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Hello and welcome to episode 4-440 of the RunRunLive podcast.  Yes, welcome my friends.  I know I’m a week late.  It pains me to not meet my commitments.  It’s a sign of a life lived out of control.  I’m not a control freak but I do like to engender habits.  And habits are very strong things.  Habits are the fibrous tissue of day to day life.  They are hard to tear, but once rent they are hard to put back in place. 

So, apologies.  For being a week late.  My work got very time intensive and emotionally taxing for a couple weeks.  That combined with the necessary house work and everything else pushed me past, irrevocably past, the deadline.  I have taken some corrective action on this front and will talk about that more later.

Today we talk with Jason.  Jason had one of those death experiences.  Not ‘near death’, no, for Jason he died, and then came back.  It’s always interesting for me to talk to people who have had these life altering events. It underscores the ability and power we all have inside of us to change, to radically change, to begin to live life before it is too late, but for some reason we don’t. 

Why is that?  What is the glue of normalcy that causes us to submit our dreams of adventure to a the daily grind? 

Until, one day, we shuffle off the mortal coil leaving dreams unfulfilled scattered here and there like unopened Christmas presents.

In section one I’ll talk about how you can build your own ad hoc core workout routines.  In section two we’ll catch up with the old man and Bill the dog in the apocalypse. 

I listen to mostly history podcasts these days.  I’ll start a history podcast and listen through until I’m caught up.  It’s usually a couple hundred episodes.  I like the continuity of it. Of being able to listen through an arc of the historical narrative.  Maybe while painting or gardening for a few hours at a time.

It’s always a mixture of the bittersweet and the accomplishment when I get caught up. 

Then it gets me to thinking that there might be someone out there listening to this who has just listened through the athletic arc of a dozen years of my life.  That’s odd.  If it’s you, send me an email or reach out to me on social I’d love to talk to you.  Cyktrussell at gmail dot com. 

I don’t spend much time on social media anymore.  I’ve entirely given up on Twitter.  I dip into Facebook to see if anyone is looking for me maybe once a day.  I do post pictures on Instagram. That doesn’t seem to be much of a sewer yet, but it’s only a matter of time.  

Since we last talked, which was after my virtual Boston marathon, I’ve been taking it pretty easy.  The leg seems to have gotten better.  No more swelling or lumps or lymph node swelling.  Kind of makes me feel like a fake.  I skipped my race and it turned out to be nothing.  But, that is life.

I’ve been running with Ollie 3 days a week for 20ish miles, Maybe mid 20’s.  Just easy stuff.  Mostly trails.  I’m easing into core work and yoga on the other days.  On Sundays I meet my buddies and we do a long, easy bike ride.  Usually around 30 miles.  We hit someplace to eat halfway.  It’s a nice change. 

I’ve got my old race bike, Fuji-san, the classic steel frame road bike that I bought to commute with 20 years ago.  It’s a real bike.  A bit heavy, but good Shimano components, clip on aero bars and enough working gears to get me where I’m going.  Usually if I’m training I might average 18 miles an hour.  On these pancake and bagel rides we tend to average 11-12 miles per hour, so that should give you a sense of the effort level!

I’m going to stick with this routine until the end of the year.  There are no events, so there’s no reason to get specific with any training.  Just keep my engine turning over and stay healthy. 

How about a garden update?  Well, not much left at this point.  I picked all the rest of the peppers today.  We haven’t had a frost yet so things are alive.  I’ve got some beans and the rasberries are still producing. 

And of course the kale likes the colder weather.  But I’ve got a persistent worm problem. 

Since I was working from home all summer I decided to see if I could win the worm war.  I would go out everyday and inspect the kale leaves for worms.  I’d pluck them off and squish them.  I found that after a week or so I was winning. 

But, it was not a victory I could ever walk away from.  Miss a couple days and the worms would be back.  Miss a week and you might as well give up.  I learned.  I learned that if I actually wanted worm free kale I would have to inspect every leave on every plant every day.  What if I had a kale farm with hundreds of plants?  What if I needed these kale leaves to feed the tribe? 

The obvious conclusion is that kale farming must have led to the necessity for slavery.  There’s no other way you could keep up. 

And with that, let’s get on with the show.

