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Hello my friends and welcome to episode 4-460 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  Here we are in July – moving into August of 2021.  We’ve turned the corner on summer and the days are already getting shorter up here in New England. 

What’s the update?  I have more doctor’s appointments than an 80 year old.  I’m 6 months into the sore knee.  I tried to increase my mileage last time we talked, but the knee got sore so I took a week off from running.  I had my second MRI and we’ll have a follow up with the knee guy to see if they can figure out why it still hurts. 

He saw a stress fracture in there originally, but there’s something else going on.  We’ll figure it out.  And if he can’t give me an answer, I’ll kick him to the curb and do my own rehab. Doctors!

I’ve been riding my bike a couple times a week and hitting the gym to lift.  I feel strong but it’s not the same.

One of the things that challenges me is those 3,000 calories a week I’d normally burn running.  I really have to watch what I eat, or I balloon up.  And even though I’m eating fairly clean, I’m not losing any weight because I’m just not burning those calories. 

I eat about 2,000 calories a day, no sugar, very few carbs.  I haven’t had a sandwich in 9 months or a real pizza.  The cauliflower pizza isn’t bad, but it’s not what I crave!

I went down and volunteered as a course marshal for the local Appleman Triathlon.   I’ve run that race a couple times.  It’s an interesting course.  The bike course has 4-5 monster hills and the run course has a technical single path trail section that challenges people.  Especially the non-trail runners.  And it was raining on Sunday, so they did that in the mud!

It was good to get out and volunteer.  Cheer some people on.  Good to see people racing again. 

I’m taking a day off to ride a century with my old running buddies this week.  Should be fun.  We’re going to ride to the coast.  There may be a brewery involved. 

I mentioned last week that I have been corralled to lead the fitness project for my team where I work.  I was out hunting for guest speakers, and I ran into today’s guest Larisa.  Larisa runs Strong by Nature Wellness that helps high achieving individuals who are experiencing burnout.  

So of course I signed her up for an interview.  We have a great chat.  She is doing honorable and worthy work and I think it should resonate with some of you.  I know it resonated with me.

In section one I’m going to talk about the Olympic Marathon. 

In section two I’m going to talk about how athletes deal with career ending injuries.

I’m still working on turning my other podcast the After the Apocalypse serial into a book.  It’s been hard.  What with all the agents calling me and fighting over the right to represent me.  Throwing money at me.  Fans storming the table at book signings, hanging on my every word, begging me for signatures.  And daytime TV producers trying to squeeze me into every broadcast. 

It’s exhausting.

All that stuff will happen.  It just hasn’t happened yet. 

But I’ll tell you something that has happened. 

One of the people at work is teaching us a course called “Infinite Possibilities”.  It’s a lot of the stuff you already know.  A little Tony Robbins a lot of The Secret.  If you don’t know The Secret it’s a book and movie that basically says you can manifest anything you want by focusing on it.

So, for instance, if you want a new job, you write down all the attributes of your dream job and visualize it.  If you keep visualizing and affirming that vision of the new job the universe will hear you and step in and give you what you want.  Voila – you’ve got that new job of your dreams.

The basic premise is that your thoughts create your reality. 

Now, I’ve read all this stuff and done it all before.  I was doing a bit of eye-rolling in the sessions. I don’t really think The Secret works, at least not in the magic way they lay it out.

There were exercises.  One of the exercises is to pick something, anything, and manifest it.  Some people pick a hawk feather and all of a sudden, they find feathers everywhere.  Some people pick a coin, and they find coins everywhere. 

I figured I’d play along and chose to manifest a ten-dollar bill.  I took one out of my wallet and visualized it.  Three weeks went by without my ten-dollar bill showing up.  Because, like I said it’s a bunch of magical thinking and hokum. 

I figured I’m meeting the universe halfway because I’m always out on the road running and riding so if anyone is going to find a ten-dollar bill it’s me.  You know, don’t make the universe work so hard.  I was starting to get a bit aggravated what with all these people finding their feathers and coins and me sans ten dollar bill.  I could’ve asked for a $100, right?  Ten bucks aint nuthin! Where’s my ten bucks mr universe?

A little scene painting now.

I live at the end of a cul de sac. I’m the last house. So in front of my mailbox is a circle of pavement. My driveway dumps out into this circle of pavement.

I went for my long ride today and came back in through the circle and up the driveway.  My wife was home. She had a flat on her bike, so I fixed it. She left to go for a ride over at the rail trail, so I jumped in the shower. 

