The RunRunLive 4.0 Podcast Episode 4-319 – Brad Beer – Running Injury Free

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Hello my friends? Nice to see you again.  And by ‘see you again’ I mean in that weird unidirectional podcast way.  I feel the karma.  No worries.  

I’ve been busy.  Winter is coming.  It’s hot and sticky outside but I know better.  Winter is coming.  I’m working on my wood pile for the fireplace and making ready for the snow and ice filled 9 months that are coming to New England. 

I love cutting wood.  You get yourself a nice big stick of red oak.  You chew it up into bite-sized pieces with your chainsaw. Then you get to whack it repeatedly with large pointy metal bits and stack it all up to dry.  It’s just a great combination of effort, utility skill and art.  You should see me swing a maul.  It’s a thing of beauty. 

Big news this week is that I had my 90 day follow up with Dr. Silver on Thursday.  If you weren’t paying attention I managed to give myself the gift of exercise induced A-Fib and they went into my heart after the Boston Marathon to perform some crafty medical shenanigans with the hope of fixing that.  

Looks like they did.  I ran a 1:20 step up run on Wednesday and was able to not only control my heart in a hopeful asymptomatic way but also lay down some sweet paces that I haven’t seen for over a year.  

I posted a YouTube video of these cardio results on my YouTube channel at cyktrussell – where I walk you through the Garmin output.  If you’re into that sort of thing.  The young Doctor also said I don’t have to take anymore Xeralto blood thinner meds – which is a bonus considering how often I run into trees. 

This week I have a conversation with a friendly physical therapist from Australia.  Brad Beer.  Brad is an accomplished runner and triathlete.  Like many of us he struggled with the question of why almost every runner, including me, and probably you too, gets injured.  

Why? And then he decided to answer the next question, “If you could, how would you prevent injury in runners?”  Brad wrote a book that methodically strips down the source of running injuries, answers some of the hard questions and tells you how to prevent them.  

Will we listen?  Of course not! I should be doing my yoga right now instead of this! 

Seriously – it’s a great reference work and a gift to all of us if we could manage to follow the advice! 

In section one I’m going to give you a piece that talks about how all marathon plans have the same 3 elements in them and if you understand these you can understand the whole plan. 

In section two I’ll talk about awareness.  

I’ve had a busy, active and wonderful couple weeks.  I’ve been working very hard on myself and taking some big risks (for me) to gain some transformational momentum in my life.  

It’s tiring to step out of your comfort zone and force yourself through road blocks and try things that you have no certainty with.  But it’s also exhilarating.  Once you kick the chock-blocks out from under your wheels much of the mental inertia falls away.  

Take my hand friends.  Let’s leap. 

On with the show!

Section one - Running Tips

The 3 Universal Elements of any Marathon Training Plan

Voices of reason – the conversation

Brad Beer



I am a physiotherapist, Author of Amazon Running and Jogging Best-seller You CAN Run Pain Free, and founder of POGO Physio. I specialise in helping active people perform at their physical best. Over the last 8 years I have delivered in excess of 25,000 physiotherapy consultations, with thousands of these being for injured runners, and runners looking to prevent injury. I have helped my clients achieve some remarkable results, from the successful first time marathoner, mum running 5kms, through to helping athletes win world championships and Olympic medals. I am an avid runner and former junior elite triathlete. My marathon PB is 2:46 and my half marathon PB is 1:12.

Bullet points

B. Physiotherapy/ B. Exercise Science (APAM)

•Delivered over 25,000 physiotherapy consultations

•Aamazon Best Selling Author of  ‘You Can Run Pain Free: A Physio’s 5 Step Guide to Enjoying Injury Free and Faster Running’ (released March 2015)

•Media commentator (4CRB and Juice 107.3FM Radio, Gold Coast Bulletin, Run for Your Life Magazine)

•Triathlete: Silver Medallist 2012 ITU World Age Group Triathlon Championships &2012 Australian Triathlon Champion Olympic Distance (30-34yrs).

•Runner: many marathons and running events.

•Living at the intersection of maximising potential and physical performance.


