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MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -

Hello and welcome to the RunRunLive Podcast episode 4-388.  This is Chris, your host for today.  Yak farmer.  Zombie hunter.  And amateur consumer of history. 

388 is an odd number.  In the year 388 by the Gregorian Calendar and the Julian Calendar Theodosius I consolidated power in the Western Roman Empire by beating up Magnus Maximus. Magnus Maximus is a kick-ass name.  Magnus Maximus was from Britania and usurped power in one of the messy transitions that went on as the Empire was starting to fall apart. 

It had a larger impact a century or so later because when he left Britain to go fight Theodosius, Magnus Maximus took all the available soldiers with him, which left Britain pretty much unprotected. 

You see, when the Romans assimilated a region, like Britain, they said, “Hey you don’t need forts or weapons because we’re here to protect you now.”  Standard operating procedure to keep the rebellions down. 

When the Romans pulled out those pesky Scots and Irish started raiding and the Romanized Brits had nothing to protect themselves with.  Someone came up with the bright Idea of hiring in some Anglo-Saxons from the continent as mercenaries – and we know how that ended up working out.  That’s why when you refer to England you’re calling them Anglo-Saxons now. 

Anyhow – 388. 

Today we talk with Mike who runs (see what I did there) Mike’s Running School.  We talk about mechanics and form and how to teach running. 

I’m also going to talk about my Ultra-training.  I’m learning a lot!  It’s interesting.  And I’ll do a bunch of product reviews around all the new stuff I’ve gotten in the last couple months.

It’s the summer solstice and the days are long up here.  Not too hot yet but long.  I got my garden in.  I’m been having a pitched battle of my own with the various critters and varmints.  It will all be worth it if I can have that one perfect, warm tomato on a bed of fresh basil. 

It’s also baseball season.  I’ve got a baseball problem that I need help with. 

My wife was cleaning this week and tried to throw out that old baseball bat I have.  Now, I found this bat when I was cleaning out an old house that my dad bought 30-40 year’s ago.  It was just kicking around all these years and somehow I still have it. 

So I looked it up on the internet.  Turns out it is a Spaulding Boys Wagon Tongue bat from somewhere around the 1880’s.  Yeah.  I have a 140 year old bat.  I don’t want it.  But, I would like it to go to a good home. 

Anyone want or need a 140 year old baseball bat? 

On with the show!

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Section one – Ultra Training Update -

Voices of reason – the conversation

Mike Antoniades

Mike is the founder and Performance & Rehabilitation Director of the Movement & Running School. Mike’s passion for Rehabilitation, Running and Speed began a long time ago when as teenager he had a serious knee injury.

He specialised in movement re-patterning and rehabilitation after injury or surgery and focused on Speed & Running training for athletes of different sports.

He set-up the first Rehabilitation & Speed centre in the UK 1999 and his Clients include among others : athletes and teams from, The English Premiership, English Championship, German Bundesliga  Rugby Union, Rugby league, Handball, Lacrosse, European Olympic Associations as well as Elite Track & Field athletes including World & Olympic Gold Medallists.

Mike has been a coach for over 35 years and began coaching in 1982. He has worked in the UK, Europe and the USA. He has coached at professional and academy level and is a consultant for a number of professional Soccer clubs as well as track and field and Marathon athletes in the UK and Europe.


Section two – Stuff Review 2018 –

Jaybird Run Headphones, Jaybird X3 headphones, TailWind Nutrition Rebuld Recovery, Hammer Nutrition Starter Kit, Squirrel’s nut butter, Three Sisters Herbal Bug Away and Hoka Challenger 3 Trail Shoes


OK my friends, nice work, you have run crisply with perfect form to the end of episode 4-388 of the RunRunLive Podcast. 

It’s been the end of an easy week for me.  We’ll see what coach has in store for me next week. 

Buddy the ancient wonder dog is doing well.  It’s been cooler and dry.  What really bothers him is the humidity.  When you are mostly covers in a black fur coat it’s hard to cool your core.  I know this from experience. 

Coincidently, I was reading this week that back hair is one of the DNA snippets that we inherited from the Neanderthals. 

I’m short on time today so I’m going to move you quickly to the exit. 

One quick story.  Last year they replaced the ignition on my old motorcycle.  When they did that they saved the old key.  Now I have one key to start it and another to open the gas tank and get into the seat compartment. 

This week when I got home form the office I noticed that I had lost the gas tank key.  Which is a problem.  I had about 110 miles on that tank of gas.  I typically hit the reserve tank around 140-150 miles. 

I called the Honda guys and asked for help.  They forwarded me to Jim’s Key and Lock out in Leominster.  By the way Minster is an Anglo-Saxon word that means church. 

Turns out these tank locks are super easy to pick.  Like child’s play.  The guy popped it right open, read the key code off the lock and made me a couple more keys before I ran out of gas. 

Wasted a day but learned something new. 

I guess the thing I learn as I get older is not to freak out.  I mean when I first saw the key was missing I could have dropped into full-on panic mode and gotten all ‘the sky is falling’ and ‘Woe is me’ but that doesn’t get you any closer to a solution. 

Life’s full of these little irritating events.  This one threatened at first blush to turn my old motorcycle into a paper weight, but it all worked out. 

Don’t worry.  It will all work out. 

I’ll see you out there!


MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -


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