After my shower grabbed Ollie and we got in the truck to go downtown to the police station to pick up my gun license – long story for another day.  As I back into the circle I see what looks like leaves on the spread around the circle by my mailbox and up on my lawn. 

So I throw it in neutral, get out and take a look.  It’s a one dollar bill. A crisp, new, one-dollar bill.  And another, and another, and another… and I’m thinking to myself, “ok it’s not a ten-dollar bill but…”  And I keep picking them up.  5, 6, 7, 8, 9… And that’s it.  9 one-dollar bills. Then I’m hunting around in the bushes looking for number 10!  But I didn’t find it.

So, I guess the universe discounted me a dollar for not believing in it’s hokum.  Or maybe Massachusetts has a 10% manifestation tax.

Anyhow, I’ve decided to ask the universe for a new knee. 

On with the show!


About Zero

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Section One – The Olympic Marathon -


Larisa Harrington– Owner Strong by Nature Wellness

Meet Larisa

Larisa, (she/her), utilizes her extensive education and experience to support the holistic well-being of her clients. She has a deep understanding of how unmanaged stress and anxiety affect all aspects of life and believes that well-being encompasses mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, financial and environmental components. Larisa is passionate about helping clients be their best selves, allowing them to thrive at home, at work, and in life.

Section Two – Career ending injuries -


Ok my friends we have burned out to the end of episode 4-460 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  That’s it man, I’m done!

Like I said in the intro I’ve got a century ride on the calendar this week with my buddies.  After that, next up is the Bird in Hand half marathon in Pennsylvania.  I know I can’t run, but these folks are the Galloway crew and I plan to just tuck in with some of the run-walkers and have a stroll. 

It’s only a half marathon.  Ain’t nuthin. 

More concerning is that I’m signed up for the Boston virtual in October.  I guess I’ll just do the same thing and walk-run a 6 or 7 hour Boston.  Look at it this way, it will be an interesting experiment.  Can a Chris with zero training and zero mileage complete a marathon?

Place you bets.

Then we have to think about the future.  Guess what?  I’m turning a new age group in 2022.  Yeah.  Extra time for me to qualify.  I’ve been thing a lot about starting to believe in myself again and taking on the challenge.  Maybe I can manifest a BQ somewhere on my manifested new knee? 

I’m also thinking about running for Zero – the end to prostate cancer. I have a friend in my running club who is in bad shape with the prostate cancer and it’s hitting close to home.  I should do something for him. 

Makes me mad that as a society we focus on stupid shit, when we could be finding a cure for cancer. 

On a lighter note, I have an Ollie update for you.  I had my evaluation with the new trainer.  This is my third try.  This outfit is called K9 training.  I went up and met the owner, Ramone.  Ramone is like something you’d see in a movie about the army.  Big dude.  Intense.  Military.  Weight lifter.

Anyhow he evaluated Ollie and they decide to Ollie was ok for semi-private lessons.  One of the tests was Ramone brought in his dog, a shepherd.  And while I’m holding Ollie n the leash he has his dog walk back and forth and basically do some drills to see if Ollie freaks out.  Ollie did not freak out.  Ollie thought it was great!

And Ramone is giving commands to the shepherd in German.  And the shepherd is as efficient off leash as a drill sergeant’s pride and joy.   

Bottom line, Not giving up on Ollie.  I think he has met his match. 

We had a lot of smoke in the air in New England this week.  Apparently from wild fires in Canada.  You could see the smoke in the air.  It was a haze.  You could smell it. 

And, me being me, it reminded me of a phrase writers always use when describing this phenomena – they say “The smoke hung like a pall…”

Then I wanted to know what pall meant and did it have something to do with pall bearers at a funeral or maybe Pall Mall cigarettes?

You know, smoke, cigarettes?  I could see a connection.  But, alas, Pall Malls were named in 1899 after a posh street in London.  That street, it turns out was named after a game, similar to modern croquet, which was pall mall, literally “Ball Mallet” in Italian. 

One of my favorite authors Kurt Vonnegut said of his Pall Malls, "a classy way to commit suicide." And, they were originally pronounced Pal Mals in America before we got radio and were taught the correct way. 

But, going back to the fire smoke that hung like a pall, no it has nothing to do with cigarettes, it has to do with death.  The pall is that cloth that they drape over the casket.  And pall bearers are carrying that.  So when our modern writes say the smoke hung like a pall they are invoking the misery and darkness of death. 

On that cheery note, remember to manifest something good this week.

And I’ll see you out there.   I will. 

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