanks for listening folks I appreciate your support.  RunRunLive is a free service for you because I like writing and telling stories.  

I also love to meet folks so feel free to reach out to me at Gmail or any of the other social networking sites.  I’m CYKTRussell.  And as you know that’s Chris-Yellow-King-Tom-Russell with two Esses and two Ell’s. 

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Other than that, thank you for your attention, do epic stuff and let me know if I can help. 


Happy Song – Super Hero -

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