Hello my friends,

This is Chris.  I know, you’re used to hearing my voice and may be taken aback to see it coming out of my actual face, but I wanted to talk to you.  On April 17th of this year I’ll be running my 19th Boston Marathon. 

My training’s going well – I should be able to give it a respectable effort. 

And, of course, I’m running for Team Hoyt this year. 

If you don’t know the story of the Hoyts, on a fateful day in 1979 rick Hoyt, who is about my age now and told his dad, Dick, that he wanted to run a local 5 miler.  That started an amazing story of Dick pushing Rick in his wheelchair through thousands of races.  Marathons, ironmans and in the process they broke barriers for the disabled in all walks of life.  They became heroes to a generation of athletes.

So I’m asking for your help. 

This isn’t to support me, or even the Hoyts, or even the 100’s of disabled athletes they encourage. 

This is you and me supporting dreaming the impossible

This is you and me supporting the courage to make a difference

This is you and me creating a world that You and I want to live in. 


There should be a link to my crowdrise page here somewhere.

I’d appreciate donations of any size. 

Thank you

And I’ll see you out there.

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The RunRunLive 4.0 Podcast Episode 4-360 – Dan Weston Runs to Work

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MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -

Well hello my friends and welcome to Episode 4-360 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  This is Chris your host.  That’s 360 podcasts out there over the past 8-9 years.  Kind of amazing.  It’s been awhile since I re-jiggered the format maybe it’s about time for some fashionable new skins or something. 

I’d like to do more but there just isn’t much money in yak farming.  There is plenty of money in being a hit man but I have to keep that in secret, offshore bank accounts. 

Today we have a longish interview with Dan Weston who is one of our friends from the UK.  We talk through his running adventures. 

In section one I’ve got a piece on some of the finer nuances of hill repeats.  In section two I’ve got a thoughtful piece on ‘hope’ that has been kicking around in my brain for about a decade so I’m glad it made itself known.  I published this piece on LinkedIn this week. 

By the way a kudos to those of you who hunted me down on LinkedIn after I posted that piece about setting up your profile a couple episodes back. 

I published another piece on ‘Grit’.  I’m reading that book by Angela Duckworth and I would recommend it.  Very good book.  Pulls together many of the concepts we’ve talked about here and, frankly, a very appropriate read for endurance sports aficionados.

How’s my training been?  Am I still battling injuries?  I know I left you hanging with some knee pain and some foot pain and a couple week’s off?  Well the day after we last talked I went out and hit a hilly 18-miler with my buddies and felt great.  Coach has been beating the crap out of me but I’m hanging strong. 

He gave me a 13 mile step up run with 50 minutes of it in zone 4-5 that I struggled with.  He gave me these hill repeats that I’m going to share with you.  Then last Sunday I knocked off a hilly 19-miler on my own in 2:45.  Yesterday he damn near killed me with a set of 7 7-minute intervals.  But, I’m getting it done and nothing hurts.  6 weeks out from Boston so this is the hard part.  The dark place. 

For the remainder of this week he’s got me doing another set of hill repeats and then a tempo 14-miler with the middle 10 miles at faster than race pace.  So, yeah, the good stuff!

I’ve been trying out different guided meditations on Youtube as part of my morning routine.  Like I said you can search on “Meditation for _____” fill in the blank and you’ll find several.  Meditation for sleep, for studying, for energy, for anxiety, for dead possums…anything. 

Most of these are just breathing meditation. Some have various relaxation and visualization techniques.  But some are actually very close to hypnosis, so you have to be careful.  They will do that thing where they talk you into a meditative state and then do the old “you are going down an elevator…deeper and deeper…when I count to three…” that sort of thing.  Just be careful, because in this state you are susceptible to suggestions. 

Like I said it’s hard for me to meditation because Buddy the Wonder dog hates meditation and will invariably start his barking and whining when I’m deep in a meditative state.  He hates meditation. 

Funny, I noticed I’ve been buying a lot of extra dog treats recently…and going for a lot of walks…


On with the show!

I’ll remind you that the RunRunLive podcast is ad free and listener supported.  We have a membership option where you can become a member and as a special thank you, you will get access to member’s only audio.

I’ll also remind you that I have started raising money for team Hoyt for my 2017 Boston Marathon.  I would appreciate any help you can give.   The fundraiser is on Crowdrise (so I don’t have to touch any of the money) it goes straight to the Hoyts and supports acquiring equipment and supporting others who want to participate like the Hoyts do.

The RunRunLive podcast is Ad Free and listener supported.  We do this by offering a membership option where members get Access to Exclusive Members Only audio and articles.

Yes, we are still working on setting up the separate podcast feed for the member’s content.  Most recently I recorded and uploaded the first chapter of the zombie novel I’ve been writing for 30 years. 

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Section one –

Hill Repeats Nuance -

Voices of reason – the conversation

Dan Weston

Short bio :

I started running at the age of 26 and quickly progressed to running for North Wales.  I did well in 10ks, so moved up to half-marathons, then full marathons and Ultras often achieving a podium finish.  In the last year and a half I’ve been focusing on Ultra Marathons.  Representing my Country (Wales) in the last few.  

My goals for the next year are to achieve a sub 2h30m marathon, win a few more UK Ultra Marathons. 

Section two



Yes, my friends, not only have you run to work but you have taken a shower and found yourself at the end of episode 4-360 of the RunRunLive podcast. 

I will continue to train away for Boston.  I’m keeping my promise of not running any of the spring races and just focusing on the big race.  That will be my 19th Boston Marathon.  My club gets a hotel room at the finish with a massage / physical therapist. If you need a place to take a shower let me know and we can have a beer!  That is if you’re willing to wait until I drag my tired old bones across the finish line. 

I am collecting for Team Hoyt and I’m a bit light so I could use the help – the link is in the show notes.

My cross-training project for the summer is probably going to be to try to climb the 10 tallest mountains in New England.  Not sure I can do them all in one season but Teresa says she’s in. 

The days are noticeably warmer and longer.  I’ve been getting out in shorts the last couple weeks.  Spring is in the air.  I really like spring.  It’s a hopeful season. A season of rebirth.  A season of new beginning and promise. 

It makes me think about how lucky I am.  How many podcasts I’ve been able to produce on this journey.  How many adventures we’ve had together.  How many great new friends I’ve made. 

I’m a lucky person.  I really am.  I am grateful.  Thank you for hanging around with me. 

Think about what you’re grateful for.  I bet it will make you smile when you’re doing hill repeats!

And I’ll see you out there.

MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -


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