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MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -

Hello my friends, and welcome to episode 4-370, of the RunRunLive Podcast. 

How are your summers going?  Manage to take some time off from work?  Spent some time walking on the beach with your family?  Good!  You have to know when to refresh yourself, right?  ‘sharpening the saw’ is what Steven Covey called it as one of his 7 Habits. 

It’s also Ironman and Ultra season.  Congrats to all my friends who did IronMan Lake Placid last weekend.  Looks like they got good weather for it. 

I see many of you are struggling with the summer heat.  I feel sorry for you, but we still haven’t gotten the bad summer heat yet.  We had a couple days with the humidity last week, but this week it’s been cool and beautiful, like spring weather. 

I’ve been grinding away on my training.  I am fairly certain for an October marathon.  I put in a couple 40+ mile weeks since we last talked.  That’s on 4-5 days of running.  Coach had me do two hilly 1:30 runs both weeks on Tuesday and Wednesday.  A hill workout on Friday and a 2:15 long run on the weekend.

I’ve been mixing them up between roads and trials just to stay strong.  Legs feel fine.  Some small aches and pains but nothing indicative of a problem.  My engine continues to be strong.  My heart rate is really strong in these runs.  The only thing I’m lacking is the big volume and the speed. 

Interestingly I’m training without any fuel.  Just water.  2 hours is about what I consider my fuel threshold.  I’m strong right through these mid-distance runs with no fuel. That bodes well for my training capacity. 

I got a great benefit from my 5 at 5 project in June.  I’m rolling out of bed early and getting these workouts in because the cadence just feels right.  I’d usually wait ‘til the afternoon or evening, but this is great to get them done and out of the way. 

Today I’ve got the interview with Tim ‘JP’ Collins about anxiety.  I try to bring on guests that are interesting to you folks.  I had listened to Tim get interviewed a few times and really like his message.  I wanted to bring him on and delve, specifically into the dynamics of stress and anxiety around amateur

In section one I’m going to talk about a revolution in data that is about to happen for training. I’m a technology geek and I think we’re on the verge of a whole new era in training data.

In section two I’m going to talk about the concept of life-long learning. 

Here’s an anxiety tip.  When you are out on your vacation, walking on the beach, I want you to select a small, smooth stone.  Something interesting.  About the size of a large coin.  Something you can put in your pocket. 

This is going to be your comfort stone.  It’s a totem.  When you are reflecting on a time that you were at peace with the universe take out your comfort stone and play with it.  Roll it around in your hand.  Rub it.  Feel it.  Associate that peace of mind with your stone.   

Now you can carry it with you into stressful situations in your pocket as a reminder of peaceful states.  You can have it with you on your desk for stressful phone calls.  It’s a nice, physical reminder that there is peace in this world and it is in your control.

I had a good run with my red raspberry bushes.  They kept me in smoothies and enlightened my oatmeal for a couple weeks.  But, they seem to have petered out now. 

But, the black raspberry bushes, the ones that I did not plant.  The ones that I have been cutting back and fighting with for years, they are full of ripe berries.

Let’s review.  The bushes I planted, cultivated, watered, tended and fertilized had some berries.  But, the weeds that I fought with my machete, that found their way on to uncultivated land, that compete with the other bushes and wildlife – those bushes are resplendent with bounty!  

What’s the lesson?  Sometimes you have to give in to what fits in that environment and stop trying to control everything.  Enjoy the berries.

On with the show!


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Section one – Chapter 9 from the Audible recording of MarathonBQ on what to bring to the track  -

Voices of reason – the conversation

Tim JP Collins

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Tim on Linkedin

The Anxiety Podcast

Tim JP Collins Bio:

Tim JP Collins helps people overcome Anxiety to consider what is possible in their lives.  Tim's approach isn't just about coping, it's about moving past Anxiety and fear to live the life you were destined for.

Tim worked in the corporate world as a Vice President of Sales for 15 years, so is well versed in the business space. 

After following the traditional path of trying to fix his anxiety and failing, he started experimenting on himself, this created the drive for him to want to spread the message and his findings with the world.

Tim is the creator & host of "The Anxiety Podcast"​ and is quickly becoming one of the leading experts when it comes to anxiety.

Each week Tim interviews people that have stories that you will be able to relate to. The interviews are raw, real and vulnerable and people share what's really going on for them. 

With close to a million downloads the podcast is quickly building a community of people looking for support, that are changing their lives.

Tim has also written “The Anxiety Journal” a book designed to get people to reflect and redesign their lives one day at a time

Tim believes that the more out of alignment we are in our lives, the more Anxiety & Stress will show up.  So he really looks at the bigger picture when working with people.

Tim is also a sought after speaker on the topic of anxiety & stress and injects humor and authentic stories from his own life into his speaking.

When Tim isn’t speaking on the podcast or on stage he works with companies running “Workplace Wellness Retreats” helping to reduce stress and build happier people and thus more productive workplaces.

Tim has adopted a minimalist lifestyle and frequently travels with his young family. 

Tim JP Collins
Host of The Anxiety Podcast

~ Less Anxiety. More Life!




Tel: 2508000722


Instagram: timjpcollins


Section two – Self-Learning for Life  -



OK my friends, have scampered, scurried and anxiously run to the end of episode 4-370 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  You can relax now – you’re safe.

Like I said I’m training for an October race.  Probably the Maine Marathon.  I’m going to interview the Race Director today and see if I can weasel a comp entry out of him!  I love old marathons. 

I’ll probably run the Wapack Trail Race.  I might do it as a two-person relay with Teresa.  She and I are still planning to climb some mountains but she’s super busy with school so we’ve scaled back those expectations.

I caught a big bunny in my varmint trap.  I didn’t eat it.   Let it go.  I was hoping to get the woodchuck.  This week the woodchuck forced the gate to my garden and set up shop.  Somewhere between Sunday and Wednesday that critter dug a den under a bed and ate everything. 

I threw a bomb down his hole.   Haven’t seen him since.  Hope that doesn’t make the tomatoes taste funny.  😊

Our friend Buddy, the Old Wonder Dog, is doing fine.  He’s quite content.  WE get him out every now and then for a 20 minute trot in the woods. 

He’s almost totally deaf now, like I said.  You have to tap him on the shoulder to get his attention and it startles him.  It’s like I’m appearing out of nowhere.  I’m magically materializing.  He gets very concerned now when he’s out in the front lawn.  He can’t hear us in the house and he thinks we’ve abandoned him.  He has to come in and check on us. 

When I take him out in the woods I have to keep an eye on him because he loses track of where I am.  I have to turn around and run back down the trial to him.   Like I said.  He’s happy.  He’s content.  He’s sanguine.  Who could ask for more.


One of the books I’m reading is The active side of infinity by Carlos Castaneda .  He had his 15 minutes in the 60’s for a sort of eastern / hallucigenic / native-American philosophy.  I have an old hard copy but you can download it for free and there’s even an audio version for free on YouTube. 

The one interesting nugget of thought I pulled out of the introduction was this: There is no birth or death or life per se.  There are only different points of intensity on an infinite existence.  There is not beginning or end.  Birth is not a beginning but a manifestation of intensity.  Death is not an end but a manifestation of a different intensity.  They are points on an infinite spectrum. 

Therefor life is only the active side of infinity.

Stay away from the peyote, and I’ll see you out there.

MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -


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