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Hello my friends and welcome to episode 4-459 of the RunRunLive Podcast. 

I found another way to avoid writing new material!

Long story.  I was volunteered to lead a fitness project for my team at work.  I did a survey around what people wanted to know and the top of the list was “How do you find the time to work out?” 

So – This question being eminently in the Chris Russell wheelhouse - I created a PowerPoint Presentation, of course I did, and I gave a little talk around that.

It ended up being about 20 minutes long – so I stripped the audio off of that and present it here for you.  I did some minor editing to mask the folks I work with. 

It’s quite brave of me!  I sound like I’m passionate about this!  As I get older I’m trying to lean in and merge the different aspects of my world. 

I got some good feedback that because of our little talk they went out and did some exercise.  So the ends justify the means. 

I’m going to drop that recording in here and it is long enough to take up enough space, so I’ll just do that one and the interview today and some other comments to get you a show.

Our interview today is with Gene Gurkoff who has an interesting story.  You know I have a history of being involved in startups – so I lead him down that path a little.  But, he’s the guy who started Charity Miles.  He’s still trying to navigate it to a successful outcome. 

I’m not an investor or a shareholder in anything right now but the venture capital / private equity space has been crazy this year.  There has been a record number of acquisitions and Initial Private Offerings or IPO’s.  On the other side there has been a record amount of money invested.  The investors are making money and spending money.  It would not surprise me to see Gene’s company in some sort of transaction this year, but that is purely speculation. 

My knee is still a problem.  It was feeling stronger last week, so I went out into the trails with Ollie Thursday to see how it felt.  No improvement.  Still a sharp pain when I try to run up hills or when I toe off.  Sort of the ‘climbing the stairs’ weight baring motion. 

It’s been 6 months so I’m back in to see the knee guy tomorrow.  Basically the only thing that changed over 6 months was that now I’m in terrible shape and my knee hurts. 

I got a reasonable 31 mile bike ride on the Cape Cod rail trail yesterday.  For the most part the cycling is pain free.  Then I went for a soupy slow 10 mile run with Ollie on the rail trail in Groton this morning.  I got it done but it was slow and I didn’t feel great.  That gives me about 20 miles for the week and another 40 or so of biking with a couple of weights work outs thrown in. 

I’m signed up for the Bird in Hand ½ marathon and I’ll be able to finish that but I won’t be racing.  We’ll see what the doctor says.  We’ll try to keep our enthusiasm and positivity up and muddle through.

Another co-worker of mine is doing a “Live your best Life” course with us.  It’s a lot of manifestation and visualization stuff.  Nothing that I haven’t heard before but it’s always good to remind ourselves to think positive thoughts and be grateful for what we have.

That’s what I’m doing with my knee.  Thinking positive thoughts and assuming that eventually I’ll be able to train and race like I want to.  Because our bodies are amazing. 

I have a random thought to share with you.  I’m listening to a history of the American Civil War.  And the names are awesome.  Seriously.  How many people do you know named Eustis? Or Gustavus? Or Beauregard?  Come on you young parents, name your kids something spectacular! 

Hope you are having a great summer, for those of you on this side of the planet.   Hope my friends in Germany are safe from the flooding.  Hope my friends out West are ok in the heat. 

Stay safe everyone. 

We need you with us. 

On with the show.


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Gene Gurkoff– Founder of Charity Miles

Gene is the Founder of Charity Miles, an app that enables people to earn money for charity when they walk, run, bike and do other activities for charity.  Charity Miles is regularly featured as one of the top health and fitness apps and has helped earn over $5 million for charity.  Gene is also an avid runner, husband and father.  



Ok my friends we have charitably contributed to the end of episode 4-459 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  Thank your lucky stars that you have the ability to help others!

I have a couple updates before I go. 

First, harking back to my comments on finding time to work out.  I’ve been doing a little engineering time study on my workouts.  And I discovered something quite wonderful.  The case study is going to the gym to lift weights. 

It’s 6 miles to the gym and 6 miles back and sometimes I’ll ride my bike, but let’s ignore the commute for now and focus on the workout itself.  I’ve been lifting heavy, which basically means heavier weights and fewer reps. 

Monday night I did chest and back and Abs.  This consists of 3 sets of 3 exercises for the chest.  So 9 total sets of chest. Then another 3 sets of 3 exercises for the back, so another 9 sets for the back.  Then at the end of each I throw in a set of Abs – so 3 total sets of Abs. 

Add it all up and I’m getting 21 heavy sets down in this workout.  How long do you think that takes?  Well I timed it.  Less than 40 minutes.  My god people!  Less than 40 minutes!  Do the math! You could do a simple workout of 1 set per muscle group and be done in 10 minutes.  You can do a total body core set that has 15 or so distinct separate exercises in it in less than 15 minute. 

So I don’t want to hear anybody say they don’t have time.  You just have to go in and attack those workouts.  Don’t lollygag around the gym looking mean.  Get that shit done.  You’ll work up a sweat and look like Jack LaLanne in a month!

Second update, I finished up the first season, 20 episodes of my Apocalypse podcast.  Now I’m going to turn it into a book and get started on the second season.  It’s doing well.  I’m over 14,000 downloads and getting some good feedback.  That’s in 6 months, pushing out an episode every two weeks.

Again, do the math.  2500 words time 20 episodes is 50,000 words and you’ve got yourself a book.  Don’t wait for permission.  Don’t wait until you’re sure you know what you’re doing.  Don’t wait until you’re sure you’ll be successful.  Don’t wait until you can afford it. 


Start and pile up those pebbles one at a time and before you know it you’ll have a mountain.  Or an altar.  Or a sculpture.

Start and you will find a way.  Start and the worst possible outcome is that you’ll learn something.

I was interviewed by this guy Mike who has a “Wasteland” podcast called “The Apocalypse PostCast” and the interview came out really well.  I’m quite enjoying this new creative project. 

Links in the show notes.  And I’m going to drop Mike’s show with the interview on my After the Apocalypse feed next week as well. 

If you go back to my sermon on how to find time, you’ll remember what I said about finding something that brings you joy.  It’s an important nuance, that we’re talking about ‘joy’, not ‘pleasure’.  Getting high might bring you pleasure but being creative can bring you joy. 

I am getting great joy out of creating and producing these characters in this world and that comes through in my interview with Mike. 

So, my friends, that’s your homework for this week.  Find what gives you joy and embrace it. 

Then get started. 

And I’ll see you out there.

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