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Hello my friends and welcome to episode 4-465 of the RunRunLive Podcast. 

Today we talk with Murray about a bunch of stuff.  He’s written a new book on modern meditations, which impresses me as one of those great books to help you with your morning practices. 

This weekend is the Chicago Marathon and Monday is the Boston Marathon.   There are a bunch of people who are running both.  Which is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity.  This being the big collection of races that were postponed from the spring into the fall by Covid.

It looks like Chicago is going to be a little warm.  Remember the old rule of thumb says you should run 5 seconds per mile slower for every five degrees over 70.  Like most old rules of thumb this probably more anecdotal than scientific advice.

I will be running, well kinda running, my Boston virtual Sunday.  I’m going to Run-walk it using the Galloway method and an 30-30 cadence.  Meaning 30 seconds of running, and 30 seconds of walking. 

The knee seems to be responding well.  Hopefully I don’t hurt it with this escapade. If it still feels good I can start ramping my training back up, but one thing at a time.

In section one I’ll share what I’ve learned using run-walk to work through my injured knee.  In section two I’m going to dust off an old piece about how to successfully implement change in your life.

It’s still pretty warm up here in New England.   The temps are only going down into the 50’s at night and it’s still raining a lot.  Which means My garden is still kicking along with some odds and ends. 

I’ve got one last Swiss Chard that is providing some salad.  Some robust Parsley as well.  A couple green tomatoes – we’ll see if they ripen up before the frost.  

I’ve got lots of mint and I’ve been thinking about drying it out for winter use.  I’ve got some Brussel sprouts, but the cabbage worms are in them badly – so I’m not sure if I’ll ever get anything out of them. 

My Zinnias are going strong, so is the second crop of raspberries. 

I cut the sunflowers and was attempting to dry them in a box but they got all moldy and had to be recycled. 

I ended up eating all the apples off the tree.  There were a lot. I was eating like 6 a day.  I did make a pie and a crisp as well.  Towards the end I was sharing them with yellow jackets. These are the local angry bees.  I never realized this but they actually eat into the ripe apples on the tree.  They dig little channels in them. 

And finally – Ollie Wollie the Killer Collie graduated from K9 training with his certificate in basic dog stuff.  Which was great.  Yvonne was able to join me for every session so we got a consistency of training. 

He’s not perfect, but he’s 87% better.  I can have him on the leash and he behaves.  He waits patiently for the release command before going through the door.  He has his own mat that is his ‘place’ that we can put him on and he’ll stay on it.

And I’ve been run-walking with him on leash and he’s pretty good with that.  He really likes to pull though so it’s a constant battle. 

It just goes to show you.  Even old dogs can learn new tricks.

On with the show!

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Section One – Run-Walk -

Murray Du Plessis


Murray Du Plessis has studied and taught meditation for fifteen years and assisted the running of meditation centers in England, Burundi, Namibia, and South Africa. He has an MA in English education and is currently an assistant professor of English at Daegu University. He lives in Gyeongsan, South Korea, and is the author of Modern Meditations: 101 Ways to Slow Down and Connect to Spirit. 

Here is the Amazon link to my book:

Modern Meditations: 101 Ways to Slow Down & Connect to Spirit: du Plessis, Murray: 9780738768359: Books

Modern Meditations: 101 Ways to Slow Down & Connect to Spirit [du Plessis, Murray] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Modern Meditations: 101 Ways to Slow Down & Connect to Spirit

Section Two – Life Change -



Ok my friends we have meditated 101 times through the ed of episode 4-465 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  Ohmmmm….  

I’m still going to the gym.  Twice a week.  I do arms and shoulders one day and chest, back and abs the second.

I’m not going down to the pond to swim anymore.  I’ve decided I don’t want to.  I may swim at the gym, but swimming is kind of a high maintenance activity.  Instead, I’ve been run-walking 3 miles or so 3 times a week.   I’m still biking, but not this week because I’m in my taper, kinda. 

I’ve been throwing in some yoga to try to loosen up a bit.   When I’m at the gym, after my weight sets, I roll out the mat in this other room where they do the classes.  Usually I have it all to myself.  So I can get into my bare feet and relax into a yoga session without bothering anyone.

This Friday night, I was just finishing up my yoga and the kid came in to turn out the lights.  I always forget they close early on Fridays.  If he hadn’t seen me I would have been locked in!

I have mixed feelings about the marathon on Monday.  I see the people checking in and taking pictures at the finish line.  I remember that electric feeling of being there after 4-5 months of hard work.  Lean and nervous and ready to go. 

I am very far away from that fitness right now.  Like I said.  Mixed feelings. 

I do have another race on the calendar.  The Mill Cities Relay is ON for December 5th.  I’m putting in a team of my old running buddies.   If I come out of the Boston virtual healthy I’ll see if I cant start slowly ramping it back up. Train for something in the spring.

So that’s it my friends.  Mixed feelings and some ennui this fall racing season.  Now my challenge is to turn those mixed feelings into a spark of hope an get back on the training wagon. 

The first time I ran Chicago was in 1998.  I was hoping to go sub 3-hours there after coming off a 3:06 Boston.  It didn’t come to pass because I got called away on a business trip to London that sidelined my training.   I ran ok, crashed a little at the end and missed my qualifying time.  That was 23 years ago.

How time flies. 

That’s a lesson for all of us.  Appreciate what you’re doing today.  In the blink of an eye it will be a memory. 

Take time to breath in the gratitude.

Take time to breathe out the love.

And I’ll see you out there.

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