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MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -

Hello my friends and welcome to episode 4-357 of the RunRunLive podcast. I wrote this sitting in the airport in San Jose waiting on a red-eye flight back east. I don’t mind sleeping on planes. I’m a good sleeper. It wasn’t a direct flight and there actually wasn’t much sleep. I’m a bit burnt out from a couple weeks of travel and some emotionally draining interactions.

I got a run in. A morning run. I just headed out from the hotel and followed the trolley tracks and sidewalks up north 1st street. It was cold and rainy. Something very rare in California. They welcomed the rain but it messed people up. It caused extreme traffic problems.

It was a bit surreal running past PayPal’s head quarters in the pre-dawn drizzle. I just did an out and back. It’s cold for them - in the 40’s and everyone is bundled up in down jackets and scarves. It was more like an April day for me and I was in shorts and a t-shirt.

Today we are going to talk to Joe Hill a friend of the show who talks us through his hip resurfacing journey that ended, believe it or not, spoiler alert, very well. This is a continuation of the ‘overcoming serious injuries’ series.

And I have no agenda here. I’m perfectly fine, training away, no aches and pains more than usual. I am unusually busy so I’ll apologize for being distracted!

I have been collecting questions for a Q&A show and I’m going to get Teresa to interview me - that should be fun - so if you have questions for me about anything send ‘em on over.

In the first section I’ve got a piece about how long should the long run be in your training plan. In the second section I’m going to share with you a verbal doodle I penned while sitting in a Starbucks in San Jose. Hey, take it for what it is. My form of poetry. Sorry. As the saying goes „Sometimes you’re the bird and sometimes you’re the windshield.“

Two self serving points. I am collecting for Team Hoyt for the Boston Marathon and would appreciate your support. A little bit from a lot of people makes a difference. Be kind. Help those who need it.

The crowdrise Link in the show notes.

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I watched a good movie last week. It’s one of the new releases on Amazon Prime and it’s called Gleason. It’s about Steve Gleason, an American football player, famous for bocking a punt in the post-Katrina New Orleans Superbowl.

He finds out he has ALS, Lou Gerrig’s disease, and documents the whole process. This is the same disease Stephen Hawkings has. Most patients don’t last more than 3 - 5 years. Hawkings has somehow managed to live to 73 with it.

It’s a terrible disease because it doesn’t really effect your mind but it wastes your body. It is a heart wrenching movie. In my house they girls usually fight over what to watch, but this had a football in it so my wife would watch it and had some neuro science in it so my daughter would too.


In the end it’s about struggle and courage. And that’s life in a microcosm, right? We all have struggles and we all need courage.

On with the Show!

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Section one –

How long? -

Voices of reason – the conversation

Joe Hill’s Hip Re-surfacing journey

or info on the procedure:


You can include my email address on the show notes, if you want:


I enjoyed chatting with you today! Thanks for your time!



Section two

Caffeine and Laptops -


Yes my friends you have slept sitting up between two strangers all the way across the country and to the end of Episode 4-357 of the RunRunLive Podcast.

How about Joe,huh? New hip and he runs a PR and gets a BQ! The learning here is that you don’t have to train, just get new parts! I wonder how many years before sports are going to have to make a call on how much artificial augmentation you get to have in your body before you get disqualified or at least have a different standard for ‘augmented’ humans?

It’s a science fiction world out there.

I don’t think I’m going to race until Boston this year. I’m a bit tired of these races and they are all getting pricey as well. We’ll see. I might get the urge to run Eastern States or Stu’s but I’m going to skip Derry this weekend and just do my own long run.

I don’t have any big plans for the summer yet. I just finished reading Thoreau’s “The Maine Woods” and I’m thinking about taking Teresa up to climb Kataddn. It still sounds pretty wild up there on the other side of Bangor and I do love the woods.

I’ll write a review of ‘The Maine Woods’ this week. It was much more readable, narrative-wise, than Cape Cod or Walden. I might circle back to Walden, but I’ll work in some business reading first.

With travel the last couple weeks I have fallen off the good-eating habits train, but I’ll get back on and do what I can. Life is life and you have to adjust to circumstance. With Boston only 90 days away my training will start getting more intense and more race specific. Longer runs and more tempo work, less easy base building.

Buddy is doing great. I took him for a run in the woods this week and he loved it. 20 minutes in the cold and slush. He’s now the last of his cadre in the neighborhood. The last of his class, the black lab next door who taught him how to swim moved on to the great dog park in the sky after the holidays. Buddy is still up and reasonably mobile for a goofy old man.


I was going to end this show by sharing some thoughts on the Hollywood blacklist. I’m listening to a history of it right now, and it’s top of mind. But it wasn’t the most positive thing so I’ll push it out to the member’s feed and avoid the hate mail.

Instead let’s think about Joe’s journey, and Steve Gleason and all the others like them. We all have low points and challenges in our lives. When you’re inside them you can’t even imagine things getting better. You get overwhelmed by hopelessness and despair.

Invariably when I look back at the really challenging times in my life, whether they be in my career or my training they were a gift. They caused me to stand up and take charge of my story. They caused me to take leaps of faith and make things happen. The lower the low point, the bigger the challenge, the more you learn from it and the bigger the bounce. You come the other side forged in the heat of the furnace. You become a much stronger and resillient person.

But only if you are willing to try, to adapt, to learn - to get over yourself and move. Challenges become meaningful when you give them meaning. Low points become valuable when you wring the value from them.

And as for you - Keep your heads up and your eyes open. Watch out for the sharp rocks and hanging branches of life... and I’ll see you out there.

MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -



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