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Hello my friends and welcome to episode 4-472 of the RunRunLive Podcast. 

I was struggling to put content together for the show and I was thinking about taking a couple weeks off.  But, I rallied! I have more going on than ever but, as you know, it’s not about how much you have going on, it’s how excited you are about what’s going on. 

Which dovetails nicely with our guest today, Brock, who is one of those lovable accidental athletes that circle our galaxy of endurance sports.  We talk about all the funny things around triathlon and such – he’s got a book about you and you can find the links in the show notes.  Brock would be an excellent person to go on a long run with. 

In section one I’ll talk about how to stay warm in the cold weather and in section two I’ll talk about bioluminescent jellyfish… Just kidding…wanted to see if you were paying attention…I’m going to ponder awareness, which is a lot like a bioluminescent jellyfish. 

Why am I so happy this week?  I’m having a good week!

My running is going well.  I signed up for a race – more on that in the outro. 

And I got a new job.

Yeah, I know, I didn’t even want a new job, but I got noticed and promoted.  Which is cool.  I’m excited about it. 

The universe provides.

Let me tell you my ice-skating story from last weekend. 

Here in New England we got those once-in-a-decade conditions for perfect ice skating on the ponds last weekend.  It was beautiful, cold and sunny.  Perfect pond skating weather. 

Ice hockey was my sport growing up.  I started playing when I was like 5 years old.  I didn’t play after getting highs school.  I wasn’t good enough to compete at that level.  I good skater and could go forever, but didn’t have the eyes or the speed to take it to the next level. 

Anyway, always loved skating.  It’s like flying.  I played in pickup leagues all through my 20’s. 

Then I started training and didn’t really have room for hockey or skating.  Especially this time of year where it would overlap with my training for Boston. 

But last weekend I said, “Hey, it’s a perfect day and I have no reason not to go skate.”  So I dug out my old hockey skates, my old stick and a puck from the freezer, (because that’s where you keep pucks) and went down to the pond.

Frankly I was a bit frightened.  It’s probably been a decade since I went ice skating.  And I’m no spring chicken.  And with the buggered knee and all…But, it was exciting too, like a first date.

These hockey skates of mine were a brand called Microns which were all the rage in the early 90’s because they had a one-piece plastic boot, like a ski-boot, that was lighter than the traditional two-piece leather skates. 

I got the first one on ok, but when I went to put the second one on it literally exploded.  The plastic had, what’s the right word, degraded?, rotted?, decomposed? Lost structural integrity? Ceased to be?

So there I am sad a skate-less.  I sulked home.  My wife looked at me and said, “So buy another pair of skates.” Like I’m an idiot. 

I called the local sporty goods place and they had a pair in my size.  I went down there and bought them! They were only $130, which seemed very reasonable to me.  But for some reason hockey sticks now cost $240, which seems a bit alternate universe to me.  That’s OK – I have some sticks. 

I went back down to the pond and laced up. 

And you know what?  It’s like riding a bike! Once I warmed up I was skating around like a maniac, stickhandling like a peewee around the pond.  I even joined some high-school kids for a game of pickup hockey.  I was probably out for over 2 hours. 

Of course, my ankles aren’t the strongest and my balance isn’t great but I WAS SKATING!  AND IT WAS LIKE FLYING!

Yes my long run the next day was a bit traumatic and I pulled a muscle in my ass but it was well worth it!

So, my friends, I am filled with joy and gratitude for that. 

And you should look for ways to fill yourselves with Joy and gratitude. 

We talked about this.  A gratitude practice re-wires your brain to look for things to be grateful about. 

Here’s a pro gratitude tip. 

Create gratitude triggers in your day.  It can be as simple as putting a sticky note somewhere to remind you to be grateful.  Or specific events that are your cue to be grateful.  I decided that every time Ollie comes up to my office to check on me, I’ll stop and be grateful for a moment. 

What can you devise as a gratitude trigger?

On with the show.

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Section one – 24 Hour Fast -

Voices of reason – the conversation

Brock Gibbs

Brock Gibbs – My co-workers think I’m a Pro

Brock Gibbs

Age 53

High School Physical Education Teacher

Beloeil, Quebec, Canada

All World Triathlete

Member of MX Endurance Racing Triathlon Team

Author of "My Coworkers Think I'm A Pro"


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Section two – Turning difficult work situations to your advantage -



Ok my friends we swim, bike, runned  to the end of episode 4-472 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  And it has been hilarious.

Yes, my training has been going well.  I knocked out a 15 mile run last Sunday using the run-walk method and I’m feeling strong even though my mileage and intensity is very low.  The knee is hanging in there and it’s not getting worse.

Since we seem to be getting back on plan I figured I should sign up for a target race.  So I did. I signed up for the Flying Pig Marathon in May.  My A goal in to get to the starting line.  My next A goal would be to run a sub-4:15, which sounds pretty slow, but remember where I’m coming from. 

Looks like I can hit that pace with a 90 second run and 30 second walk cadence. 

This whole run-walk thing is an interesting experiment.  A lot of times I end up running them like intervals.  Just blasting out the run part and then recovering in the walk.  Which is good training for speed, but doesn’t’ build as much endurance because your heartrate is too high. 

What I’ve found is that if I run a 60/30 cadence I can keep my heartrate in zone 2, on average.  It goes up into high zone 2, low zone 3 in the run then drops back down into high zone 1, low zone 2 in the walk. 

In the 90/30 cadence my HR goes a lot higher and doesn’t recover as well.  We’ll keep playing with it until the knee is healed.  I’ll just say I’m grateful to be running and I’ll take what is given. 

Yeah, so, anyhow I always wanted to run the Flying Pig in Cincinnati.  It’s one of the old classic marathons.  But, it always conflicted with Boston.  Now, it doesn’t. 

I’m guessing Cincinnati is named after the Roman statesman Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus.  Cincinnatus was a roman consul in in the mid-400’s BC, back before Rome was an empire.  He is often held up as a paragon of virtue, an example for statesmen to follow.

The story is that he was working on his farm when Rome was facing a ware.  The citizens called on him and made him a dictator.  Meaning they gave him absolute power to execute the war.  Which he did.  When he won the war he gave up the power and returned to his farm. 

That’s the virtuous part. 

So, yeah, Cincinnati… If you want to join me I’d love the company.

Ollie Wollie the killer Collie is doing well.  We had several disagreements this week. One around whether the wood I bring in for the fire is a toy.  Another around who gets possession of dropped food.  And another on who get to sleep with my wife. 

I kind of feel like I need one of those boards they have in factories where it says “2 Days without a accident”, Mine would say “2 Days without a biting”

You know I like science fiction.  I watch a lot of SciFi movies and shows.  And you ever notice that some of these shows and movies have ridiculous premises and cheesy special effects, but somehow, sometimes, it works. 


It’s the actors’ ability to sell it.  It’s their ability to forget that they are in some ridiculous rubber outfit.  It’s their ability to believe what they are doing. 

And by believing in it they make it work.

Life is like that. 

It’s all ridiculous. 

But by believing in it, we make it work.

That’s all you have to do.  Believe. 

And I’ll see you out there.

MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -


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