To order

Book resources e.g. videos

Running blogs

Twitter @Brad_Beer

INSTA Brad_Beer


Section two – Life Lessons

Awareness - >


That’s it my friends.  You have made it to the end of August and the end of episode 4-319 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  

Good luck to all the crazy bastards running the Leadville 100 this weekend.  Earn those buckles.  My buddy Tom road the mountain bike version a couple weeks ago and got his buckle.  Kiss the Llamas for me. 

I’m heading off for some vacation and the Hood to Coast Relay next weekend. I managed to pull something in my left calf this week so I’m sitting out a couple days but I should be ok for next week.  Sounds like we’re running an ultra-team.  I’m probably the slowest runner on the crew.  Should be fun. 

Still time to give me some cash for my charity if you can – put me over the top. 

The weekend after that, Sept 6th, is the Wapack Trail race.  I hope to see some of you up there.  Then, I think, given that my heart seems to be kinda fixed that I may have to train for my 50th marathon and put a BQ beat down on it. 

I’ve been participating in the V-log every day in August with Zen Runner.  If you want to see my ugly, hairy mug you can search on #ZenVeda or just go to my youtube channel.  

Winter is coming and I’m starting my beard.  It’s coming in quite grey.  But hey, I’m happy to have any hair at all! 

Let me tell you a story.  I always wanted to be a writer.  Ever since I was a kid I knew I had a gift with words.  I was married, and working and owned a house by the age of 22 so there wasn’t much room to indulge in writing. 

I told myself that I’d start working on it as soon as I had a place to write.  I needed an office and a computer or I couldn’t do it.  I made up all these barriers to the act of writing.  I needed a place to write.  I needed a computer.  

I ended up building an office in the basement of the second house I owned.  But, besides a few fitful chapters that book never got written. 

You know what?  I’m still writing that novel in my head. 

You know why?

Because having a place to write and having a computer had nothing to do with it.  I was afraid to write.  This thing I had built up in my head as uniquely mine became such a big thing I couldn’t do it. To try would be to risk failure.  To fail would take that special dream away.  

I’m still writing that book in my head and it may make it to the light of day this year, or maybe next…

People disparage hope.  But I think sometimes hope is the only thing that keeps us alive.  When Pandora opened the box of all the bad things that came out to inflict pain on mortals the one thing that keeps us going came out too, hope.  

They uncovered a Greek city in Turkey recently where a man named Diogenes had written all of his thoughts on the philosophy of Epicurean thought.  He wrote them on an 80 meter long wall that stood in the city of Oenoanda in Lycia (modern day Turkey).  Now that’s putting yourself out there for everyone to see. 

What gift for the world do you have trapped in your head because you’re too afraid to bring it into being?  

Maybe it’s time to build your epicurean wall? 

And I’ll see you out there.

One of the things that frustrates me is when people have an attitude of scarcity.  Scarcity is a form of fear.  It’s a low-level fear that comes from the fear of not having enough or losing what you have.  It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  When you have an attitude of scarcity you invite scarcity into your life. 

You are born with everything you need.  Everything else is gravy. Life is not scarce.  Life is abundant.  

I see people acting out of scarcity and they tend to hide, and hold back, and hoard.  They don’t move out of their comfort zone because of that low level fear of what they might lose.  Scarcity eats you alive. 

The way out of scarcity is to move.  Even if you don’t know where you are going.  Even if you don’t know your purpose. Even if you don’t have any discrete goals. Just move.  Roll those dice and pick a direction and move.  

Once you start moving you’ll find abundance on your journey.  And I’ll see you out there. 

Closing comments

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The RunRunLive 4.0 Podcast Episode 4-318 – Barefoot Traveler Jake Brown


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Intro Bumper:


Hello my good friends.  I’m grateful for you.  Even though I don’t know you.  Sometimes I wonder who you are.  My voice, tired and somnambulant drips wearily into your semi-circular canal every fortnight, and yet we have never met.  It’s like that old saying, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there does it hear Chris’ voice?”  Am I making a noise?


My avatar and I have been pushing out the RunRunLive podcast for over 7 years.  Do you and I have the 7-year itch?  My computers tell me that some thousands of you download these episodes.  I don’t know if that means my slippery words are actually worming their way in, around and past your tympanum.


