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Hello my friends and welcome to episode 4-466 of the RunRunLive Podcast. 

It finally turned to the nice cool fall weather this week.  The leaves are falling. 

I’ve done a couple of easy runs out on the trails this week with Ollie.  The knee is ok, but I’m in such poor shape that it’s hard to tell.  Everything hurts so a little extra pain doesn’t really stand out.

But I have a plan. Of course I have a plan.  I’m consulting with a friend of mine to start building abase of core strength and balance that I can leverage to come back healthy.  I’ll talk a little bit today about how to treat these seasonal transitions where your body is talking to you. 

It’s marathon season.  I watched all the folks running the big events like Boston and Chicago and London. Great job everyone.   People were really emotional at these races after waiting so long to run in person.  I forget how important and impactful getting to Boston can be for people. 

People ask me if I ran.  I don’t know how to answer. 

I completed the distance.  I did not run the course on the day.  I  ran loops over in my home town of Groton on Sunday morning.  I ran a 30 second run, 30 second walk cadence and ended up with a time of 5:05ish.  So I guess, technically I ran. 

My friends came out and joined me for the first lap.  Tim hung in for the second lap.  I did 5 laps of different lengths and sizes. 

I’m not a very prescriptive person.  I just show up and run.  I know roughly what distance the loops are from the town hall in Groton.  I was aiming for 5 plus miles each.  That seemed like a good distance at that pace so I could have a refuel every 80-90 minutes. 

The weather was cool, but oddly humid.  I carried one of the soft bottles in my vest.  I did not take Ollie. 

I ended up coming back from the 4th loop at 23 miles and change, so to keep it simple I just did that last 3 miles as an out and back on the rail trail. 

I won’t lie, my legs were not happy with me for the last 10 miles.  That 4th loop ended up being 6ish miles and ran out of water.  But, with the 30-30 cadence I was able to pick up my feet and move each time and did not suffer unduly.  I wasn’t’ really sore the next days either. 

I did see others out on the rail trail who were obviously running their own virtual races.  I listened through some podcasts and had a nice long thoughtful outing.  For nutrition I had a handful of dates. 

I had water and a change of shirts and hat at my truck.  It worked out without much fuss. 

I was pretty beat up at the end. Felt like I had run a marathon. 

So – there ya go – for the veteran runner – you can complete a marathon on zero training using a 30-30 run-walk. 

Today we talk to John from Squoosh bands.  It’s an interesting interview.  John is really tied in with my friend Kevin over at the Extra Mile Podcast. 

In section one we’ll talk about the mindful crux of determining what to do in the later seasons of your running life.  In section two I’m going to do an old-man rant on hustle culture. 

I love this fall weather, don’t you?  Of course it’s only fall weather in this hemisphere.

We are moving into a stressful period of our lives. These few weeks before the holidays tend to be very busy and can be overwhelming.

Remember to be mindful. 

Straighten up. 

Relax your shoulders and jaw. 

Bring your head high like the top of your head is being pulled up into the sky.

Take a deep breath. 

Fill your whole abdomen, all the way down to your belly. 

Hold it for a count of two and feel the peace and energy in your body.

Let it out slowly.

Feel gratitude for that simple act.

On with the show.

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Section One – Seasons -


John Fournier

Re; social media we're on 

Instagram: @sQoosh       

Twitter: @sQoosh1     

Facebook: sQoosh sweatbands 


Here's our website:


and also our link on etsy (for custom sweatbands for runners)





sQoosh is the first sweatband designed by and for runners. It’s non constricting, won’t stay saturated, they’re super lightweight, cool & soft. Worn on wrist, fist or palm. Easily zaps sweat out of your eyes/face (wipes runny noses in winter) plus when it fills with moisture- just sQoosh it out. 


We’re running an October special too (attach) Free pink ribbon with order. 


. Let me know anything else you'd like Plus ...

What's a good mailing address and I'll send something up to you (if you have a logo you'd like I can personalize it for you) 




John Fournier

Owner: sQoosh Products

1410 Holly Dr Amelia Isl Fl 32034

904-624-3251                        Mt 6:33     


Section Two – Hustle Culture -



Ok my friends we have squooshed through the ed of episode 4-466 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  Squish. Squoosh.   

So – what’s the future hold?  Well, Here’s my current plan.  I’ve signed up for the Thanksgiving 5k.  I’m also outing team in for the Mill cities relay.  I need a couple over 50 men for that team if any of you locals are interested, it’s the first week of December.

I’m running, not walk-running, running 2-3 times a week now.  Just easy.  I’m going to go back to the heart chest strap to get a better handle on my HR so I can stay in zone 2 for all this preliminary work. 

I’m working with a friend of mine, Gina, on rebuilding my core strength and balance. 

I may drop my gym membership, because this is all going to be body-weight and yoga. 

The gym served its purpose this summer.  Letting me feel my oats. Get some muscle bulk and testosterone. 

By the way ‘feel your oats’ is an American saying.  It refers to how frisky horses get after you feed them. 

I am grateful for that interlude.  Now it’s time to transition to something else. 

It’s also getting past bike weather up here.  We’ll still keep riding.  We go out until the snow and ice stops us. 

I don’t want to put boundaries on what I can do, or still do.  I think your body is strong and amazing and will do far more than you think.  At the same time I want to be smart and not abusive in this new season. 

Ollie is doing fine.  I took him to the vet this week for his checkup and shots.  He got a clean bill of health.  I’m practicing running on leash with him.  It’s a struggle some times but I think eventually we’ll come to some sort of agreement, he and I. 

I signed him up for the second course of dog-stuff training.  Frankly I think it’s worth it just to get him out of the house. 

As we head into this stressful time of year remember to stay centered.  Remember to be in the now. 

Let’s practice, shall we. 

Straighten up again.  Smile.  Take in that deep breath, hold it for a second and let it out slowly.

You can do anything, You can be anything, You have the power. 

You are a good person, You add value to this world,

You are loved.

You do what is right for you, your family, and your friends with no regrets.

Your life is magical, You are unimaginably powerful

Your life is beautiful, fair, rich, abundant, and filled with meaning

Your body is strong. 

You have all the strength You need to do the things that You want to do.

You are worthy.

You are unique.

You are loved.

And I’ll see you out there.

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