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MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -

Hello and welcome to episode 4-430 of the RunRunLive Podcast.   

Here we are, still in the apocalypse.  Hope everyone is doing ok. I’m cycling between busyness, weirdness, sadness and gratitude. How are you doing? 

This week was Patriot’s Day and would have been the Boston Marathon.  Weather was good for it too.  My buddies went out Sunday and ran a bit of the course, but I demurred.  I took Ollie and did a 17ish mile long trail loop around my house.  I just felt like I needed that.  Took me about 3 hours.  Ollie was exhausted and slept all day Monday. 

Before you call the SPCA on me, I stay on the trails with him and he’s only got to keep up with my casual trial pace – so other than the 3 hours it’s a low effort affair for him – literally a walk in the woods.  

He sleeps most days while I’m working. I’ve been getting him out on base building runs about 3 days a week and I take him with me.  These are all in the trails behind my house and we typically do 7ish miles or 1:20ish and that takes the edge off of both of us for a day. 

On the days when I’m not running, I get up early and take him for a walk of the 1 mile loop in the woods.  He really enjoys this, and it gives him a chance to vent some energy.  He’s going to go nuts when I start traveling again.

Today we chat with Amanda about injury diagnosis and prevention.  She’s got an interesting take on how runners should focus on strengthening their core primarily to run better. 

In Section one I’ll give you a quick primer on how to build your own core routine.  It’s not rocket science.  Or, if you prefer an amusing malaphor,  ‘It’s not rocket surgery…’ 

In section two, by popular demand we’ll check in on our apocalypse friends who we left stuck on a barn roof.  I have to thank you folks for forcing me to keep the story going.  I’m very good at 1500 word pictures.  Not so practiced at stringing them together into cohesive stories. 

Here’s what I plan to do.  I’m going to take this storyline out of the RunRunLive podcast and move it to another place.  Maybe I’ll set up a podcast feed for it.  But, mostly I just want to figure out what the bigger narrative is and see if I can pursue that. 

Thanks for the help and stay tuned for details.

Today would have been the Groton Road Race.  We had potentially postponed it to the fall, but we met this week and decided to cancel until next year.  It’s the right thing to do. 

I went out with Frank and Brian and we ran the old 10k course, then ran the regular 10k course, for the most part. 

The word ‘Apocalypse’ is a Greek word that apart from our current usage originally meant revelation, uncovering, and discovery.  And I think that’s a lesson for us here.  As cheesy as it sounds this is an opportunity for you and I to take a deep breath, to uncover and discover, to realign with our families and ourselves. 

Take it easy on yourselves though.  I’m finding myself feeling guilty for not getting more done.  There is no reason for that.  Celebrate your wins.  There’s always going to be an infinite number of things you don’t get done.  Do the best you can.  Make progress.  You can’t achieve perfection.  Just make progress. 

Do the best you can. 

As we settle into this change, remember it takes 20+ days to burn in a new habit.  What better questions can you be asking?  What better things can you be doing?  What small habits of kindess, empathy and thoughtfulness can you use this episode of discovery to begin or learn?

We’re all stuck on our roofs with a hungry lion prowling, aren’t we?

On with the show.


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Section one – Core -


Voices of reason – the conversation

Amanda Regnier

Hi Chris,

Thank you very much for having me on your podcast yesterday - it was fun!  As requested, I have attached a photo of myself.  In terms of a bio:

I am a Calgary based strength and conditioning coach, with a specialization in endurance running.  Although I have competed at a national and international level in triathlon, I am not a natural athlete.  Being naturally un-athletic has inspired me to take a deep dive into the science behind endurance performance, to coach myself and my athletes to reach their full potential.  As new science becomes available, I like to share this through various platforms such as my website in the "Running Science" section, social media (@RUNNINGWITHREGNIER on instagram), live presentations in the community and my podcast "Performance Running Podcast" available on iTunes and Spotify.

Amanda Regnier

MSc. Strength and Conditioning, C.S.C.S

Endurance Performance Specalist/ Coach

Section two – After the Apocalypse #4  –



Well, my friends, you have fixed your core strength and your knee feels better and you have limped to the end of another RunRunLive Podcast Episode 4-430. 

I’ve got nothing on the calendar race-wise now, which I find utterly disturbing.  I’ve still got my eye on a July race.  I think the next 2-3 weeks will resolve some things.   I wouldn’t be surprised if they canceled the Boston race or changed it to be just the elites. 

My nutrition project is going fairly well.  I’m cooking more and I’m off the beer and bread.  I haven’t dropped a ton of weight but I’m feeling healthier. I’m about 10 pounds lighter.  I’m off the beer.  I have good energy and no real aches or pains. 

I’ll give you a couple of simple healthy cooking tips, although I have no right to do so.  I have a big cast iron skillet that I use.  The company that makes those, by the way is Lodge and they are in Tennessee a couple miles from Tim’s house.   It is great for simple, 1-pot meals.  You can take any vegetable.  Broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage and make a nice, filling sauté. 

First, heat that pan up pretty high, put a couple tablespoons of olive oil in, dice up a couple garlic cloves and some onion.  Cook those, while stirring until they turn translucent. Will make your house smell great. 

Throw your veggies in cover for a couple minutes.  Pour in a cup of broth, shake on some kosher salt, add a couple shots of soy sauce and you’ve got the same veggies you would get from a Chinese restaurant in the US.  You can even eat them with rice. 

I’ll give you another, even simpler, cooking hack.  Spices.  Yep.  You can use the same basic spices to make anything taste better.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re making.  If you’ve got any friends from southern Asia have them spice shop for you. 

Let’s say you have chicken, doesn’t matter if it’s wings or breasts or whatever.  Take a teaspoon of the good salt, a teaspoon of pepper, a teaspoon of paprika and, let’s say some cumin.  It doesn’t’ matter, you will figure out the ratios, the spices and the amounts that fit your pallet.  I tend to go  heavy on the cayenne pepper. 

Take all these spices and combine them. If you happen to have a mortar and pestle, that’s the perfect tool to crush them all together.   Did you know the mortar and pestle is one of the oldest human tools?  Goes all the way back to the stone age. 

Mortar comes from the Latin mortarium and is a receptacle for pounding.   Same word gives you the mortar you put on bricks and the mortar board you wear to graduation, if graduation wasn’t canceled.

Pestle, uninterestingly, comes from the Latin pistilium, and simply means a tool for pounding. And unfortunately has nothing whatsoever to do with ‘pistil’ which is the reproductive organ of a plant, nor any of the P-words we use for reproductive organs.  Pestle isn’t even related to ‘pistol’, even though I think it should be, ‘pistol’, they think originated from the name of a town in Italy where they apparently made pistols in medieval times. 

With all the several thousand bags of crap my wife has carted home from the Christmas Tree shop over the years, ironically I don’t own a pestle, or a mortar.  So I used a small bowl and the head off a small wooden hammer that I brought back from a vacation to Ocean City any years ago and was originally used to  violate soft shelled crabs. 

Soft shelled crabs, by the way, are typically very spicy. 

You grind your chosen spices together. 

Put your chicken or whatever else it is you want to spice into a bowl or bag.  Pour in a glug of olive oil.  Throw in your ground spices.  Mix thoroughly.  Bake in the oven. 

That’s it. Sweet tasty food without any fattening cheese sauce from a bottle that any dummy with a pestle can make.

Do you feel more capable of facing the apocalypse now? 

OK then,  I’ll see you out there.

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You’re not getting off that easy. There are 20 tracks on Brian Scheff, the Rock Opera by The Nays.  Here’s Number 9 – Called Casino.  All music can be found at their website

MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -


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