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Section one – Creating a home workout routine -

Voices of reason – the conversation

Jason Pepin

Mix one-part endurance athlete and one-part chef with a pinch of moderation, and you’ve got Jason Pepin.

However, moderation wasn’t always part of the equation. Looking back, Jason knows he’s one of the lucky ones. After all, there aren’t many people walking around who can say they got to hit the reset button on their physical health.

In 2012, Jason suffered a massive heart attack while on his bike ride in Los Angeles. With a survival rate of just 12%, and known as “the widowmaker”, his heart attack was the result of critical blockage in a main artery. That day, Jason died and was revived on the table. And while most people won’t ever walk out of the hospital again, in just two short months he was back on his bike.

But being a determined athlete is just one half of who Jason is. The other half is a tireless chef who, at age 12, was first inspired by his grandmother to start cooking. She instilled in him the value of sourcing the freshest ingredients and a respect for simplicity in preparation, both of which have remained the hallmarks of his cuisine.

After 30 years in the kitchens of famous culinary brands such as Morton’s The Steakhouse and Wolfgang Puck, Chef Jason has learned there is more to a healthy life than just exercise. Building on what his grandmother taught him, Jason has added the value of moderation to create a healthful lifestyle that is both sustainable and balanced.

mountain climbing, practicing martial arts, cooking, and being the favorite human to a freakishly large cat named Loki.

Section two – City of the Dead part 3 -


Ok my friends we have ridden our old bikes to the bagel shop at the end of Episode 4-440 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  I’ll take a sunflower seed, toasted with crunchy peanut butter and strawberry jam please.

So you already know my training plans for the foreseeable future.  Easy on the running with a recreational bike and some core workouts.  That’s pretty boring.  Got to find myself some inspiration. 

Other good news is that I’m almost done painting the house.  I’ve got a couple places I can’t reach.  My 32 foot ladder that I used to reach those places last time I painted the house is out of action.  The rung locks are non-functional.  I tried to order new rung locks, but the ladder is too old to get replacement parts for.  The only way I could use it would be to extend it all the way, manually lock the rungs in place then try to get it up, which, believe me I tried but the physics of it is impossible. 

But, my other running buddy Brian is a contractor, and he’s gong to let me borrow his long ladder this week to finish up.  Next up on the never-ending home improvement list is garage doors.  Which I was delighted to discover is only like $3,000. 

I have to winterize my motorcycle.  I didn’t ride it at all this summer due to the apocalypse.  I’ll take it back over and stick it in Frank’s barn for the winter.  That’s on my list as well; to find an outfit to refurbish my old motorcycle.  It would cost more than the bike is worth, but it would make me happy. 

Ollie the collie is almost a year and a half old!  He’s still mostly feral but hey, aren’t we all?  He’s great with people on the trails.  I just say, “Leave it!” and he ignores them.  When he greets another dog he rolls over onto his back and get’s all submissive. 

He’s a nightmare on the leash.  I took him out on the road one night this week.  I have to really pay attention.  He’ll get spooked by something and take off at an angle. I have to get a better harness for him.  The collar isn’t’ good enough.  He’s built like a brick house.  Not as rangy as Buddy was.  More of a linebacker or a fullback.  Amazingly strong and athletic.  Smart as heck, but willful and I’m thinking part jackal. 

Among the books I’m reading is one by Brene’ Brown called Daring Greatly.  The premise is that you have to get outside your comfort zone to find the good stuff.  You have to be vulnerable.  But, in order to be vulnerable you need to have a strong sense of self-worth. 

That’s what gives you the strength. 

You have to be convinced of your own self-worth. Your unique gifts.  Your power.  In itself.  Incomparable to anyone else.  Incomparable to previous versions of yourself.  You centered power of what you bring, unafraid, right now. 

And that self-power allows you to dance badly in public and sing karaoke.  When you have that keen sense of self in the now you can do hard things, you can be vulnerable, and that allows you to listen with empathy, to learn new things and, heaven forbid, change your mind. 

So, my friends, what would you do if you weren’t afraid of failure? 

Think about it.  Every day is another chance to find out.


I’ll see you out there.

To take you out is Track number 18 from Brian Sheff The Rock Opera by The Nays - Called "when the Sun Burns out”  AndI know you’ll be sad to hear that there are only 2 tracks left in the rock opera.  But, Frank told me this morning that they are working on some new songs, so there is hope for the future.

MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -


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