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Hello and welcome to episode 4-429 of the RunRunLive Podcast.   

How’s everyone doing?  I’m really busy.  I’m just about 4-months into my new job and I’m at that point where I’m expected to be production but still don’t really know anything.  There will be some friction for me as I get up to speed.  But, hey, I’m lucky to have a job, right? 

Today we have a fun show for you.  Rachel, my long-term nutrition coach, and I talk about poop.  She wanted to talk about poop.  Who am I to argue?  My inner 9-year-old enjoyed it immensely.  I wasn’t sure how it would come out, so to speak, but my editor in Moscow, Dimitri, said he enjoyed it.  Apparently he survived his holiday, which is a good thing.

I finished my reading of the Princess Bride into audio / video last night.  You’ll find a post with all the recordings on my website if you’re interested or your kids are.  It’s an interesting thing.  I had never read the book before.  I now appreciate the movie even more.

Most of the time when you hear that they have one of your favorite books into a movie you know that they are going to screw it up.  Most of the time they do.  But, in this case, I think the movie was actually better than the book. 

The movie grabbed all of the good parts of the book, lifting dialog verbatim.  It really does the story justice while treading lightly around the story within a story about a story metaphor that the author seems to delight so much in the book.   There are whole extra chapters in the book that add no value, and I skipped. 

The movie does a great job with casting form the vacuous princess to Andre the Giant as Fezzik.  Great choices.  The movie walks that line between story and parody adroitly. 

I’ll have to go back and watch it again. Maybe it’s on Netflix or Prime.  But, you know the rule, “If you really want to watch it, it isn’t on Netflix.  It took me 19 sessions of 15-30 minutes each to get through the book.  Call that about 8 hours.  Certainly you have eight hours to read to your kids in a month and build some lasting memories?

My training is going fine, but we’ll talk more about that later. 

In section one we’ll talk about a new way to think about hills.  In section two, even though I was ready to abandon the old man to the apocalypse, I will continue that story, after much prodding from all of you. 

I’m well and my family is well.  I was getting quite plump when Rachel and I spoke.  I hadn’t planned on it, but was inspired by our conversation to take the reigns back in had on my nutrition.  I got to the point where it I was doing stuff I’d never do, like eating two big servings of ice cream or drinking beer every night.  I had a noticeable roll growing around my middle and my clothes were starting to complain.  So I’m a week in and have dropped 5 pounds and feel better. 

I’m working with Rachel. The best thing she does for me is to give me dinner recipes.  I’ve been cooking almost every night.  It’s kinda fun.  I usually post a picture on social media if you want to play along.

How’s Ollie Wollie? He’s a tank.  I was going to write a children’s book series about him.  You know, “Ollie Wollie the Collie knocks little Billie down and bites him til he bleeds…”

“Ollie Wollie the Collie rolls in Horse poop, eats it and throws up in little Billie’s bed…”

“Ollie Wollie the Collie shreds Billie’s homework, for real…”

On with the show…

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Section one – Hills again -


Voices of reason – the conversation

Rachel Shuck

Rachel Shuck is a board certified nutrition coach with a passion for running and all things fitness. She specializes in coaching endurance athletes through her company, additionally she teaches nutrition at the local college while pursuing her doctorate in clinical nutrition. Rachel is certified with the International Sports Science Association and the U.S. Track and Field and Cross Country Association as well. Her personal journey began with running 5k’s and being at the back of the pack, to running marathons and becoming a two-time Boston Qualifier. Along her decade long path of coaching runners she found a true passion for teaching people proper nutrition to fuel for optimal performance. Rachel’s articles and videos have been featured in Mind Body Green, Personal Growth, and  the Livestrong website, as well as local news shows covering health and fitness.


Section two – After the Apocalypse #3  –



Well, my friends, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go – to the  through the end another RunRunLive Podcast Episode 4-429. 

Well, the woods behind my house continue to be a superhighway.  I feel a bit violated.  Last week I looked out the window and there was a Shetland pony in my back yard.  Just passin though… My wife just looked out and a woman was walking through our back yard. 

As Ollie and I left the trailhead in my yard Friday afternoon an official type gentleman pointed at Ollie and said, “New town law all dogs have to be on leash.”  The trees are pinned with notices.  I thanked him and we kept going the 20 feet to my driveway.  Maybe this is my Thoreau moment for a little civil disobedience?

Buddy and I made these trails.  I feel as if I’ve lost something. 

My race in June got canceled.  That’s it.  Nothing to train for except Boston in September.  Boston in September means you’ll be hitting the high-volume weeks of your cycle in August when it’s very hot and humid.  Maybe it’s time to take up golf.

I did see there’s another, similar race to the tunnel marathon in Washington in July.  Maybe I’ll run that instead.  Same mildly downhill course on a dirt road.  My kind of course. 

I’m sure you are all fighting and surviving and working with the current situation.  It’s odd.  It’s scary.  I’m also sure you’ve seen the advice. 

Primarily the advice you need is to take care of yourselves.  Especially take care of your mental health.  Be choosey about what you let into your brain.  Lay off the negative social media and the news.  Your brain is very much a programmable computer and what you allow in influences what you get out.  Don’t load it down with fear and anxiety.  Stand guard.  Be mindful.

Remember the power of now.  Don’t get lost in worrying about things that could happen or might happen.  You can’t control that.  Focus on now.  What do you have now?  What can you do now?  Be mindful.  Make sure you’re telling the right stories.

I watch the local network news occasionally.  I had an odd thought tonight.  As they were reading out the body counts I was reminded of how they used to read out the body counts on the nightly news during the Vietnam war.  Yes, I’m that old, I was a kid at the time.  It was like the scores to a game.  Every night.  The news and the nation were addicted to those numbers and lost sight of so much else. 

Not our finest hour.

So be careful with what you let into your mind.  Focus on now.  Do what you can and take care of yourself.

And I’ll see you out there.

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Track  #6 from Brian Scheff, the Rock Opera by The Nays, She’s a lonely girl, Frank told me last weekend when he, Brian and I were out on a social distance run that all these songs are available on iTunes.  So go buy a couple, music will keep you sane in the apocalypse.

MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -


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