It could be some wrinkle, some fold, some chaotic echo in the interwebs – a ghost protocol in the machine and maybe I’m just talking to me.  You know what?  I’m ok with that.


I’m grateful for the opportunity, the breath and the energy to spew forth this endurance sports manifesto every couple weeks.  Boo rah! Hooray for us, you and I the ghosts of the roads and the tracks and the forest trails.  The echoes of the footfalls in the dim mornings.


We live!


You know I’ve never had advertisements on the show.  But, of course we have expenses.  I have 2 mistresses now and the price of ammo and yak food keeps going up so this week’s show is brought to you by “”.


You know how it is.  You can never find good quality sticks when you go to the store.  And when you do find them they are overpriced and low quality.  Well Bill and Bob Fluglewort recognized this problem and founded ‘’


Each month they’ll send you a personalized box of sticks right to your front door. How do they do it? Well let me tell you…The FLuglewort twins bought an advanced stick factory in Brazil and source their sticks direct – cutting out the middle-man.


And the best part?  It’s only $9.99!  Box of – use the coupon code DUMBASS for a 10% discount if you order yours now.


How much fun are we having?  If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right!


On today’s show we have an interesting chat with Jake Brown who is running around the US barefoot meeting people, having adventures and promoting the universal good.


In section one I’m going to revisit Fartlek runs because, let’s face it after 7 years of podcasts I’m out of running topics to talk about!


In section two I’ll share some thought on the role of travel in formulating your life.


My training has been interesting over the last two weeks.  When I last talked to you coach had thrown me into a high-mileage week and I did not respond well.  I was over-tired and all my runs were awful.  Classic over training symptoms. The hot and sticky weather didn’t help either.


But we rectified that by backing off for the last two weeks and I’ve bounced back.  This week has been good and my energy level is back up.


The warning signs are very obvious.  My runs were a struggle. My heart rate was elevated. My sleep patterns were off.  My old injuries started flaring up.


The Buddha said ‘when the universe wants your attention it throws a pebble, if you don’t listen it throws a rock, if you still don’t listen it throws a brick and if you still don’t listen it throws a wall’  Your body is very good at telling you when you’ve done too much.  You just have to listen.


I also was trying to work the Miracle Morning routine into my life at the same time.  This meant getting up early to practice a morning routine of meditation, affirmations, reading and writing – but when combined with the heavy workout schedule it just led to sleep deprivation – which made me stupid.


I couldn’t remember anything.  I was cranky and short tempered.  I had weird food craving and lack of will power.  I ended up eating some Cheetos at work that messed up my digestion for two days. (Shouldn’t Cheetos have the same dire warnings as the pills they peddle on TV?)


I’m back in balance now.  One thing I realized is that the powerful part of the Miracle Morning routine is not the getting up early part.  It is the daily practice part.  No matter what time you get started just make sure you give yourself the gift of the first hour before you check your email or log into facebook.


I asked a serious question in the Miracle Morning community on facebook.  I said, my wife likes to stay up late watching TV in bed and I can’t sleep with the TV on.  I need to get to sleep so I can get up.  What do I do?


Many people said TV’s should not be in the bedroom and I should throw it out the window. Others, hilariously said I should trade sex for TV.  But an excellent suggestion was to get earplugs.


The problem with earplugs is how do you hear the alarm?  The solution is to get a Fitbit with a vibration alarm. Yes, I ordered a Fitbit because I can’t sleep with the TV on.  I bought the Fitbit HR.  I’ll get my daily HR too which is good for someone like me who has the dodgy heart.


On with the show!


fartlekSection one - Running Tips


Fartlek revisited - >


Voices of reason – the conversation


Jake Brown -


I believe we can affect great change in small ways, do a little more with a lot less, and that everything we do is significant and so should be done consciously.​​ I also think it is important to realize that everything we're conditioned to think we "have to" do is actually a personal choice. My goal isn't for everyone to kick off their shoes and go live in the wilderness; rather, it is to help others appreciate what they have for what it is, and what it's really worth.


