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MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -

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Hello my folks.  Wow! What a whirlwind of a week I had.  And what a whirlwind of a month I have coming up.  Here we are Episode 4-320 of the RunRunLive Podcast and we’ve got some ground to cover.  

I’ve got a chat with Laura McDonnell today who is deep into training for a marathon with the MarathonBQ program.  I actually have two interviews with Laura.  After we were done with the first one I found that it had an awful digital click in it that would make you crazy, so I interviewed her again.  

But, I was disappointed because I really liked the first take, so I sent it out as a gig request to to see if someone better at audio mixing than I could save the interview.  It turns out they did.  I love crowdsourcing.  For $5 I got my file fixed. 

The bad news is that in order to get the click out they really had to step on the audio so the resultant quality is not so great.  You’ll find it a bit clipped and roboty sounding in places – but the content is great – so I decided to go with it.  I’ll post the second interview up as an added bonus at some point if you want to hear a different take on the same topic. 

I also have for you my Hood To Coast race report which is going to be super long – so I’ll slot that into the second section.  You may want to listen to this one in chunks or on a long run.  Then I have a shorter manifesto piece on why we need to do these epic events. 

I was on a plane this week.  I got upgraded to first class.  It was supposed to be a meal flight for first class but the caterers missed the plane – so no meals. 

The guy next to me was grumbling about how he paid for a meal and he should get one.  He wouldn’t let it go.  I could tell there was something up with the stewardess. She was an older woman and seemed to be bothered by something.  

I told the guy to think about the stewardess because we don’t know what’s going on in her life and his crappy airline meal is probably not that important in the grand scheme of things and definitely not her fault. 

The next time she came by I asked if she was ok and she said she was fine in that way that all women say they are fine to men when they are definitely not fine.  I let it drop. 

Later the young stewardess from coach was there and she was one of those happy go lucky confident types telling us all about how she met her fiancée on Tinder.  

The older stewardess leans in and says “She keeps trying to get me on Tinder, but it’s only been 3 months since I lost him…” 

That’s when the guy next to me learned a valuable lesson in empathy.  

You don’t know what’s going on with people.  You don’t know why that person cuts you off.  You don’t know why they explode over something trivial.  You don’t have any right to know.  

But you can’t assume it has anything to do with you.  

On with the show!

Section one - Running Tips


Voices of reason – the conversation

Laura McDonnell


Section two – Race Report


MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -

Sorry for that long race report, but, now you have run into the driving rain and wind of my audio prose to the end of episode 4-320 of the RunRunLive Podcast. 

I’m not running at all this week because, needless to say my leg was a bit upset at me from running 28 miles on it.  I won’t be able to run the Wapack Trail race this weekend, but I’ll be up there volunteering.  I’ve got a crazy schedule of travel for the next 5 weeks straight so I may just step back from training and do a maintenance routine for September. 

We’ll see.  I’m not going anywhere.  

If you want to help me you can recommend the podcast to a friend, or you can leave a positive review for my MarathonBQ book on Amazon.  

I was sitting in the hotel this week reading Archeology news on my computer.  I was chatting with the kid that was working there. When I told him what I was doing he said he couldn’t read books.  He said he got a couple minutes into reading and just lost focus.  

I told him, of course you can read books.  I asked him what he was good at; what he really enjoyed. And he said basketball.  I asked him how he got so good at basketball.  He said by practicing and playing a lot.  I told him it was the same thing with anything you want to get good at – including reading.  

I told him a story of flying home from Portland to Boston the day before with my wife.  She was sitting beside me and I was reading a book.  I was underlining bits that caught my interest and making notes.  She said “That seems like a good book, I should read that.” 

What I said to her is that this book isn’t of much consequence in the grand scheme of things.  It’s the other 50 or so books a year I’ve read over the last 40 or so years plus this one that make the difference. 

And that’s how life is.  It’s about daily practice and the long view.  It’s about placing the stones on tiop of each other every day so that someday you will have a palace. 

Start building your palace.  It’s never too late to start. 

And I’ll see you out there.

Closing comments

MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -



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