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Hello my friends and welcome to episode 4-463 of the RunRunLive Podcast. 

I’m writing this early in the week because I’ve got vacation time this week and I’m trying to get ahead as much as possible.  Those of you who have been listening for many years may remember that we used to push out a show every week. 

I switched to fortnightly so I could have the off week to work on other projects.  That’s how I was able to push out the MarathonBQ, not so much by rigorously working on this other work on the off week but more by just creating some breathing room.  Some mental space.

It’s going to be a tight week for me.  It was Labor Day long weekend up here in the States – so Monday was a holiday.  I hadn’t noticed this when I scheduled this vacation for Wednesday through Friday.  So I’m working only Tuesday this week and trying to cram a week’s worth of stuff into it.

I’m traveling down to Pennsylvania, about a 7-hour drive from my house, with my wife to poke around a little.  Then we’re going to meet the Extra-Milers for a race next weekend.

I am still not running.  I am still on my workout cadence of Swim, Bike, Lift. 

And, I was able to locate my wetsuit.  I’m looking forward to shaking the dust out of that tonight and giving it a try at the pond. 

The weather is starting to get a little colder.  It’s in the 50’s in the mornings.  Tropical storm IDA dumped about a ½ foot of rain on us last week.  So, the pond water is dropping in temperature. 

The wetsuit also makes swimming easier and safer.  It’s designed for triathletes and give you flotation in the placed you need it to help your form.  And, if for some reason you get in trouble, there is no way to sink wearing a wetsuit.  You float like a cork. 

So maybe I’ll go a little bit longer this afternoon.

The knee feels good.  I feel good. I’m tempted to start running again.  We’ll see how this walk/run of the ½ marathon this weekend feels. 

Today we have got a very interesting interview for you all.  I managed to corral Dr. Jason Karp to talk about his book “Sexercise”, where he explores the connection between fitness and sex.  And, probably not surprisingly, there are a lot of connections. 

Fair warning, if you’re triggered by people having a frank discussion about sexual activities, (all very clinical and non-titillating), If those kinds of talks bother you, you might want to skip this one. 

In section one we are going to talk about race volunteering.  And in section two I’ll continue on my mindfulness sessions and talk about how to keep from following your monkey mind into the ditch.

I’ve taken this opportunity of a relatively stable and relaxed training schedule, combined with work from home, to begin a 30-day structured morning routine. 

I’m following Hal Elrods’ Miracle Morning routine.  I’ve done it on and off for years, since interviewing Hal way back when on the podcast.   The routine follows the mnemonic “S.A.V.E.R.S”. 

The first S is Silence.  This can be prayer or meditation.  I’ve been kicking off my days with 10 minutes of meditation. 

The A and the V are Affirmations and Visualization.  I have selected a small group of affirmations I read through or recite and I have selected a simple set of goals and outcomes, like visualizing my knee healing, that I go through. 

Then the next E for exercise, this is where I used to get stuck, because my training schedule was such that I would have some massive workout on the calendar and that would overwhelm the rest of the process.  This time around I’m simply doing a 2-minute plank every day during this morning practice and doing my actual workout later in the day after work.

Then R is for reading, and I’m doing 10 minutes of some sort of reading.  Right nowI’m working through “The Untethered Soul” – which is really good for this type of small read and think about it format.

Then the last S is for Scribing or writing.  Most people use this for Journalling, but I’m using more as a creative space for my existing writing practice.

The whole practice ends up being about an hour. 

I’m getting up at my normal 6:00 AM wake up time. 

I’m 8 days in. I wouldn’t say it’s changing my life but it is helping me be more focused and less likely to get stressed out over something that pops up.

On days when I’m under time pressure and have to be out of the house, I can squish it down to a 20 or 30 minute practice. 

Why do you care?  Because we are about to go into a busy and potentially stressful period of everyone’s lives.  It might help to have a practice that helps you through that.  With work from home and the current environment it’s conducive to these types of practices. 

You have an opportunity to use circumstance to your advantage. 

You might want to look into that,

Seize the opportunity as they say!

Whoever they are…

On with the show!



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Section One – Volunteering -


Dr. Jason Karp

Here are links:

 Social media: @drjasonkarp

 Bio: Dr. Jason Karp is founder and CEO of the women’s-specialty run coaching company, Kyniska Running. A competitive runner since sixth grade, Jason quickly learned how running molds us into better, more deeply conscious people, just as the miles and interval workouts mold us into faster, more enduring runners. This passion Jason found as a kid placed him on a yellow brick road that he still follows as a coach, exercise physiologist, bestselling author of 12 books and 400+ articles, and speaker. He is the 2011 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year and two-time recipient of the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition Community Leadership award. His REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ certification has been obtained by coaches and fitness professionals in 25 countries.


Section Two – More minfulness -




Ok my friends we have sexercised through the ed of episode 4-463 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  Was it good for you?  

I’m rushing to put this one out, because I was out on vacation most of the week.   Sorry for being late!.

It’s a lesson learned, I suppose.  Sometimes I don’t discretely plan the time I need to do this and hope it will take care of itself.  Inevitably it does not.

The good news is that I managed to write a bit, but I also managed to get some down time.  The bad news, if there is any, is that puts me a bit behind schedule. 

I did run the Bird in Hand Half marathon Saturday.  “Run” might be too strong of a word.  I hiked it with a couple of the Extra-Milers.  They were doing the Run/Walk and I just hung out and talked. 

I’ll do a race report of sorts next episode. 

My knee is fine from it.  I did feel a little soreness and a twinge up on of the hills but nothing lasting. I am very weak in my legs and I don’t like the feel of it.  I’m going to start a rehab routine on knee and leg strength and flexibility for the rest of September. 

I think I have another local race to volunteer for next weekend. 

After that I’m going to run/walk the virtual Boston.  Based on my experience here I think it’s quite doable without hurting myself. 

I’ll leave you with a lesson from project management.  I was reminded of this when driving home this weekend. 

There’s an highway exit from 290 to 495 in Massachusetts.  It’s different because it’s a left exit, meaning it goes from the fast lane of the highway into a sharp off ramp.  This is one of the very few left exits in Massachusetts.

You can tell it gives people trouble.  Drivers are surprised by it.  It causes accidents.  You can tell as you approach the road is filled with tire marks where people have slammed on the brakes and slid off the road.  There are lots of crashes here.

I have a theory on how this dangerous intersection came to be.   It’s the based on the “Iron Triangle” of project management.  This is basically a rule of thumb for project managers that every project has three outcomes that you are measured on. 

First is time.  A project needs to be done within a certain schedule.  If it is late, it causes problems. 

The second is cost.  Every project has a budget and o one wants to exceed the budget. 

The third is quality.  When the project is complete you need to get the thing that you planned for.  A functioning end result.

That’s what makes project management tricky – you are always balancing time, cost and quality.  The iron triangle rule says that you can only really get two of those. 

For instance, as usually happens, someone comes to you and says they want a different outcome, They want a three story building instead of a 2 story building.  That change is going to cost more time or more money or lower quality or a bit of all three.

I think the bureaucrats and politicians were in a project meeting around this off ramp.  They were probably behind schedule and over budget.  Some bright young engineer said “We could skip this whole off ramp design and just make it a left exit. That would put us back on budget.”

The result was a perfectly good, ultimately surprising, unnecessarily fatal off ramp. 

That’s what predictably happens when you try to bend the iron triangle of project management.

Think about that as you consider that new kitchen.

And I’ll see you out there.

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