The Basics:

unrun​The Bare Sole Project is my private initiative to promote a Global Community and Conscious Lifestyle. My expeditions and sub-projects are funded by my awesome sponsors and generous donors. I raise money for charities and donate up to 51% of my personal income to 501(c)(3) organizations which were introduced and recommended to me by the people they've helped. In my travels I encounter artists, writers, craftsmen, activists, and such; many of whom have a platform here to share ideas, sell products, display and sell art, share ideas, and be heard; some I am helping to kick-start and others are partners who give me a commission - we're all here to help each other.

As a foundation for this work and to provide examples of the real connection between us and our neighbors thousands of miles away, and to show the benefits of living consciously, I have spent over two years living on the road, beginning in Fall '12, and (though this could change) estimate I have another two years to go. I travel the United States on foot and by hitchhiking; meeting, engaging, changing and being changed by thousands of people from all places and walks of life. I've spent most of the last two years in a tent, though since Fall '14, it seems the BSP network has increasingly fewer holes and I often am within reach of friends and fans (who are friends, waiting to be met).


So basically, the "Bare Sole Project" is my way of saying: This is your story too and I'm proud to be a part of it. I hope you like it, but more importantly I hope you will learn something from each other; even if you're only entertained, just remember that what you see here, read in my posts or in the news, is all a product of the countless individuals who have met and influenced me over the years and miles.




Section two – Life Lessons


The Traveling attitude - >




Great job my friends.  You are accomplished citizens of the RunRUnLive communal congregaqtion.  You have made it to the outer reaches of Episode 4-318 of the RunRunLive podcast.  How do you do it? I’m impressed, I really am.


I supposed to go up to Vt to do the Bike and beer weekend with my Buddy Dan.  Who we have interviewed here before – way back in the dawn of time.  He was in my wedding party and my freshman dorm in undergrad.  It’s amazing that our trajectories have synched over so many years. He’s the one who got me into Mountain bike ultras.


But, alas, my darling wife has other plans for this weekend that involve new toilets at our Cape house.  I’m ok with that.  Installing toilets is like a sprint triathlon, it sounds hard but it’s actually quite simple.


So it looks like my next race will be my Hood-to Coast Adventure at the end of the month.  I can still take donations if you’d like to help me fight cancer.  The links are on my website at RunRunLive and in the show notes.


After that we’re running the Wapack Trail Race.  Come up and join me.  18 miles of beautiful trails.  4 mountains twice. But they’re small mountains.  It’s very friendly.


To take you out I’ll share with you a short piece I penned one morning while deep in the trance of the Miracle Morning.


“Mastering others is strength.  Mastering yourself is true power.” – Lao Tzu


I have said it often and I will say it again.  You cannot hope to influence others unless you know yourself.  This is what holds us back through most of our lives.  Our ability, not to ignore our inner demons, but to invite them in and make peace with them.


Nagging wives, busy politicians and invasive bosses all lack the ability to lead people.  They have not learned to lead themselves and instead manifest their weakness in their attacks on others.  If you are centered you can surf above the tumults of this tacky world and see it from a position of strength.


They world won’t teach you this.  You have to seek self-knowledge on your own.  The world doesn’t want you to live at peace with yourself because there is no profit in that.  The best way to control people is to let them be filled with fear and unsettled.  Then they will mindlessly take any answer and buy any product and give away any liberty for a chance at inner peace.


You don’t have to.  Inner peace is inside you.  Your true power is waiting for you to walk naked through the doors of perception.


Look inward.  Make peace with yourself.  Understand what your strengths and weaknesses are.  Understand what makes your happy and what troubles you.


Start to think.  Start to absorb.  Start to review and communicate what makes you powerful.  Start to believe.  Build that strength every day by stacking one rock on top of another until you have a castle of self-power.


That is the power of daily practice.  Practice in the discovery of self and then the affirmation of that self and THEN the projection of that self out into the world, out into the universe.


This is not a project that has a completion point.  This is a lifetime of effort and practice. This is the process of wearing away the messy dirt of the world and scrubbing clean the windows to your soul.


Begin today.



And I’ll see you out there.





Closing comments


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