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MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -

Hello and welcome to this autumn edition of the RunRunlive podcast.  Did you know that when I originally launched the podcast I sent the information to Nigel in the UK who, at the time, managed the running podcast list.  He mistakenly called it the RunRunLiver podcast.  Which is an entirely different thing.  Ironically I did run the Boston Marathon for the Liver Foundation one year.

But, no this is the RunRunLive podcast where we talk about transformational power of endurance sports.  

Today I’ve got an interview for you with the Bob, the race director for the Maine Marathon in Portland Maine.  I decided to run it on Oct 1st.  I thought I needed a Maine marathon but I remembered that I ran that Bay of Fundy marathon back in 2013 when I was doing that marathon a month project after the bombings at Boston.  I think that one counts as a Maine marathon.  It started and ended in Maine. 

Anyhow, I got Bob on to talk about the race and the history of it.  Maine has an unexpectedly vibrant running community.

In section one we’ll talk about how to deal with a bad workout.  In section two I’m going to talk about the Grateful Dead!

I’ve been training.  I had a rough build week last week.  I had a 1:30 step up run and really struggled to get my Heart rate up into zone 4 at the end.  My legs wouldn’t do it.  It’s been humid here and I don’t do well in the heat and humidity. 

Last Sunday I was down on the Cape with my kids and ran a 17 miler out on the rail trail.  I got out early, I positioned a bottle of water out on the course at around 4.5 miles out.  I was doing an out and back so I would be able to refill my bottle at 4.5 and around 13.  But it was so humid I ran myself into serious dehydration in that middle 8 miles. 

By the time I got back to my bottle I had the chills and was feeling classic dehydration symptoms.  I got some water in me but the last 4.5 miles were rough.  My legs were sore for a couple days.  Good thing I have a down week this week.  Combination of running on spent legs and running myself out of water. 

Made my way to the hammock and did some napping and reading after that. 

It’s cooling off now.  We’re sliding into autumn and then fall.  Buddy, the old wonder dog, was miserable in the heat and humidity, but now that it’s cooling and drying off he has come back to life.  I ‘ve been referring to it as ‘the quickening’. 

I’ll tell you a funny story from last week.  Friday morning I was open with my first call at noon.  I got up early did some work and decided to knock off my workout mid-morning so I could drive down to the Cape in the afternoon.  I had a hill workout that would take me around an hour and I planned to get back around 11:00 so I could clean up and be on the call at noon.

I got out and hit my hill workout.  It wasn’t too hot, but hot enough to work up the sweat engine.  I got back to the house, stripped off my wet clothes and was about to jump into the shower.  My phone starts ringing in my office. 

I run to check the number and it’s the company I’m supposed to have a call with at noon.  So I pick it up.  My contact says, “We’re all on the phone waiting for you.”

I say, “I thought the call was at noon?”

He says, “We rescheduled it.”

I say, “Ummm…OK, I’ll dial in.”

So there I am 5 minutes late for an important call, buck naked, sweating like a fountain.  So, I picked up the phone and dialed into the call.  Good thing it wasn’t a video call. 

Go ahead.  Hold that picture in your head for the next time you talk to me on the phone!

On with the show.

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Section one – Getting past a bad workout -

Voices of reason – the conversation

Bob Dunfey – RD Maine Marathon

Updates from Maine Marathon 
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Section two – In Praise of the Grateful Dead  -


Ok my friends you have run along the rocky sea shore to the end of episode 4-372 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  Nice work. 

Here we are slipping into fall.  You all will be tapering into your big fall races now, right?  Good luck.  Stay healthy. 

We had a full on solar eclipse this week in the US and parts of the UK.  It was nice to see people focusing on the wonders of science for a couple hours. 

I’m going to run the Wapack Trail Race on September 3rd if anyone is interested in coming up for it. The full race is a super technical 18 mile mountain race.  You could run it as a 2-person relay if you want. It’s a hard course but very pretty, very New England and very special.  I’ll have to download 2 Grateful Dead concerts for it because if I’m lucky I’ll break 4 hours.

Then The next thing for me is the Maine Marathon.  I don’t feel like I’m in the best marathon shape but we’ll see what happens over the next 4-5 weeks.  You never know. 

I’ve been working on eating clean and losing some weight this week.  Somehow, I crept back up over 180 since June.  I’d like to work my way down closer to 170 for race weight.  I have a predisposition towards chubbiness and my body is very efficient so even with my running volume it doesn’t’ take much for some extra weight to creep on around the middle.

Similarly, I can take it off quickly by adjusting my calories a bit and eating clean. If I didn’t work out so much it would be a horror show.  I’d have to learn how to live on 1500 calories a day. 

I stumbled across a conversation this morning.  Someone was asking how to find balance.  A respondent suggested that they use a model called the ‘seven elements of wellness’.  I traced this model back to the University of California Riverside

It’s basically a set of advice for students on how to not get overwhelmed.  Similar to other models that segment your life into the different aspects or gardens.  The trick is how to give each garden enough water to thrive while not over attending any one aspect. 

That’s the trick to a balanced approach to life, tactically, daily, is to devote a certain amount of your energy to each of these segments.  The balance will flow and flux over time but you need to pull up to a high enough level and consciously allocate time to each important segment each day. 

Otherwise you get sucked into one aspect, like work or religion and you lose your humanity in the process.

And that’s no good.

I’ll see you out there.

MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -


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