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Hello my endurance friends and welcome to a crack-stuffing version of the RunRunLive podcast that I’m going to call “Interludes”.  I didn’t want you to think I fell into the abyss as I work to figure out the format for RunRunLive4.0.  I’ll keep passing along some content as I go to keep your interest. 

You can always go back and sample one of the previous 300 episodes that are filled with so much fluff and stuff about long distance running and endurance sport.  

I was going to call it interregnum, but that seemed a bit imperious.  But, it does lead us to a discussion of the value of a good command of Latin and Greek roots when trying to discern the language.  As you may have guessed the prefix ‘inter’, (technically a ‘morpheme’) means between or among.  In this case Inter means between.  Inter should not be confused with ‘intra’ which means ‘within’.  

Intercompany would mean “Between companies” whereas “intra-company” would mean “within company”.  See how that works?  You can figure out the meaning of most words by looking at the morphemes.  Interregnum means between kingships.  The Latin root Reg is king.  As in Regicide, Regent, etc.   

Now, as far as interlude, I thought at first that second bit, the ‘lude’ was a form of the Latin root Luce which means light – as in Lucid, Elucidate, Luminescent, etc. But I was wrong.  It turns out to be Middle English for ‘play’.  Which, is perfect, because what we have here is a pause between plays.  

And I ‘d like to thank my 9th grade prep school English teacher Mr. Mitchell, for making me memorize all the Latin and Greek roots.  Very handy for dismembering meaning from any of the Latin languages. 

Oh…We were supposed to talk about running, right?  Or atleast Zombies.  Did you like my zombie story in episode 300?  Can you imagine poor Andrew Kastor listening to that episode and having to suffer through all the self-indulgent schlock? Heavens!

Speaking of Andrew Kastor, I get to run with him in the morning.  I’m safely ensconced in the New York Palace Hotel (5-stars) on Madison Ave across from Rockefeller Center.  They flew me in today and got me a limo into town.  I’m having drinks with them later.  I do feel a bit like Cinderella.  (but I’ll still never a Disney race)  

I just made a successful foray into the wild metropolis (greek word) and managed to forage a bag of fruit and a kale salad with avocado, so the city isn’t too bad. 

Today, well, we’ll see what I can get done.  I’ve got too many plates spinning at the moment, but today we’ll squeeze in an interview (see there’s that Morpheme again) interview with Jim from the seeker podcast who is a certified nurse.  I asked Jim to talk me through some of the things people should be looking for when they get a physical.  

I’m also going to try to write up my Marine Corp marathon report for you…and maybe even something else.  I’ve got more ideas than time to birth them! 

Last time we chatted, two weeks ago, I was getting ready to volunteer at the BayState Marathon and the Groton Town Forest Trail Race.  I did volunteer at Baystate, we work a water stop each year.  It’s fun.  We’re at the 7 and 17 mile marks of the Marathon.  I try to coach people and encourage them.  I know most of the local running clubs so I can call them out when I see the singlets.  It was a bit of windy day, as it is sometimes at BayState, and that knocked a lot of the folks down who were looking for times. 

That’s why you need to train outside in real conditions.  Learn how to run in the wind and the rain.  There are techniques for all of this that can save your race.

I had a 10 mile pace run on the calendar as my last taper run for Marine Corp that day.  I didn’t manage to get up in time, and instead decided to run the trail race, which is 9.5 miles as a substitute.  If you’ve never run the Groton Town Forest Trail Race you are missing out.  It’s a gnarly single path with plenty of vertical.  

We had great trail conditions and a nice cool day.  The wind didn’t bother us in the trails.  I started out in the back with the baggage train and used the first 20 minutes to warm up.  Then I accelerated through the pack for the next 7 or so miles.  I’ve run the course plenty of times so I know how hard it is.  You’d better be in top trail shape if you decide to attack it.  In the last couple miles I caught all the people who underestimated the course and overestimated their abilities! 

Yeah, I felt great, had a good race.  I had forgotten just how much fun trail running is! 

Then, of course, I was down in Marine Corp last weekend.  Got that done without breaking anything, much. And now I’ve got The New York City Marathon this weekend, (which apparently has been outsourced to the Tata Consultancy).  

Spinning plates…

On with the show…

Section One: 

New York City Marathon Speech -


Intro to Interview: 

I got my physical last week and everything checked out, but they handed me a bunch of blood work results which are mystifying to me.  I figured I’d share those and chat through them with Jim and see if we couldn’t save some lives. 

My resting pulse, or heart rate is somewhere in the 36-42 BPM range, which is not normal, but it’s perfectly normal for me.  It’s partly genetics and partly endurance sports.  My blood pressure is 117 over 80, which I guess is normal.  My Prostate is okey-dokey on both the ever-pleasing digital exam and the PSA blood test.  

By the way – men, get yourself tested.  As many men die from prostate cancer as women die from breast cancer and it’s 100% curable if they catch it early.  Ladies, make your men get tested. 

The blood test they do checks all sorts of stuff, your sugar, your salt, your liver function and even if I was pregnant.  All of which I’m in the normal bounds on and (I’m not pregnant).  My liver function was borderline high but this is also one of those long distance running things.  I always go into these physicals after a hard race or workout and when you do that it can throw off your blood work, especially your liver function, because your liver is trying to clear all that crap from the workout out of your blood.  

If you want a copy of my blood results with all the explanations I can send them to you. 

Lean back and relax now while Jim and I discuss saving your life.   I didn’t have time to edit this so you’re getting our raw conversation.  

Section two: 

Marine Corp -


Was that fun?  I bet it was.  Over the next couple weeks, if I survive New York, I’m going to dial back the training for November.  I have many balls in the air this month.  I have to get through a colonoscopy.  I’ve also got an appointment with the cardiologist to see if we can figure out what’s going on with my heart rate.  

I went in yesterday to my doctor and I brought some HR graphs from some of my runs to show him what I’m experiencing.  About 40 minutes into a workout my HR will flip to max and I’ll feel it.  There is no way my heart rate should be getting up into the 180’s and 190’s unless a bear’s chasing me.  A zombie bear.  An alien zombie bear.  

I’m perfectly ok if the answer is ‘you’re old’. But I want to make sure it’s not some new adventure that’s going to cause me to not return from a run.  

Therefor – If I hit the cement hard in the NYC marathon and don’t get up, tell my wife I’ve got 3-4 interviews on the hard drive that need to be edited and released. 

I will see you out there. 



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